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    Rod Thomas
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    R1 Banshee Quad Yamaha 450 Quad Raptor Quad
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    Door Installer
  1. Nite drags

    Still no date? Come on people. Got the itch
  2. Nite drags

    Sweet let me know if you hear any news
  3. Nite drags

    Haven't been for a few years. Hoping they still happen. Got a new ride to try out
  4. whooping all 2 strokes

    got me a new 4 stroke and its going to whoop on them 2 stroke thump thump thump thump
  5. iam so fast the 2 stroke dont have a chance :B
  6. Thanksgiving weekend 09

    i will be there friday - sunday i just hope i dont brake my bike again.... ill be on the red R1 banshee...see you at the hill