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Buggy Roundup 2020 Pics and Reports..... Show us/Tell us how your trip was!!!


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Hey Everyone,


What a big group there was at Buggy Roundup

Thank you so very much to Pete, Anna and however else had a part in making this happen

I had a Blast..  My (comparatively speaking) little rail did great for the weekend


It was nice to meet some other OldSchoolers

I'm picking up a Honda ATC 70 this Thursday.  I hope it's as nice as it looks in the pics (instand Carb work needed, I have a twisted love for rebuilding, cleaning carbs)


Post up your pics and stories about the weekend


Thank you to Jesse for dragging my MH out of the Sandpit 

Thank you to Mrs and Mr Tigger for dragging my Rail out of a spot


I had a Great Time

Thank you,

IrnBear (Bradley)










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Damn ! Wasn't ready for the first pic of Pete cheesin lol. Looks like you all had a good time. I camped outside the circle with my side by side. The W was bad on Saturday and I rolled it up today early. Hopefully next year it gets back to the the regular DDR camp. That shizz is too much fun. Awesome that this went down under the circumstances. 

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Hey Brad let's get a photo on day 1 rather than 5 next time. hahaha Sunday I was super wore out from all the duning, partying and running around that giant camp. I didn't even go on a run all day. That's a sign it was a great trip though. 


Thanks to everyone that came out! It was another great success. Saturday morning might have been the biggest group ride I've ever lead. We had 74 cars snaking through the dunes from the south end of Dumont to the north pole. It was badass! I loved seeing and hanging out with everyone and met a bunch of really cool people. It's awesome to see what Buggy Roundup has evolved into over the years because of everyone's interest and participation. I really appreciate it guys!





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I didn't get many pics at the buggy weigh in (hopefully others will post some). 


@jetjock15 handed off the heaviest pig award to Jason I this year. His car weighed in I think at 3316 if I remember right. 





We weighed other things as well while we were at it. lol (160lbs)




Sunset Hill









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Despite the wind and 2020, Buggy Roundup 8 was still a hit. I am thankful we were all still "allowed" to get together and have this get together despite everything going on right now. Much thanks to the Barstow BLM for approving it and everyone for coming out. We didn't do taco nigh because of the flu thing, but we'll bring it back next year. It's probably best we didn't do them anyways because of the W. Can you imagine how that would have been trying to cook and serve 200 people in the wind? It all worked out for the best. 

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