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  2. Text us for internal specs & more pictures See the build & more on our Instagram page Doghouse Repair $2200 plus plus
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    It's one of the bigger holiday weekends at Dumont, President's Day Weekend. Come out and join the fun.
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    Save the date! It's always the second weekend in December. Our 12th Annual Buggy Roundup 12-15 weekend, 2024. Got a buggy? Come on out and join us to camp, hang and run the dunes together. More details to come.
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    Although New Years Eve is on Tuesday night this year, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate early...well, unless you can stay until Wednesday that is. The official holiday weekend is Dec 27-29 so get it on the calendar!
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    Thanksgiving weekend is Nov 28-Dec 1st!
  7. Halloween weekend kicks off the upcoming dune season at Dumont Dunes! Although Halloween is Thursday the 31st, Halloween weekend at Dumont will be celebrated the weekend before on Oct 25-27th. Saturday night, Oct 26th, is the night you'll find trick-or-treaters going camp to camp and duners in costume over at Comp Hill having a good time. There has not yet been any word of a truck or treat at vendor row, but the original tradition of decorating camps and kids/ families trick-or-treating has never stopped. Halloween weekend always brings out thousands of excited duners which means we always have to take a little extra caution. Keep your head on a swivel but most importantly slow down around camps and other duners. Holiday weekends can be a little crazy and chaotic, but also safe and fun at the same time.
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    Halloween weekend falls on the weekend before Halloween this year so don't miss out. Halloween weekend is Oct 25-27, 2024.
  9. See it run and buy it @ Doghouse Repair in Pahrump, Nv 9.8:1 compression running on 89 octane TEXT us @ 7757279344 to get videos & many more pictures sent to you TEXT us for more detailed information or questions you have $5800 plus tax and core (no core, add $500)
  10. B Wells


    Have a charlyn question, when the car is not running I am get a lot of play in the steering. If center of the wheel is 12 clock it moves to about2/3 clock and with the car running it's going from 12 to about 1/2 clock.with out the tires moving. Anyone know much about thees? I assuming it needs to be rebuilt anyone know of anyone in the High desert area?
  11. Thanks for sharing, Nick! Great to finally camp and dune together. Super fun weekend even with the crap weather! lol
  12. Wow. What a great few days in the dunes. Meant lots of great people. Dunes were awesome as we got fresh sand every day lol. Weather was all over the place. Awesome job Pete/Anna. You and all who help you put on a great time. I think I counted in the high fifties of cars at coffee and donuts. Can’t wait to do it again.
  13. Hey guys (whoever is even reading this lol), our plans to feed everyone on Saturday fell through so you are on your own for lunch. Sorry! but we'll still be doing the raffle around 12:30/1pm. The rest of the weekend's format remains the same. Details on the news post.
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    i will be there
  15. It's looking like 40+ rsvps so far between the event page, FB group and FB buggy roundup chat I started today.
  16. Steve, We live in Boise ID and have a 5 seater 2006 Wuerth Sandrail we are selling. It is like new. 2 sets of tires. I dont know alot about it so feel free to reach out to my husband Kevin via the email and he will give you the details. Asking 20K. Worth looking at!! thanks
  17. The next buggy roundup is right around the corner. We are doing it again Easter weekend! It's the perfect way to close out the season. Come out early and dune with the crew. Many of us will be there Wed or Thursday. The Saturday schedule is close to the same as usual. (See event link below for details). Want to help contribute towards the tradition? Bring out some donuts or whatever for cars & coffee on Saturday morning. Also...we'll have some prizes we'll be raffling off on Saturday so if you have anything you want to contribute towards that, bring it out and hit me up when you get there. Any and all help is appreciated. Looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing some new faces this year.
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