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  • Dumont Dunes Camp Grid Map



    GPS coordinates

    Dumont North Pole: 35° 41.20 N / 116° 10.61 W
    Dumont Banshee Hill:  35°41'4.06"N / 116°13'23.86"W
    Dumont Superbowl:  35°41'20.27"N / 116°13'20.07"W
    Sperry Wash Entrance: 35°41'50.38"N / 116°15'4.60"W
    Dumont Little Dunes:  35°38'56.35"N / 116°17'34.49"W
    Dumont Vendor Row: 35°41'32.77"N / 116°14'35.65"W
    Dumont BLM Ranger Station: 35°41'44.38"N / 116°14'26.34"W


    Dumont Dunes and surrounding areas


    Dumont camp area


    Comp, Banshee Hill & Superbowl



    Little Dunes



    Dumont Dunes Boundaries



  • Dumont Banner.jpg

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