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Tom Pro Turbo car Price drop

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Tom Pro car

$16,000.00 obo

661-201-2246 Scott

Tom pro turbo system with blow off valve

Ceramic coated ball bearing turbo

 Reverse box

930 cv’s

King shocks

Bead lock wheels

Hid light bar

Front and rear brakes

Jamar pedals, dual reservoir on slider- just rebuilt-

Fire extinguisher

3” crow padded belts

Razor front tires

 Pictures are of the car after rinsing it off.  I will update the ad with new pictures when polishing/detailing is done.

This car has been in storage and has not seen the sand in  5 years. It is in very good shape. I cleaned out the old fuel and put some fresh stuff in and it fired right up.


-The vacuum lines had some dry rot so they have all been replaced.

-Car is detailed. Cleaned the seats with upholstery cleaner. Polished the aluminum. 


- Reverse box only has a couple of trips on it. It was completely replaced by Tom. The original  was built before Tom had his cnc machine and was thought maybe something was off. So he replaced it. 


Fresh oil in it now. 


New polished radiator tank. 


-Auto meter silver gauges.


-Sealed sand switches.


-All wiring in good shape. No issues.


-New agm battery. 


California vin and green sticker

title in hand


Frame and panels powder coated. Springs are powdercoated silver. Floor is powdercoated in hammer tone. Rear trailing arms powdered in hammer tone.

  Artwork done by k-daddy here in Bakersfield. The guy has real talent and it shows. 

















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Ok time for an update to this ad!


Things that have been fixed replaced or updated

Car has been detailed and polished and looks great!

Engine oil and filter are new

New coolant 

New aluminum polished radiator reservoir

New vacuum lines

New gear oil in reverse box

New cable on reverse shifter

A few new heims on front end to replace the worn ones

Shampoo'd seats

New gas

New radiator hard line

New steering wheel quick release

Added a concoction of radiator seal and coolant to the tires, they no longer go flat

Rebuilt brake pedals and polished reservoirs

Polished light bar

New coolant hoses

Re-routed the turbo drain line to oil pan, this had previously caused the motor to smoke at idle, its no longer smoking at all



There's probably some more stuff I am forgetting but the car is ready to hit the dunes. It's such a nice car and rides great. I hate to have to sell it but that's the way things go. You won't be disappointed with this car.

Walk around

A little rip


Backing up

















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