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Dumont News

Halloween Weekend 2022

Halloween weekend kicks off dune season at Dumont Dunes Oct 29-30 weekend. Although the official holiday is Monday the 31st, Halloween night at Dumont is Saturday night, Oct 29th. This is the night you'll find trick-or-treaters going camp to camp and duners in costume over at Comp Hill having a good time. There has not yet been any word of a truck or treat at vendor row, but the original tradition of decorating camps and kids/ families trick-or-treating has never stopped. Halloween weekend always brings out thousands of excited duners which means we always have to take a little extra caution. Keep your head on a swivel but most importantly slow down around camps and other duners. Holiday weekends can be a little crazy and chaotic, but also safe and fun at the same time. 

photo: vegasskip
Halloween Checklist
First things first, you will need a holiday weekend or holiday season pass for Halloween weekend. But after you pick up one of those and have the toys ready, it's time to get in the Halloween spirit!



BLM Introduces Option To Purchase Passes Online

The Bureau of Land Management Barstow Field Office has implemented a much more convenient way to purchase your Dumont Dunes pass. You can now go to Recreation.gov and get your pass online before you even head out for the season.  The fees will remain the same. There is a small service fee, but the total still comes to the same for the pass.
Purchase on Recreation.gov:
NOTE: Here is what you can do if you purchased a pass through recreation.gov and they sold you a pass with the incorrect (last years) dates.
Per the BLM, all season passes receipts will be honored and exchanged for the 2022-2023 season. They are still trying to figure out the system. No need to worry about a refund. As long as you have your receipt that you paid through recreation.gov, BLM will exchange for a hard copy season pass at the gate.
For those who have not purchased a season pass but plan to buy yours through recreation.gov, I would wait until October 1st to purchase. Hard copy season passes will still be available through off-site vendors sometime over the next few weeks.
Dumont Dune Annual pass season is Oct. 1-Sept. 30
Weekly passes are $30 
Non-holiday annual pass is $90 
The annual pass that includes holiday weekends is $120   
The holiday weeks are:
Halloween: Oct. 25 - Oct. 31, 2022
Thanksgiving: Nov. 22 - 28, 2022
New Year's: Dec. 27, 2022 to Jan. 2, 2023
Martin Luther King Jr.: Jan. 10-16, 2023 
President's Day: Feb. 14-20, 2023
More pass information on our passes page. 
BLM press release

Dumont Dunes Entrance Road Paving Project

The Federal Highway Administration recently announced a project that will put a smile on many duners faces. After many years, the entrance road to Dumont Dunes is finally getting paved. If you are a regular of Dumont, chances are you have experienced the 4 miles of teeth chattering, washboard road that has done damage to many trailers and RVs. The condition of the gravel road is always changing and requires much maintenance. We even have an entrance road update post here on the forum where users rate the road in using a A-F grade. It's not too bad when it gets bladed, but that is usually before holiday weekends and sometimes it doesn't even get done. While this brings relief to 99% of Dumont users, some worry the entrance road will bring even more of the crowd that abuses Dumont Dunes. There's an old saying, "good roads bring bad people".  Let's just hope that doesn't happen and everyone respects the dunes and the rules/ laws are followed and enforced. 

Dumont entrance road with an "F rating"
photo: sand chick
The Project
The paving project will begin summer of 2022 and hopefully we'll see it finished by fall 2022. 

photo: Federal Highway Administration
The first thing that comes to mind anytime there are improvements made to Dumont is "who's paying for this?" Well the good news is the roughly $3,000,000 project is funded by the Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP) for the Bureau of Land Management and it is not coming from the users of Dumont Dunes.  
Do you love it? Hate it? What are your thoughts? Please comment below or visit the topic on the forum and let us know. 
Aug 2022: 
The public should be aware of the pending road construction when planning a visit to the Dumont Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle area. The area will be open to the public; however, there may be some delays along the road and at the river crossing.
“The BLM is excited to have this infrastructure project underway,” said Associate Field Manager Jeff Childers. “We will be working closely with the contractor to ensure access to the Dumont Dunes OHV area throughout the construction process.”

Thanksgiving Weekend 2021 Dumont Dunes

The 2nd big holiday weekend of the season, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is usually pretty chill but semi-crowded. It's a weekend (or week for some) to gather with friends and family out in the sandbox and spend time with each other. Most people will deep fry a turkey or make a feast for camp.
A tradition that has been happening for 52 years is taking place again. The annual "waterpumper" hill climbs and drag races will be happening Friday and Saturday. The Dune Masters and Sandpipers clubs will be meeting again for another year! The schedule is as follows...
The following events are only open to members of the club, but you are welcome to watch!
Friday 10AM: Drags on the back stretch of the sand highway heading towards North Pole. 
Saturday 10AM: Hill Climbs on the left, steep side of Comp Hill
Learn more about the history of the waterpumper.

Buggy Roundup 9: Dec 10-12, 2021

Calling all sandcars! Come join us at Dumont Dunes for our 9th Annual Buggy Roundup. The Buggy Roundup is an annual Dumont trip when all the sandcar people are invited to come out and camp together as a group. We'll be camped together across from bathroom 10, just off the right side of the entrance road. This trip gives the buggy guys and girls of Dumont a chance to meet each other and run the dunes together for a full weekend without the crowds. So don't be a stranger. Every year we have new people join the camp and end up leaving as friends. 
Join the discussion and RSVP 👇

Junior Ranger Program For Kids Halloween Weekend

Looking for something fun and educational to get your kids involved? Stop by the Junior Ranger tent on vendor row over Halloween weekend. Heather and a couple junior rangers are there to hand out Jr Ranger activity guides for kids 6-12 yrs old. They have maps of the entire area as well as items that help teach them about staying safe!

Halloween Weekend 2021 Dumont Dunes

Get those toys prepped and ready because Halloween is the official kickoff to the 20-21 dune season and it's right around the corner! Halloween (official) lands on lands on a Sunday, but the Dumont festivities will take place, as usual, on Saturday night of Halloween weekend. Be sure you decorate your camp and have plenty of candy to hand out as trick-or-treaters will show up in their best-dressed costumes. Friends of Dumont Dunes will also be hosting their annual truck or treat at vendor row Saturday night from 6-8 PM. 

As far as the rest of the weekend, get geared up to shred dune rides, shoot Comp or Banshee Hill, or swing by the North Pole to see everyone else out and about enjoying the start of dune season. Just keep in mind those razorbacks will be sharp. So do a couple of slow runs before hammering down and going big! 

Being a holiday weekend, vendor row will have a little of everything such as Dumont Halloween apparel, flags, food, ice, and firewood. You will need your holiday weekend pass so be sure to grab one at a participating vendor before you get there, otherwise it'll be $40 for a 7-day pass at the entrance pay machine (credit card only).


The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and watch out for each other. Keep your head on a swivel as there are thousands of others out there doing the same thing as you. Brush up on your ways to stay alive. Don't become a statistic. We're not trying to scare you, but the main reasons fatalities or major accidents happen out there are 1) lack of experience, 2) drinking or using drugs while driving or riding, 3) not using safety equipment (belts, harnesses, or wearing a helmet) or 4) making a poor judgment call such as staying on the gas when you can't read the dunes (either midday & super bright when there are no shadows or at night).


Most importantly: have fun, make some epic memories, and share them with the rest of the DDR community on our forum or social media.  



See you next season!

The 20/21 dune season has finally come to a close. It was an interesting season for sure with the COVID and all. More so this season than ever were the dunes the perfect escape to normal for many people. It was one of the only outlets for recreation or getting out of the house and not feeling the pressures from the pandemic. No matter what is going on in the world, pandemic or not, Dumont always offers solitude and the perfect setting to turn your brain off. If that's not what your after, it's also the perfect place to party and go nuts with limited impact on others. Regardless of the type of dune trip you are after, I think we can all admit Dumont is great "reset" that all of our brains need from time to time. I hope everyone found that reset on every trip you managed to squeeze in this season. Although the season is over, we all still manage to get out and enjoy some part of the outdoors. So don't be a stranger. Pop in on the forum and let us know what you are up to. We don't shut the site down during the off-season, so please utilize it to keep it alive and fresh. Many people have turned to social media these days and we get it. It's easy and convenient, but please keep in mind we do this for the community and love you guys. Show us some support and we'll see you in the sand in October! 

Easter Weekend 2021

The 20/21 season is slowly coming to a close. Easter Weekend is the last official holiday of the season. It's never a super busy one, but it's a tradition for duners that haven't hung it up yet. Usually the temperatures are tipping into the 90's by this weekend, but the weather has been unseasonably cool this year. It's looking like we'll see low 80's for a daytime high. Daylight savings time has already kicked in so that means an extra hour of daylight to rip around those dunes! 
Easter Weekend
no holiday pass is required, but you need at least a non-holiday season or weekly pass there usually aren't many vendors who show up this late in the season, but keep an eye on the forum. Drags at 3PM each day on the back stretch

Dumont Cleanup Weekend 2021

The Barstow BLM, in cooperation with Friends of Dumont Dunes, is hosting the 19th annual Dumont Dunes cleanup on March 13th, 2021. 
The cleanup signup starts at 8AM and usually goes until about noon/ 2PM. Get your friends together and bring a hat, gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses and either your OHV or pickup to haul trash to the dumpster that BLM will be providing. Friends of Dumont Dunes will be providing a BBQ lunch for volunteers as well as quickdraw prizes. All volunteers will also get free admission to Dumont Dunes for the weekend (March 12-15) by showing your wristband on the way out.  
Together we can keep Dumont clean and a place we are proud to call our 2nd home. 
Jason at Friends of Dumont Dunes is seeking donations to make sure everyone has a great time. Donations can be made one of three ways:
Monetarily- via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or checks can be mailed to my office as well (contact Jason). These funds will be used to support the costs involved with the BBQ lunch and quickdraw prizes.
jason@impactsignsonline.com (760)792-0821
Prizes- These can be of anything off-road or camping related! If you own or work for a business and are looking for a way to get some great advertising (and a tax write off!) this is it! I am willing to travel to the Vegas Area to pick up donations should you not be able to make the event but want to help support it.
Plaque sponsor- We have four categories that you can sponsor the winning plaque for $125 each. This gets you extra advertising and your business name engraved on the plaque for all to admire!
Thank you so much for your continued support and I can't wait to see you all on March 13th!!!
- Jason Ardenski, Friends of Dumont Dunes

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