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  2. I have a V6 long travel woth beed locks and pretty much both in Dumont and Glamis i like 11psi in front to grab a little when i turn and about 18psi in the rear that will give you the little slide. They hook up and im running 13.00 plus 15 number 2 paddle.
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  5. The Ford 3.5L has serious water pump issues. The water pump is internal (dumb design), and when it fails it dumps coolant into the crankcase and seizes the motor. Its a known and common issue with them, and kept me from buying a new Explorer personally.
  6. that was a fun trip the v8 slides much better with the diff
  7. You didn’t say where you lost it and since this is your first post here I thought maybe you’re posting everywhere and this might be it.
  8. I’m going to be there, always enjoy the Jeep drags and hill climbs, maybe next year.
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  10. 2009 Yamaha Raptor 90 for sale. Great condition. Runs perfect. My daughter just out grew it. Pink in hand currently registered til 2021 with green sticker. $2100 or best offer. 626-827-4599 Ron Rancho Cucamonga area (so cal)
  11. I went to the North Pole and looked at all the rocks in the area. Sadly I did not come across your mother's stone.
  12. My number is 909-312-1545 if you're not on the picture I'm not giving you the phone
  13. The frame and arms were purchased in 2008 and sent to Biffle’s shop in North Carolina where it was put together, tested, reinforced with a bunch of tubing and gussets, after all testing was done and strengthening was completed the car was put back together powdered in 2010 and used very little actually, I purchased the car from Greg, we removed the NASCAR Roush motor and I installed a brand new Danzio 415ci LS3 Life racing Dash and electronics, Albins 5 Speed sequential transmission with cooler and pump etc., the car is in sane, if I need to tell you about a suspensions unlimited and how they handle especially being over built like this one, this is not for you LOL 74,500 The car sells itself, never mind the NASCAR royalty package! MAYBE Trade for your sequential car plus cash, will also consider selling the car less motor and computer! No dreamers please. I mean that with the most respect! 760 41nine 859three
  14. Hi Caleb. I will be out there this weekend and will look around the North Pole for it. I know with the recent rebuilding of the North Pole things got shifted around so hopefully it is still there/not buried. Let you know what I find, if anything.
  15. Hello my name is caleb and I was possibly wondering if anyone here could help me retrieve my mother's memorial rock that's out by the north pole the rock(headstone) is made granite and has a plack of my mother's name on it and the day she laid to rest with the dah she was born. I currently live in apple valley California and I have no means of transportation to het in the dunes to retrieve it on my own and I could be there and meet with you and help load it to my car, if anyone could help it would greatly appreciated. My cell is 7609272625 My email is starkcaleb2@gmail.com
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  17. Looks like a great weekend sad I missed it.
  18. We had some great weather. A little chilly in the morning but it warned up quickly. The dunes were in great shape. There weren't too many people out there for MLK this year and seemed like less than last year's. Perfect! The only crowd I saw was at the North Pole when they were all putting that new pole in. We had some great dune runs and even squeezed in a Little Dumont rip. That place is alot of fun and so is the cruise over. I stopped and finally met some of the vendors and picked up some shirts, hat and sweatshirt. Jericho Specialties, Desert Bling, Short Bus Ice Cream and the snow cone guy were out. Saturday night we all sat around the fire and smudge pot watching supercross. All in all it was a great weekend! Here's some pics...
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    Yay! Halloween actually falls on a weekend this year!
  20. Hello, My black fender pack broke off my dirtbike fender Saturday 1/18/2020 that was full of specific tools. Please let me know if you found it. Reward!
  21. If you've been to Dumont Dunes, chances are you've been to the North Pole. It's one of the most popular spots out there. Over the years, the North Pole has seen some weather, abuse, and vandalism. It has been rebuilt several times. A few years ago a large second pole was installed next to the original North Pole. It was a "super sized" North Pole and everyone loved it. It became a Dumont monument where duners would hang items of importance and visit while on run through the dunes. Late Friday night of MLK weekend, it was set on fire. Duners first noticed the burned pole down Saturday morning as it was still smoldering. The remaining little bit of pole was propped back up with rocks by the duners. Everyone was outraged. Social media blew up and the community was pissed. A few Vegas guys quickly came together with a plan for a new pole. They were welcomed with applause and cheer when they arrived out there. Everyone came together and helped erect the new North Pole. The old memorials and items were salvaged and placed on the pole before it was put in the ground. A flag and solar lights were also installed.
  22. The new pole went up yesterday. I live streamed it for about an hour.
  23. I can’t tell you how disappointed our family is to hear this news. We have been going to Dumont for over twenty years and never once have we have thought of doing something so disrespectful. What is wrong with everyone?? Having fun is number one, but this?!? Our children were five when we started going to the dunes. What would they have thought to see something like this happening out there?! Build it up y’all, not tear it down. Whoever did this, shame on you.
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