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  5. That would work. I bet people would rock em.
  6. LOL, you can drive through it with road grit, oil, grease, tires but you cant put you feet in it? Actually, sounds about right these days...
  7. Thinking of doing custom Flags I just did this one I can put photos on the flag 12 by 18 Flags what do you guys think would it work you think people would want them
  8. Apparently! I believe he was a BLM ranger. I'll try to dig up the Facebook post or message where she told me about it.
  9. WTF? Sacred water? And he was serious...and they believed him? A BLM ranger did this?
  10. Spent a few days enjoying the water but then apparently a ranger came over and told the group after us it was sacred and kicked them out rather rudely. We encountered a ranger while we were in the river but I was picking up garbage so maybe that's why he was so cool.
  11. Bring an ez-up, if it gets hot in the middle of the day take a trip over to the wash, set some chairs up in the water and enjoy a cold one.
  12. Thanks guys!! We will def keep that in mind. Good thing we have a couple of sxs and quads just in case! I'm more excited about bbqing lol
  13. Pro Am Front Hubs, Gear box sent to Wright for inboard supprts, Complete clutch from STM ( never throw a belt). Upgraded all gauges and swithes. 2.0 Eco Tech built by CBM. Master Craft 3G seats. Howe Steering upgrad. Only damage is to right side down low, see pic.. Have a set of sand tires. Pretty much have gone through this buggy and upgraded the weak points. AZ. license plate. $25000.00 Located in the High Desert Chris
  14. Looks like you will be lucky and catch some May grey. As mentioned be careful, there will prob be some soft spots and it's inherently harder to see this time of year due to less shadows being casted.
  15. Welcome to the site. Have fun and be careful out there!
  16. Do your friends or family have experience riding in the dunes? It's a dangerous time to go out there. The dunes are sharp and drop off on the one side, witches eyes are everywhere. There's probably no medical, and you already mentioned the heat. Go have fun but keep your head on straight. All to often lately people jump into SXS's with little experience and go launch off a razorback.
  17. Hey what's up guys! Me and the brothers are new to this hobby and community. We enjoy our side by side very much. So much that we don't even care about the heat LOL. this is going to be our first time spending a weekend in the dunes. At the same time we will be with family. We have a couple of friends and family that are joining for the weekend. it seems like everyone is staying home this weekend but whoever makes it out to dumont this weekend say what's up!! Alright well take care and hopefully we see you this weekend
  18. It's open. Buy a pass at the entrance. It's a machine that takes credit cards. I'll be heading up there from the Riverside area in a couple days.
  19. Is dumont dunes open for this memorial day weekend, and where can I buy a pass?
  20. 33X15 Sand Tires Unlimited Blaster 33's Have a Lot of Life Left. They have been stored in doors and are in good shape. (I moved them outside for pictures) $225 each.
  21. This sandrail looks very similar to mine
  22. This sandrail looks very similar to mine
  23. There's a company that now comes and installs a cell booster anywhere in USA at a good price in my opinion. The purchase includes cellular amplifier and installation service: https://www.signalbooster.com/products/cell-phone-signal-booster-plus-installation
  24. Long time no post but Pete suggessted I do this. I am currently up dating my Manx (clone) and am at the point of redoing the fuse block/wiring and dashboard. Like an idiot, I neglected to lablel the wires as I took them off the old fuse block. Forgot about my memory deficency (senioritis) and am in a fix now. I need someone with wiring experience to help me button this up. All wiring is now exposed and dash and hood is off. Compensation is offered. I am in Henderson (off college and 95) and have a well equiped shop to work on this in and a lot of wiring and related tools and connections. If your interested contact me by message here or call me at 702-343-9286 for more info. My best guess for a knowledgable person would be a max of 3 or 4 hours of hours with my "lame" assistance. I'm good for up to $25 an hour. Thanks, Pat/sandawg
  25. We must all be so careful out at the dunes!
  26. We are essential and working, was off 2 weeks not feeling well our protocol is to be off, tested and negative, back to work, Doing a complete remodel on our yard trying to get as close to zero maintenance as possible. Hoping they get our dunes opened up soon did a soft open this week end at 2 location's for the local communities only. will have to see how it goes pretty sure the Governor is not going to let them open to everyone for the holiday weekend so 3 days to work on the yard.
  27. Another great weekend outdoors and maintaining 6 feet apart! lol
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