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  3. Bingo, Awesome.... Thank you IrnBear
  5. I love the wide open space and the big little feel of the dunes. You can take a 15 minute ride just seconds from camp or spend all day out and take different lines and it never gets old or boring. I enjoy a busy weekend or two just to chat with like minded people and check out everyones set ups and camps. But there is nothing like off weekends, quiet nights, stars as fas as you can see, and smooth sand all to your self. Great post, lets here some more!!!
  6. Cool, pics! looks like a great escape from the heat
  7. Looks awesome up there, Brad! So I killed the DPOM for the summer months. It was more effort than it was worth and offered very little for the site. There was limited participation, plus nobody ever seems to have any off-season pics. Don't worry though, we'll get it going again in October as we all get back into the sandbox at Dumont. Thanks for your continued support and content!
  8. Hey I don't recall seeing a Dune Pic of the Month lately I have Two Coos Bay pics to post up I know, I know Only one pic allowed IrnBear
  9. Definitely consider going in November. The weather is perfect and there are plenty of groups to link up with.
  10. There is a VIBE in Dumont. You guy from ultra Chill to Mega Thrill just 5 mins outta camp. Camps are mellow and fun at night, we always get visitors from next door etc, have beers, chat and such. Never had a bad camping experience in the D. Riding is EPIC, but be on your toes, Razors edge bite hard if they catch you slipping. Watching my kids have a blast in the mall duns and going to the historical site are great fun for them and me. I will go to Dumont anytime I can, there are never any "Ugh, maybe not THIS weekend because it's X,Y, or Z weekend.".
  11. DanTheDuneMan

    Day trip August 18th 2019

    Got there 4:30am and set up. Then helped Drag a random 5th wheel out of some soft sand, hit the dunes at first sign of light and met a fellow duner and had a blast....all before 10am!
  12. @IrnBear Thank you buddy for you reply. I guess I will look this up again when I am back here in November. And if you are up for it, let me show you what your JL can do on the sand.. it's an absolute beast.. the minimum upgrades though are tires beadlock rims, 2.5" lift, and good Shocks. Good luck bro
  13. Price drop. $22999.00 Yes I listed this on here a few years ago and the deal I had on another rig fell through. I am looking to find out WW a new home as we have found a new rig we would like to get. Let me know if you’re interested ASAP! Thanks, Justin
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  15. 2007.5 GMC 2500 Duramax ORIGINAL owner, under 88,000 miles, SLT, Black leather interior, NO accidents. CST lift with upper control arms, hoops, and Dual Fox resivor shocks up front, Fox resi shocks in the rear, KMC XD 18” wheels, near new Nitto Ridge Grappler 35” tires, AMP Research auto steps, Amp Research bed step, Retrax Pro bed cover, LineX Xtra bedliner, Weathertech front and rear mats installed from when truck was new. Brake job just done as well, programmer and more extras. Truck is in excellent shape. $35,999, accepting reasonable offers.
  16. Wow, that is a great little video. I always find it amazing how people take there Jeeps and such in the sand like that. Some do out in Dumont during the season, late Sept to around April/May Most of Dumont is SxS, Sand Rails, Quads and Motorcycles Most with Paddle Tires I have seen Trucks and Jeeps etc It's not usually day trips like you see in Dubai, since here it is such a drive just to get to the Dunes Dubai they are in your backyard It usually is a big camping trip for the weekend or week Halloween Weekend (the weekend before Halloween is the Big beginning of the season weekend) Tons and tons of people out there, riding and having fun. Plus Trick or Treating from camp to camp as well. You might want to look into a number of the Jeep groups in California and Vegas Jeep groups love to do many different runs and you will get a taste of the different kind of Jeeping in the areas As I mentioned before Dumont is a distance from anything, help etc The sand will melt you and your shoes it is so f'ing hot, its a dry heat, LOL Another Dune area to look into is Glamis I have never been there But it is in lower SoCal, San Diego area I don't know if their season is the same as Dumonts Again, Jeep groups might be your best bet for the type of runs you are looking for I am the proud new owner, 6 months ago, of a 2018 4 door Jeep JL with the 4 cyl Turbo.... We love it At my luck I would bury the damn thing out at Dumont Best of Luck IrnBear
  17. Guys. I was never going to go alone, especially with my family. So, no one goes out in August . Just 10 days ago, in Dubai we had a 75 car convoy in 120 degrees weather, just sayin . Just kidding, I know the tolerance for heat out there is different; it is above 90 for most of the year. Anyway, my question is, when the season is here, do you guys arrange regular convoys for some extreme riding. And again, is all the extreme riding here with wheelers/buggies, or do you do that with Wranglers, FJ's, and similar as well. Thanks
  18. For those with car to car setups, what freqs do you typically use?
  19. 2008 Weekend Warrior LE3305. I am the 2nd owner and have owned this rig since 2010. Generator has low hours. Axles flipped. Roof resealed a few years ago. Newer set of truck tires. 2 new 6 volt batteries. Complete service done on generator. Exterior lighting upgraded to LED. Cherrywood cabinets. Pink slip in hand. $22999. Will accept reasonable offers 805-857-0683.
  20. What is it about this place that always has us coming back? As a younger kid we would start our trips Wednesday night and have the entire place to ourselves until Thursday evening or even Friday morning. I still love the fact that on an off weekend we can go out and only have about 5-6 camps sharing the entire place. The terrain variance from almost flat desert to huge sand faces is memorizing! I love the way the wind has built the transitions to be so smooth from turn to turn, it is something that I have not been able to duplicate anywhere else. The amazing freedom you feel when you go out on that early morning ride on a motorcycle, being able to turn where you want, and go any direction with no trail holding you back. There is something about this place that is always different but always the same.
  21. Thank you very much for the info I grew up in Riverside and my Parents are still there Kind of a Nostalgia thing to use a shop in Riverside, as long as the work is good My shop in Pahrump, Doghouse Repair, has a place in Vegas he uses. I don't know the name. But I think they will rebuild mine for lower then the Rancho Trannys go for. I do realize that Rancho is top notch, therefore you pay for it. IrnBear
  22. Wright and KCR are both in Riverside and both have a positive rep, IMO if you are driving it that far Rancho is only a few miles further and worth consideration.
  23. Never go to the dunes alone it is not safe out there by yourself
  24. Hey, There used to be an Ad on here for a VW Tranny shop in Riverside Cali I can't remember the name and don't see the Ad anywhere What was the shop? Where they good? Lost Reverse in my rail while in OR, didn't let that stop the fun though Thank you, IrnBear
  25. Top secret test session????
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