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  3. Might be there. If so will probably be myself this time.
  4. 1969 4 bolt main 350, Holley 600 CFM, Autocraft Transmission $4500. Palmdale area. E-mail for more pics or information rennfro@msn.com
  5. 2015 xp1000 transmission freshened up. $2000 or reasonable offer . call Bob 702-226-6786
  6. 30 feet Sport Trailer™ 2006 Size: 30' x 8.5' Color: White with red accent paint on all metal interior framing and tongue Built-in Toolbox, Cabinets, 50-gallon fuel tank with electric fuel pump, 50-gallon fresh water tank, Awning, electric tongue jack. Red accent paint on all interior metal framing, Interior lights, Wall mounted push broom, wall-mounted flashlight holder, ATV/UTV/Buggy whip holders, Spare Tires, Electronic back ramp latches to unlock ramp. Asking Price: $20,000
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  8. Haha you won't regret it. The footage is worth it. Front mount: just a sticky GoPro mount on the roof Rear mount: cage mount with the GoPro adapter on it. It's a pretty stout roll bar mount made by Eyeofmine but I don't think they're in business anymore. I'll get a picture and post it. They are basically light rigging clamps (like this) with a small L bracket and GoPro tripod adapter mounted on it.
  9. im getting the 10 and the max lens mod thanks to you LOL. what mounts are you using on the car?
  10. It's the last big holiday weekend of the season! Besides Halloween, it's always been one of the biggest weekends at Dumont. Although the Jeep races and hill climbs are longer happen on President's weekend, you'll still see the crowds of duners, some of your favorite vendors, and action on Comp Hill. Don't forget to swing by the sand highway (between comp and North Pole) at 3PM for the unofficial daily drags. It's nothing more than duners lining up and racing, but it's a new trend at Dumont that everyone seems to love. Stay safe and pack out what you pack in. There is no trash collection at Dumont so we must keep our playground clean if we want to enjoy it for years to come. Be sure to post up some photos from your trip on the forum and tag us on Instagram!
  11. Hopefully not a bad question , but we are needing a rv mobile trustworthy mechanic to give us quote on our 2012 Impact 22-as in regards to wall socket issues and some have power and a few do not. Thanks for any advice is appreciated
  12. ok, its pretty awesome. They seem to turn when you turn. Super stable as well.
  13. Part 2 video from Sunday. https://youtu.be/Dlt6_oOYdH4
  14. 2007 Tatum Black Widow 650hp Turn Key LS3/Mendeola, Custom roll top with opening ragtop roof, King shocks, Stainless Zommies exhaust, Huge Sand Tires Unlimited 36-17 rears / 12-50-17 front tires w Bead locks, Carbon fiber wrap, LED lighting, Custom wind shield, Racepak electronic gauges, Stereo, Headset for 4, Lowrance GPS Navigation screen, CB for car to car comms, All new CV’s and boots. Not a trailer queen but built to play hard with reliability. $64,900 John 805 441-9717
  15. A GoPro 9 and a 10 (basically the same camera). I'm using a GoPro Max lens mod on each camera. That gives it more stabilization plus full horizon lock. It works awesome for dune videos to really show the angle of the dunes and the car especially when sidehilling.
  16. What model go pros are you using? What model GO Pros are you using?
  17. Part 1 video is up! https://youtu.be/bWUGTgBS000
  18. Looks like a goodtime if with the rain
  19. I'm working on video from the weekend so stay tuned on my YouTube. I'll post it here too though. https://www.youtube.com/c/LiveLikePete
  20. We pulled in Thursday night and there was nobody out there. The temps were a little chilly but the fire leaf blower got the fire going nice and hot because all our firewood was wet. Friday was the duning day. Lou has been chasing a brake issue and lost his brakes on a dune run. That was fun! He almost ran into me but luckily found somewhere to go rather than my car. lol Overall it was a nice, chill weekend. I know MLK weekend isn't very busy but it was empty this year. I wasn't mad about that. Great trip. Nothing broke and I'm stoked to get back out asap.
  21. I don't believe so. They stopped doing them a couple of years ago due to lack of interest and participation.
  22. Are the jeep drags and hill climbing events happening on Presidents Day weekend 2023?
  23. 2.0 Turbo Phase 3 computer, Dyno tuned by John @ outfront Motorsports. 280 hp at the wheels for a 1200 lb car, close ratio 1st and 2nd, close ratio 3rd and 4 with a 3-puck copper clutch. The car is extremely fast and more that anything fun to take on any size dune. It is in perfect running condition with new paddles , the frame is rough and has been worked on through out the years of enjoyment / use. $10,000.
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