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  1. EY3BA11

    Sand Sports Super Show 2018 pics

    If you have any questions Dunefreak and Eyeball will answer all your RV questions. 200k motorhome... SSSS Special. 50k! Lets do this!
  2. EY3BA11

    What's new for you next season?

    is it too late for me to come back and play in the sand box? . on the hunt for new bikes for me and the boys and some kind of living facility..... I miss the sand!
  3. EY3BA11

    Auto trans questions

    Stubby winters quick change w/ 934's and a power glide. Drive shaft length can be a bit of a challenge depending on motor placement. The narrow quick change has been used in the V8 Rails and ive seen a few others adapted to it in a Desert Dynamics chassis and a few others. Definitely Doable. If your going to keep it rear engine/mid engine like the old paradigm and Dunntech cars then go LS1 and with Jeff Fields Auto (If hes still around) they were based off an audi transaxle if I remember right.
  4. EY3BA11

    Does the site work well for you?

    I bout sh*t myself when I ready this! Give this one a shot Vic. Should be easy to navigate! DDR! <---- Click that guy
  5. EY3BA11

    Berts old SCU

    That sucks
  6. EY3BA11

    DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    I blame iPhone for all misspellings and autocorrect issues.
  7. EY3BA11

    DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    Finally checking out the mobile version and digging it so much easier to read an di navigate. IPS may have a winner here keep up up the good work Pete.
  8. EY3BA11

    Where to get water in Baker?

    Or Barstow. Any of the truck stops should have water.
  9. EY3BA11

    DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    getting there one item at a time!
  10. EY3BA11

    DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    Nothing funky going on here! lol
  11. EY3BA11

    Who's got 6V batteries in town?

    I'll run to Costco with you freak!
  12. EY3BA11

    Upgraded our Internet service today

    Damn dude! I have a few clients that need speeds like that however they dont have the bankroll for it lol.
  13. EY3BA11

    On the hunt

    Mike let me know if you want to get rid of it a TRX is still a good size for the kids. Pedro if its there ill crawl up there and get it
  14. EY3BA11

    passenger car

    my Altima did just fine
  15. EY3BA11

    Where to get a paddle mounted for Motorcycle

    Mel and the guys are awesome there