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  1. Lost chihuahua dog/ update:found

    Happy to see the reunion!
  2. Lost between rock pile and 1st vendor row sign (near BLM compound). Left on bumper after vehicle was stuck in sand. Has a case mate pocket holder containing ID & credit cards. Call Justine at 602-361-5180.
  3. Lost IPhone 4

    Lost near vender row sign. Call Nicholas at 559-259-9699.
  4. Lost iPhone 6+

    Lost phone on the way from camp near 3rd finger. In black fireproof case w/ piece of metal glued on back. Call Jake at contact# 702-306-3388.
  5. Lost trailer keys

    I will check on this. I thought I heard over the radio on Saturday that some keys were turned in. Was one of the keys for a Ford?