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  • Dumont Dunes Camp Grid Map



    GPS coordinates

    Dumont North Pole: 35° 41.20 N / 116° 10.61 W
    Dumont Banshee Hill:  35°41'4.06"N / 116°13'23.86"W
    Dumont Superbowl:  35°41'20.27"N / 116°13'20.07"W
    Sperry Wash Entrance: 35°41'50.38"N / 116°15'4.60"W
    Dumont Little Dunes:  35°38'56.35"N / 116°17'34.49"W
    Dumont Vendor Row: 35°41'32.77"N / 116°14'35.65"W
    Dumont BLM Ranger Station: 35°41'44.38"N / 116°14'26.34"W


    Dumont Dunes and surrounding areas


    Big Dunes camp area


    Comp, Banshee Hill & Superbowl



    Little Dunes area



    Dumont Dunes Boundaries


    Dunes and Camp Area

    Use the icons and buttons to control the map. Click on each landmark for description.


    Surrounding area

    View Larger Map


  • duneguide225.jpg


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