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2005 Sierra Sport 37SP Toy Hauler

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Selling our 2005 Sierra Sport 37SP 5th wheel garage model. It has been great to us, we use it a lot, but time to upgrade to newer. 39 foot total length, 11 foot separate garage in back, with 2 AC’s front is ducted, ducted furnace, queen bed up front, full closet up front, reclining theater love seat, 4 person dinette, 2 full beds in garage on electric, ceiling fan in center (factory), and 2 slide outs. I’ve done some upgrades on it along with general maintenance. Graphics removed and waxed last year. Tags current Oct 2019, Clean title in hand. 

 200 Watts of solar with smart controller. 
 2 new 12 volt batteries in January.
 Remodeled inside, new flooring, backsplash, stained cabinets, new sofa with recliners, new garage floor, new 
8 heavy duty D rings through bolted through trailer frame. 
- all LED interior lights. 
 Upgraded kitchen faucet to new brushed nickel look with retractable head.
 Upgraded bathroom faucet brushed nickel look.
 LED strip under awning.
 LED lights above steps.
 Upgraded water pump to 55 psi.
 Upgraded shower head to the Oxygenated one.
 Upgraded both door windows to tinted and see through from inside with black out shade.
 Flipped the suspension 2 years ago with new leaf springs, shackles, grease-able bolts, equalizers, Dexter axle 
under-over kit.
 New drums and hubs 3 years ago.
 Tires 1.5 years old (date code Dec 2017) from Americas Tire.
 Replaced stove pilot last year.
 Replaced front AC return air cover and filter a month ago.
 Adjusted all drum brakes a month ago.
 New toilet 2 years ago. 
 Front water tank fittings replaced by Inca-plastics 1 year ago.
 New 7 pin plug 2 years ago.
 All 3 new dump valves 3 years ago.
 New awning 3 years ago. 

Currently has the PullRite capture plate on king pin, but can be removed if new owner has standard 5th wheel hitch. Onan 5.5 generator, two 7 gallon propane tanks. Front all the way through storage, storage under bed, storage up above kitchen, and storage in garage cabinets. 
No trades, title in hand, $16,000. 194C0329-2116-4938-B652-125AC74CE35B.thumb.jpeg.c20e51a7ca997bd9f3e87ab38eb51ad2.jpeg7A966AFC-8E96-428D-8283-2794DDF95E32.thumb.jpeg.995a8ff07e0239f6d65bdb860fe01da2.jpeg511BD644-D78A-4824-9695-A9C71511836D.thumb.jpeg.67e097ca657060cb698012746a6b7e0c.jpeg1C63B471-5E2C-45D1-8434-0DE5DBA09808.thumb.jpeg.47848f7ab77b2d25a1a53b22070970a7.jpegB92D319E-B322-4882-AF05-512B6BBC4BE3.thumb.jpeg.251971c3f7a218183bc987d72b53d800.jpeg79DB5085-F06B-4D6E-B4B0-5134C095E7B0.thumb.jpeg.5b5c28ae6687e93be23d6d1913db9117.jpegD6F49665-2F8C-4D4B-9A3C-2A0F2F7A33E7.thumb.jpeg.46eb2045295eca34efa0fd34ff66baf8.jpegF6CD97E2-4521-4B45-AFF0-49469B00AAD0.thumb.jpeg.554776c50eb71c02bd7a399034f53aeb.jpeg28234438-18CB-44E7-8E0C-F50749CAF2CE.thumb.jpeg.9d341daa4c763b6580339c48a009001d.jpeg13836730-726E-4500-A2D6-44621D19C175.thumb.jpeg.dc0a5afd4632b831a0893605611f337e.jpeg7900885F-AFC9-4379-A17B-78945F636B13.thumb.jpeg.de37077b4a9c698f8e474613a08e96f4.jpegC2E9B921-CFED-4FAF-A687-18D973B4C4D0.thumb.jpeg.6ae6f12dd07b5537f18b9c4f02b7a0af.jpegA783603A-2EA9-4893-9BF7-CF1CB4AD4FC7.thumb.jpeg.91b99be1a903e3efc74aada3e8706338.jpeg205A93F8-6858-4030-8C18-F3C8DF76B8C6.thumb.jpeg.ad30e5f7df4fca2a5445f92e8e03fecd.jpegA184EA7C-E9E8-4F87-B697-10996389290B.thumb.jpeg.39b676e9e09e9077a95312fa97f7bba3.jpegFD060A82-5273-4B83-94D9-87F99C6F1EC4.thumb.jpeg.66c8fbc2fb31c36f5a6488d5682c729d.jpeg19F2860C-AEE9-44CC-B327-6B61EF760A23.thumb.jpeg.8f7d5c0acbe4bc59da40d98b4e6e078a.jpeg9DDD2A49-5B4C-415B-BE7C-316998EB31A7.thumb.jpeg.30d41154b27424bdbf2d9db1e082d4be.jpeg0A3305DC-5050-41B9-B913-366F0554D537.thumb.jpeg.18663b44c008fbf3afdcdb2d1b860a55.jpegDF634DE0-3842-4D02-9D30-217F5B084292.thumb.jpeg.0be739efc8979a397338e343e1d0c9a9.jpeg

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