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  2. I was involved in a crash on the sand drags on October 28, 2022 at approximately 3:45pm. I was driving a black Full Potential sand car (pictures below) down the center of drags in the when a Can-Am on the right side of the drags decided to turn left across the drags. I did everything I could do to avoid him, but hit him just behind the drivers door on his car. The impact flipped both cars and totaled both. Everyone involved is thankfully ok after spending time healing. Unfortunately now the insurance company is finding me at fault. Not sure how. I am looked for people that actually witnessed the crash and would be willing to document what they saw. If anyone has a video that would be even better. I have two witnesses, but one is my son. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!! Mark 909-762-5137 mark@allenoffroad.com
  3. We will be hitting St Anthony again in July and have a handful of other general travel trips already planned as well as a whole bunch of laketime at Mead, Mohave and Havasu. What doe everyone have planned for this summer?
  4. Very interested I will come get it now text my number 702-503-7055
  5. Finally back in the States and car is still for sale. Most options on a Tatum Black Widow for ANY sand-car near this price. Check it out on youtube by entering tozlakes into the search. Last time the car was out in 2020. Go to the half way point and CRANK IT UP!
  6. Nah...jonesing to get some rips in. Nice lines you guys made. Only been out 2x this season, and it'll be over by the time I get back to Vegas...if not already.
  7. Too slow for you? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Skinny pedal is on the right. Thanks for sharing. Missing D from SLC right now...
  9. It's been a great season but sadly it's time to close it out. Here's my video from our last trip over Easter weekend! Best viewed on the big screen.
  10. Yeah super convincing. All 300 posts.
  11. Almost went for the cheap flight to Fiji but fought the urge, Cheers!
  12. We got hit by a bunch of low life spammers this morning posting garbage to the site. I had to delete a few hundred posts and ban a ton of new accounts. If you guys see any spam please report it using the flag as spam option or pm/email me. Big thanks to @raspadoofor the heads up text this morning! F U SPAMMERS!
  13. Mid-Engine Dune Buggy Mendiola Transmission Honda V-Tech 3.6 L Turbo 388 HP Built in 2007 Call Carl @ 714-412-3706 (Leave Message)
  14. New build with great parts inside 9.0:1 compression for either 87, 89 or better octane running on our test bench now with 89 videos and pictures can be sent to you by TEXT to 775-727-9344 any questions can be answered by TEXT to 775-727-9344 $5700 with core $6200 without core Yes, there's sales tax of 7.6% Cash, credit or debit card (inquire), Zelle Thanks for looking
  15. Im interested email me at razzzzzz09@gmail.com
  16. St Anthony Idaho Dunes RV Campground. Address: 1695 East 500 North St. Anthony, ID (208) 624-3275 Website: www.Idahodunesrv.com Reservation Dates: First Night - Saturday June 10th, 2023 Check in time: 1:00 PM Last Night - Friday June 16th, 2023 Check out time: 11:00 AM on June 17th, 2023 Site Number: 49 and 48 50 Amp electrical hook up and water (no sewer) There are two site reservations - Asking Price for each site $400.00 (7 days) $800.00 for both reservations.
  17. Bumping again. Dropped the price $1500.00 more.
  18. not sure if you are interested but I just created a group for Savage owners, not many of us out there. please join until you sell and pass on to new owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/897198771543365/
  19. Will be out there for Easter Weekend Weather should be great..... Hopefully the vendors will make it out there also.
  20. until
    Dune season ain't over yet! Look at that weather forecast! https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/weather/
  21. It seems most people are done with dune season already, but if you take a look at the weather forecast, it tells a different story! Usually we see temperatures well into the 80s by now, but we're barely hitting the mid to upper 70's at Dumont. Easter weekend (April 8-9) is coming up. It's not a popular one and rarely do you ever see a crowd out there, but if you are heading out you might just see some color out there. Take a ride out to the outskirts of the dunes and if there is a bloom, you might be surprised how many flowers are popping up. Dumont weather forecast Check out some recent superbloom photos at Dumont...
  22. Out at Dumont 3-18 through 3-20 make an offer
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