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  3. Thank you , looks like Granite Construcion was, low bidder,
  4. Here you go. https://govtribe.com/opportunity/federal-contract-opportunity/ca-ftbl-dumont-dunes-1-dumont-dunes-road-6982af22b000013-1#
  5. This, is not how this works, first they will put it out to Bid, has this Bid yet, Then unlike normal bids, It is a Federal job, so the Bid Results will be reviewed for 30 day, After the 30 Days if no bidder protests the bid, then they have 60 days for notice to proceed, after notice to proceed you will then see work start, This will only start if the Bid meets the requirements of the bid package, for example if the budget is 1,00,000,000 and the bid comes in over 10%, Then it might go back out for bid or bid review. So after the Bid is awarded, bid bonds are met, then they will have notice to proceed, all and all this could take 6 months, Does anyone of a link to the Project bid, or bid results, If this is a CMAR or Design build, then it could take a year for design before it goes into review.
  6. Damn, but glad it wasn't worse. Recovering sucks! I know all about that. Heal up and hope you get back out there next season.
  7. All, I'm the guy that was flown to Las Vegas that fateful Sunday. I wasn't going too fast, from the my viewpoint the sand looked like it was going on at the same elevation until I went off that dune. (See pic.) I had back surgery (See pic.) & spent two weeks in the Hospital. I would like to thank all of the helpful folks that stopped to help & drive my car back to my campsite. I finally got into my trailer & looked inside the car after all these Months, whoever that was that drove my car, you left your black helmet inside. Rick (Sandtoys0@yahoo.com)
  8. I'll do another update around the 4th of July. Last time I was there mid-July it was over 120* I think once the road is paved, Dumont will become a summer tourist trap. Literally. People from Europe in a rental Hyundai headed to Death Valley will see the sand dunes, the paved road, will take a detour. "honey, this isn't that bed" as they drive across the firm ground. Then, the ground is NO longer firm. That Hyundai sedan will be buried. "Now what?"
  9. "There was one small camp with tents" When you gotta dune, you gotta dune!
  10. Thanks for the update! I can't believe someone would try camping out there right now in a tent. Yeesh
  11. Yesterday evening I took a drive. No road work yet. No stakes, no equipment hanging out. There was one small camp with tents and I pulled out a stuck pickup from Utah. They were VERY glad to see me! It was breezy and about 100°. I'll go back for an update next month so check back. For those headed out, the road is a bit rough so if you have your camper, take it easy.
  12. I'm actually hitting KM this month!
  13. Ahhh yeahhh, Can't wait to go back! But for now it's the twisty rocky trails of Big Bear and a nice Kennedy Meadows trip coming up in July
  14. Fun stuff! Gotta love a dirtbike in the dunes.
  15. Howdy! These videos are from last November when we last had the crew out to DD. I'm testing out my buddies new to him 2020 Honda CRF450L, following Mike on his 2000-something CR250. When follow-filming, I try to get right up in there, breathing that sweet 2 stroke aroma while keeping the frame tight, of course GoPro makes it still look a mile away even though I was probably 2-3 off his rear tire. As always, can't wait to get back in the sand next season, but until then we always have the Big Bear/San Berdo Mountains to play at!
  16. I appreciate that. I was thinking of doing the same at some point during my summer travels.
  17. I have a Funco SSE as well. It is also on coilovers! I ordered it from Gil that way ;)
  18. I'm going to take a ride out there, not next weekend (going camping) but the next. I'll take pics and report what I see so check back. The road being paved is fine with me. Easier on the RV and trailer. Less dust in the air filter. Easier on the shocks and steering parts. As expensive as trucks and trailers are, anything we can do to extend the life... Be back in 2 weeks with a road report.
  19. Can add Seats, IRS Tranny and Front Beam for $1200 OBO
  20. For sale Sand Rail Frame for your next project $800 OBO see additional sin comments
  21. See it on our site with video :https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/item/15628/87393-2332cc-91-cr-91-or-better-octane-engine-for-sale/ 84 stroke crank 8 dowel with 10 mains 10 rods 5.5" aluminum rods web 86B camshaft 575" lift 300 duration 1.3:1 ratio aluminum roller tip rockers straight cut gears 10 over brazil / chevy rod bearings New aluminum standard block steel backed mains std Block 10 mains std thrust CB Perf 32mm geared oil pump 9104 pushrod tubes cyl shims .090" thick & .040" copper head spacers for 9:1 CR cb 044 super pro (67cc combustion chamber) heads dual spring 45 x 37.5 valves NOT TURBO READY 3177 matched manifolds by CB Perf Elring gasket kit 31-3011 fuel pump block off sand seal 4513 CB Perf chromoly flywheel big p/up tube welded in place deep sump & chrome drain plate w/ oe cap nuts Wolfsburg West silicone oil drain gaskets cylinder tins 9063 9138 v-cover set Compu-Fire coil power pulley belt Aluminum outer top pulley half 33-1040 NGK dp8ea-9 long reach spark plugs 48IDF's w/ 55 idles, 210 airs, F2 emulsions, 135 mains with notched v-stacks 60 amp alternator with chrome stand & strap custom aluminum pistons All new Total Seal rings (custom made top rings) chrome doghouse shroud Requires a good core (INQUIRE) No core? = $500 more Yes there's tax Inquire for shipping ESTIMATE EXHAUST IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY
  22. This property is neighborhood commercial. Doghouse has been here since 1995 and the business location is grandfathered. Move in with your car collection & family or your auto, vehicle or boat (we do all three here) related business. Specifics of the property: 1 acre, fenced 3 sides, 1850sq ft house (28x68), 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, formal dining, front room, family room, laundry room, large island kitchen, solar light tubes in bathrooms, laundry room & kitchen Commercial 5 ton A/C & Heat pump Covered back patio Attached 2 car garage w/ 2 full size garage doors Attached shop (9' vertical walls & raised roof) with front & rear entry garage doors & solar tube lighting and shop ceiling fluorescent lighting & A/C & Heat package 'Drive Around Drive' in back yard to side double gates Stand alone 18x20 canopy & 18x27 canopy In ground, drainable dog pond in backyard Lots of Flagstone walks Please Google earth the address to see it all: 1371 W. Basin Ave., Pahrump Nv 89060 Inquire of DeeDee Smith @ Lisa Bond Real Estate 775-419-7443
  23. We'll see how the price of gas effects the numbers from long distances in 2022
  24. until
    Can you believe this will be the 10th Annual Buggy Roundup? If you have a sandcar, you have to be there. This weekend is all about the buggies. Everyone is welcome to come out for the fun. More details to come so save the dates! Dec 9-11, 2022.
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