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  1. Today
  2. 2 parades??? I’ve started another one a while back starting at 11:00 on sat meetup at 10:30 Far end of vendor row can we get together on this?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I bring welding equipment with me 220 TIG machine and mig and gas hydraulic press and some tubing I camp by bathroom 10 look for the orange flag on the trailer
  5. Finally had some time to make some flags they seem to be working pretty good
  6. I ordered 33 x 15 #1 STU tires, but they only cut Pro #2. My car just won't handle the taller and more aggressive Pro #2 paddle. I am not going to take a loss on these tires, but right now there are no STU tires available to buy. No shipping, either pick them up at Dumont on the 29th or after, ar in Las Vegas. $1,100.00. I paid 1,102.07 from Kartek on the 10/19/2020.
  7. Last week
  8. Got my bikes ready, got the decorations for our trailer, bags of candy to give out at the trunk n treat. Kids can't wait to decorate their bikes and razor's
  9. Less than a week away! I've been working like crazy prepping and getting ready. We should have some good weather, maybe even cooler than past years. Highs around 80 and overnight lows in the 40s! Every other year I remember it being well into the 90's during the day.
  10. We have a new sponsor that will be of great service to the duners. Rich in Baker has plenty of firewood for sale that you can pick up on your way to Dumont. Call or stop in. His place is on the left side of HWY 127 just as you leave Baker heading towards Dumont. 760-613-4600 57376 HWY 127 Baker, CA 92309 https://goo.gl/maps/EPHzwkfeYCuuUouz9
  11. Oh ok, I'm not sure why I read ONE Verizon. Derrr
  12. Skat-Trak Extreme Paddles on DWT Sector 3 rims with RZR bolt pattern (Rear Paddles/Rims Only) 26x12.5x14 10 paddle Extremes with a roll out of 87" which is equal to a 28" tire, used a few times with no issues and are just like new. I ran these on my 2015 XP 1000. $650 OBO I will have them at Dumont for Halloween weekend
  13. Polaris RZR 1000 tires and wheels-- 26 x 11 -14--for 10mm stud on 1000 etc--4 x 156 bolt pattern-- basically a 900 tire on a 1000 rim ITP tires--SS rims great for spare Was asking $100 each OBO--now ***$75*** each
  14. Ring Range Snowmobile trailer Good shape--tires good with tread-- Have spare tires along with one on trailer Snowmobile or UTV or ATV trailer--have used for sm, utv, atv and dirt bikes 8' wide by 10' long Reinforced axle for strength Tilts for easy loading Has rods over skis to hold in place Not used much just needs paint Has tongue jack Mounted spare tire Title Free and Clear Asking $900 OBO
  15. No no Only "the Verizon's had service" Not only one Verizon
  16. Thanks for the update. One only Verizon phone had service? That is weird.
  17. We had a camp with 2 Verizon's and 4 AT&Ts staring at the tower over at the little dunes between 15-18th of October and only the Verizon's had service (very good service at that).
  18. Yep! Not as much since they do the trunk or treat at vendor row, but we still got a decent amount of them at our camp the last couple years. People that like to go camp to camp the old skool way.
  19. Looking for wheels with paddles for the rear if not then some stock wheels will work with no tires ??????? Text/ Call 775-209-4660
  20. Do people trick or treat from campsite to campsite? Just curious want my kids to have a blast and I bought bags and bags of candy!
  21. Count me in. There will be a few of us...
  22. From what I have seen posted across our social media, there still isn't service but one person with AT&T said they had service.
  23. any updates since last post on 9-18?
  24. Yes I will start lining up at vender row at about 945
  25. My apologies sir, no ill will intended. Thank you for the heads up and I appreciate your feedback. I am interested in helping to support y'all. If you can send information that I can pass on to my area director I would love that. You can send that to me david.stumbaugh@gmr.net
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