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  1. Baker to Vegas

    It's both days.
  2. To Dumont from vegas

    Just a heads up - Route 372 (Main route from Pahrump to Dumont) is under construction and will be through till mid 2017. http://www.nyecounty.net/index.aspx?NID=912
  3. Dune Season Prepping

    I can only think of one thing to add to the list: Inspect harnesses closely - remember your life depends on them! This should really be done before every trip, just like the Quad/Bike guys check their helmets before putting them on.
  4. Shocks and shock mounts?

    This pic might help you out on the lower mounting options: http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/lofiversion/index.php?t252930.html
  5. AmargosaDunes

    Update for those planning to attend the meeting in Pahrump today: November 13 – Bob Rudd Community Center, 150 N State Route (Highway) 160, Pahrump--Due to limitations of the facility, the BLM is rescheduling the public meeting in Parhump. Information on a new meeting will be provided at a later date. Nice of them to update the website this morning, look at the bottom of the page for when it was last updated. The link again: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/info/newsroom/2014/october/southern_nevada__1.html
  6. looking for a long travel frame

    A bit of a drive - West Covina: http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/4525945302.html
  7. Planning a Trip for 3/21-23

    Just means that the roads getting there will be packed with "runner escort vehicles." My past experience with them has been that most are absolutely inconsiderate and some are outright rude of/to non-escort traffic.
  8. Planning a Trip for 3/21-23

    FYI: The law-enforcement rally from Baker to Vegas is this weekend.
  9. Horsepower

    Smart a$$ answer: 400hp, any mods done take it out of the stock category Real answer: Decide how much $$ you want to toss at the motor, get estimates on what that will get you. Then double the $$ you budgeted and start the build. It all comes down to how much you want to spend, the old saying still holds true: "Speed costs money, how much money do you want to burn."
  10. For those who don't know, there is some kind of "relay race" this weekend on highways 159, 160, 127 and through Tecopa. If you are planning on heading out allow some extra time for the runners.
  11. Government Shutdown

    Bert, you took the words right out of my head!! If the "essential" personnel have to work without pay, so should ALL the politicians. Let them start cutting their own pay to fix the budget. How about they "donate" a year of their time to the people they are supposed to serve?
  12. data plans....used to be unlimited...now 250k and 5g?

    Never ran into overage charges since I got the IPHONE w/data plan - either phone use or laptop (jail broken to allow tethering).
  13. Nikon Canera

    Just picked up a D90, about 2 weeks ago, and love it!! Was looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, but for the difference in $$ the Nikon was better - IMO. Before you buy one, play with both to see which you like better. All the features in the world don't mean jack if you aren't comfortable with the interface.
  14. Just my 2 cents. I get signal in more spots with Sprint than AT&T at D but AllTell has awesome coverage at D. Don't know about 'bout Lake Mead or Searchlight/Bullhead area.

    Looks like an early 80's Rabbit Convertible with the rear seat, trunk lid and top missing...with a snap on bed cover adapted to fit.