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Turbo King Sandcar

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Turbo king sand car!

TLDR: 18k obo. All reasonable offers welcome, dont be shy! This car is turnkey with title in hand. I have a four seater on its way, and need to make space. 



It’s Sad to see this car go. I am literally just putting the finishing touches on it. But the family is tired of me hogging up all the fun and wants to get a four seater. 


This car is an utter blast to drive. It’s insanely fast and easy to control. It loves to slide and spray huge mountains of sand. 

I tore the car down to the ground and had Brian King (the same year he finally retired) go through and update every single piece of this car to be up to date with the latest and greatest.  Minus the rear arms with long design (Both him and Jeff did not think it was needed). It is one of the few cars out there with his latest engine mount design. It’s also the only king out there with a fully closed in custom hood from crb fab


The good:

·        Heads up performance built turbo hayabusa(Estimated 230-250 hp)

·        Power commander

·        Backcut gears

·        Custom exhaust (also have stainless straight pipe)

·        Konin low profile oil pan

·        Fresh powder coat

·        Brand new powder cut

·         Brand new fk heims on front end

·         Custom upright spindle mounts to do away with the weird original ball heim design.

·         Rear end fk heims have about 10 trips

·         Brand new cvmx gold chain

·         6 trips on front and rear sprocket

·         Custom Crb roof and fully enclosed hood

·         California wraps vinyl wrap

·         Prp sears Newly reupholstered by prp

·         Fresh prp belts

·         Freshly wired with proper fuse block. (The battery only has two wires going to it. Imagine that!) with disconnect

·         Rugged Intercom

·         2 head sets

·         Car to car

·         35” curved dual row light bar

·         2 safe glow whips

·         Bead locks on all 4 corners

·         Front brake ready. (front wheels have rotors and but caliper plates still need to welded up) calipers and bigger brake master cylinder included but not hooked up

·         Oil just changed (After every trip)

·         Brand new total power battery

·         Fresh cvs service

·         New fuel filter

The bad:

·         Before the new engine mounts where put in, Brian had a small crack on the engine mount welded. There was a small spot not fully finished on that weld. This results in a small leak that is just a nuisance. if you rode hard all weekend, it would probably leak about 1/8qt if that. 








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