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Race Blakhart

Looking for a small favor?

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Hey everyone, it's been a bit since I've been on here. I've attempted this once before, and I don't want to sound like a broken record or get annoying to anyone here. But if any of you grew up riding at Dumont, you know what that place can mean to someone. 

I am disabled because of a hit and run that took my ability to walk. So getting to the dunes these days just isn't likely for me. But as a collector of nostalgia from my younger years, I am very much interested in getting in contact with the Tshirt guy who's been selling at Dumont forever. 

I am not sure which holidays he sets up, but if anyone could just help me get in contact with him, I'd even be willing to pay you for your time. 

I have to assume that he won't be selling out there forever. And seeing as I'm pushing 40 and used to get shirts from him when I was a kid, my window is likely closing very quickly.


I know his business is called California Casuals, but the only thing I could find online as far as contact info goes was outdated.


If anyone here has his contact information, or anything that could help me, contact me here, or email me at raceblakhart@gmail.com 


Otherwise, I'm definitely willing to pay someone who's going to be out there the next time he's set up to sell to talk to him for me. 



Thanks for taking the time to read this craziness. I appreciate you all.


Stay safe,

Trevor Race 

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The search has finally come to an end! I still don't know if it will bear fruit, but I am in touch with them. It took several years, and lots of incorrect email addresses & websites, but I finally found out they have a legitimate website. The fact that I don't use Facebook probably slowed me down quite a bit in my search. 


Thanks to those of you who emailed me!

Super helpful! 

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