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  2. Short Bus

    Located! Lost Samsung Galaxy phone

    Yep, we found ours. We used gmail to track it within about 10 feet and then used the app to ring it. Easy peasy. Best part, its wasnt even damaged!
  3. Sandwichmaker

    Just came across this video

    My friend made a video about it using that blog and retraced their final steps. She makes all sorts of videos showing the valleys, hot springs, and hidden cabins around here. I've been trying to get her out to Dumont.

    Found Wheel Tire & Hub

    Found it leaving on Tuesday morning right off the dirt access road that leads into Dumont. Yea its the Wheel Tire & Hub that came off someones trailer. Bearing failure. Tire and wheel are in good shape.
  5. Sandwichmaker

    Trip report 2/9 weekend

    Nice Apple watch!
  6. Sandwichmaker

    Found blue LG Stylo phone

    I thought it was a Samsung but it powered up and said Stylo. It uses the different Android charger. It was cracked but functional! Found it on Sunset hill on Monday evening. Couldn't get into anything to find any owner's info so I charged it up and left it at the Ranger's station.
  7. Sandwichmaker

    Located! Lost Samsung Galaxy phone

    You found it? I found a blue Galaxy S8 or something. Took it to ranger's station. *edit* sorry I think it was an LG phone.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Crusty

    Presidents Weekend 2019 Pics & Trip Reports

    I ALWAYS enjoy reading trip reports after a weekend of Dunes....thanks guys for sharing your stories.
  10. Crusty

    Lost iphone 8 plus w/white marble case.

    Good luck, lots of good people here...hope somebody has your phone
  11. dunefreak

    February 2019 Dune Pic of the Month

    submitted by @joblo
  12. 2276 Turbo charged all aluminum aftermarket block Porsche still crank Carrillo rods extra deep oil pan stage 4 heads Stage for clutch lightinged fly wheel Pipes are powder coated inside and out every part on it and it it is brand new never had oil or gas in it built by fish at Doug’s bugs and bunnies in Mesa Arizona.. I have over $13,000 in parts alone! Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  13. Last week
  14. Overall it turned out being a pretty good weekend despite getting off to a bad start. 20 minutes after heading out early Saturday morning one in our crew had a blowout on his RV. Luckily we were able to limp it into a tire center. That was a 5 hour detour where we also discovered the tire shrapnel ripped out the gas filler tube. A few curse words and a trip to the auto parts store and we were able to repair that as well. We rolled into Dumont around 3pm Saturday and immediately started getting some runs in. Even with our late start we made the most of it and got a lot of good runs in. I wasn't using my turning brakes because of the wet sand, however that still didn't stop me from breaking things (pictured below). Got that welded up pretty quick and we were off running again. We too were at Comp Sunday night when it started to rain, but we high-tailed it at the first few drops and got the buggies packed away right before it really started to come down. Despite the rain, wet sand, cold, wind and bad luck it turned out to be one of the best weekends of the year for our group.
  15. Lost iphone 8 plus w/white marble case.
  16. Lost Iphone 8 plus on sunday Feb 17th.It has a marble case on it .It has a rafiki(monkey) screen saver.If found please contact.Thank you!

  17. Svengoolie

    Presidents Weekend 2019 Pics & Trip Reports

    You know how we always forget something? Sometimes major, sometimes minor. I forgot most of my clothes and had to make do with the same pair of pants. After a couple days people probably thought homeless beggars had finally made it to Dumont! Got in Wed evening. Didn't unload. Woke up in the night to a pretty good rain. Saw three rollovers over the weekend. It seems the wet sand is not forgiving. Slide sideways, roll over. W would stop blowing, we'd go out & build a fire and grab lawn chairs and out of the blue, someone would turn on the W-machine and send us scrambling to put stuff away. Saturday night at comp the turnout was bigger than it should have been with the low overall turnout. Got in some rides in between the frequent blows. Went to the drags and never saw any. We hung out there for an hour or so. "Are there any dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour? Hello?" For grins we went to comp Sunday night. Decent turnout for a Sunday until... Wife said she felt a rain drop. I looked up at the clouds and said "is that all you got" Within one minute it was pouring! WE stood in the rain laughing and I said "Come on, how about some wind!" The sky complied. Now it was raining and windy! We stood in the rain and everyone told me to apologize to the clouds. I held my ground as we got soaked. What did we do? Went on a long, wet, ride. South pole, North pole, ect. We made the best of it and had fun and laughed despite the crap weather. Dumont is what we make of it, regardless of the weather... I'll add some pics from my phone..
  18. Bobosabor

    2006 Suspensions Unlimited

    Price and is this a sand pro 1 or 2
  19. Let's see everyone's pics and hear about your weekend at Dumont. We had a short, but fun and relaxing weekend out there for President's weekend. The weather was crazy. I've never seen it so cool this time of year. It's always been close to 80°, but this weekend was in the 50's. It was a bit windy at times, but Saturday was gorgeous. We only got two whole buggy runs in the whole weekend. One slow and one fast! We were having too much fun in camp.We never even went over to comp hill. The overall turnout seemed less than normal, but it there were still quite a few people out there. I didn't see one Jeep race. All I saw was a bunch of spectators when we went by. Then I went back with my good camera to get some shots and they already had the hill torn down. Oh well. I'll get some more pics up later, but here are a few from our weekend.
  20. Svengoolie

    President's Day weekend 2019

    Sunday afternoon. More W. Some in our camp packed it in once it started blowing again. Doesn't matter to me especially when duning. Went to the drags but never saw any so we left. I'm
  21. raspadoo

    President's Day weekend 2019

    Looks like a Racer, if so one of the best in the business. Good to hear all injuries are minor
  22. Svengoolie

    President's Day weekend 2019

    Yeah, probably some stitches. (Just my guess) And shaken up pretty good. Whoever made that car built a very sturdy cage.
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