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  1. Last week
  2. What a Slut, i thought i was the only one, Damn it
  3. I have talk to a lot of people and most are also coming from Glamis, they tell me Dumont is the place to be on Halloween due to the craziness, My daughter likes the Trick and Treat, but for me the music all night just wears me out, so think this year i am going to show up Saturday Morning and stay till Wed-Thurs, in the past i got there on Tuesday and Thursday Friday was a sh*t show,
  4. Hi is this car still for sale if not I am interested John 949 218 0280 text are best I am a serious cash buyer looking for a Tatum Black Widow
  5. Earlier
  6. ya she messaged me too
  7. This is so sad. We could see the lights on face hill from our camp. The life light landed about 100 yards from our trailers. We knew something bad had happened and started praying. But when he left without a patient we knew. We couldnt believe what we were seeing. Thankyou for everyone who helped that circle of family and friends. The riding community is a family so we lost one of our own this weekend and it’s so sad. I pray for peace, comfort and healing during this time and that whoever hit him turns themselves in.
  8. It was up on face hill. There was a sand car stuck up on the dune. We are assuming g he was stuck and walking down for help. We could see it from our camp. It’s so sad. Rest easy “Rambo”
  9. Yeah I missed that. It was late at night (AM), not during the day. We were also wondering about the details and how this happened. They could have just been hanging out on the dune. ? It was close to camp.
  10. This is sad to hear But a pedestrian on the dunes? I'm going to guess the coroner report has the times wrong AM vs PM.
  11. Late Friday night (around midnight/ 1 am) I saw lights on the face hill which looked like some sort of accident. Then not long after that two girls pulled up to our camp with a truck and empty flatbed trailer pretty distressed and crying. They were lost & looking for the dirt road to go meet the ambulance at the highway. They said someone was run over. I'm assuming in their group. We guided them out and they met up with the ambulance. Then the helicopter landed but left very quickly after touching down. The ambulance left fairly quickly too. I posted it on our Facebook page and some people
  12. Contemplating another trip April 10-11 maybe Monday also, if other will we there to run with. 4.3 v6 tech 3.
  13. Anybody up for one more trip before the heat arrives? April 10-11?
  14. If/when the Pismo regulars try Dumont they may be challenged with the lack of amenities close by. They may also wonder why they never came to Dumont. Those that miss the beach may head north to Oregon. Some may give up offroading all together. As long as the newcomers to Dumont respect others and the land, they are welcome to go and enjoy!
  15. I’m selling 5 full sets of 3” crow 5 point harnesses from my Tatum , they appear to be from 2016 and are all in good shape . The 3 from the rear are like brand new . Padding on all shoulder straps Bolt in anchors for every thing except crotch straps and 2 front shoulder straps which all have the loop o around buckle . Asking $250.00 plus shipping . if you have any questions please call my cell . I don’t get on here very often Billy 530-356-3941 call or text
  16. Whats up Sam How are you?

  17. 2003 Tech 3 sand rail for sale. 2 seater mid engine, 3.5 turbo honda 400 hp, PBS transmission, fox shocks, beard seats, crow 4 point harnesses, laser star and McCulloch HID lights, lighted whip with flag, PCI radio/intercom with headsets, good tires, good paddles on beadlock wheels, nice light car that runs and handles great. $19K OBO. 760-250-1957 TEXT ONLY. IMG_0449.MOV
  18. I'm a little embarrassed how the rail was strapped to the front, but my father did it and it wasn't worth correcting him. Here it is on the way to liquids freshened, clean it up, and hopefully get those front shocks rebuilt. She's wide even with the street wheel setup.
  19. For your consideration: My 1999 yamaha banshee. Original owner. You will be hard-pressed to find another banshee, or any 1999 model year bike, as clean as this one - I mean it needs a bath, it has been in the warehouse without being moved much the last 20 years... I would be willing to wager that it has fewer than 15 hours on the motor. All original tires, chain, you name it. I may have the original heads, but I believe that my little brother has already scooped them to rebuild his the nth time. This will come with both sets of rear tires- dirt and sand. The plastics are fair
  20. 4 Seater 2180 VW Stroker - $8K Twin 44 Weber Carbs Electronic Ignition (MSR) Bilstein Remote Reservoir rear shocks Electronic Points Oil Cooler 5 Point Harnesses (All 4 Seats) Many extras
  21. Sandcar: absolute best dune experience, plush ride, fastest dune experience, will do just about everything you want it to do if setup properly SXS: fun for most people, will give you plenty of fun duning experience and will go just about everywhere you need it to go, plush ride, not the fastest, but fast enough for most, also more versatile- can go on desert or offroad adventures Jeep: Not the best vehicle to enjoy the dunes. Comfortable yes, but heavy and dangerous in some situations in the dunes. A sandcar or SXS will ride much better. Good for exploring & playin
  22. Newbie wanting to buy a Sand Toy. Completely undecided as to what kind. Undecided between Sandcar, Sandrail, Side-x-Side or a jeep. Exploring the remote sand dunes and a smooth ride are top priorities. Last month we spent a day driving a stock 2021 Jeep (Not mine) around Glamis. We really enjoyed climbing Oldsmobile hill with the air conditioning still turned on. That said convince me & my wife, what is the best way to explore the dunes.
  23. 18,000 obo I have the parts list from Larry Short and MSO. I need to rebuild or replace the front air shocks. I had a local garage send them to Fox a while back, turns out that the tech who did the repair was quit/was terminated but only after he sabotaged several work orders, I'm fairly confident mine was one. I do not use this much, never did, you will be able to see that quickly. No turbo. Hayabusa 1300 cc. Jeffco Transmission with reverse and cutter breaks. 930 CV Axle with Outboard Disc Brakes PRP Competition High Back Seat with Crow seat belt with pads. Passenge
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