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  2. RUn2it

    Buggy Roundup 6 Weekend Trip Reports

    And so many nice cars This car has to be new, look at the wheels, don't have the Dumont Dull yet. and color shift paint. No, he isn't asleep but may be praying he doesn't mess up the shine.....
  3. Today
  4. aseman

    Looking for/Wanted Stock SxS seat belts

    Hey Pat, I got a set. Still figuring out which day I'll be going within the next month or so.
  5. dunefreak

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Yeah I have no idea how they go from a very specific completion date to nothing happening and a very loose completion "date" with a 2 month window (April/May). This is what we saw on Sunday from Memorial hill. Just a road going up the mountain which has been done for over a month. No tower though.
  6. aseman

    Another Newbie SXS Question!!

    I appreciate the tips! I will definitely let you know if I come up with more questions, I know I will! I like your emphasis on rolling........that's my greatest fear! Don't wanna risk anyone getting hurt, or ruining the car!
  7. 2004 Custom built reliable and clean 4 seater LS1 with Mendiola transmission MD4S $22500. Selling due to a job relocation. 930 CV’s Rugged Radio with 4 headsets LED lighting Cutting brake King shocks Custom paint Rain cover Contact me at (760) 447-1921
  8. I’m looking to buy a pair of weekend warrior swivel rocker chairs in tan/tiki color. let me know what you’ve got.... Similar to the one pictured.
  9. Yesterday
  10. jalper

    December Dune Pic of the Month

    nice pic
  11. El diablo

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    Wish I could have made it this year but..... Hopefully I can make it next year!!
  12. aseman

    Good Radiator advise needed.

    I've had the same issue with aftermarket radiators on my truck. Make sure the rubber mounts on the top and bottom of the radiator are still good and soft (to absorb vibration). Even then, aftermarket radiators may only last that long. A full aluminum construction unit would be your strongest. However if you have to stick with stock replacement, KOYO does pretty well for trucks.
  13. Last week
  14. aseman

    F-250 Stolen in Henderson, NV

    Sorry to hear! I had my 06 F250 Powerstroke stolen a couple of months ago and was recovered a few days later in a mess. It's amazing how extremely easy these are to steal! Hindsight, alarms, kill switch, steering wheel club, etc...for the future!
  15. 2007 Polaris twin with a turbo doc turbo automatic with cutter brakes and reverse. 200HP spent $4000 this year, new top end, rebuilt gear case, and rebuilt turbo. Fresh, ready to go for another 10 years. Over 25 inches of travel. Very fast and dependable. Dirt and paddles for rear and smoothies in the front. Neon lights on the under carriage. Title in hand. Call Jason 801-592-1001
  16. jdmoto1

    [SOLD] 2007 turbo sand rail

    Also I have the title in hand
  17. aseman

    RV Antennas

    Direct tv Dish on a portable tripod buried with rocks and sand. Works great!
  18. I've camped by bathroom 3 many times and never got even ok reception... but then again it was always during busy weekends where other rigs are in the way.
  19. AHQvegas

    New Years Weekend


    its going to be a cold one !
  20. Duner1

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup


    I am coming and my uncle is also with his desert dynamics car as well
  21. Randiezel

    Poker Run

    Entry fees per vehicle and charge for extra poker hands... can maybe even do a "clean up bag hand" whoever fills a bag of trash gets a free poker hand? Just ideas to help cover costs and keep the playground clean while having fun haha ..
  22. Earlier
  23. HawaiianstyleLV

    [SOLD] 2012 Custom Built Sand Rail - 450 HP - $35,000

    Good looking car but no price glwts.
  24. dunefreak

    Ex lift

    Are you talking about the step to get in your moho?
  25. IrnBear

    E85 Gas stationa

  26. 2009 Eclipse Attitude 25AK toy hauler trailer 120 gal fresh water 30 gal grey water 30 gal black water 30 gal fuel tank with fueling station Exterior pressure washer station Full front bathroom (2) rear drop down queen beds (2) large propane tanks (2) interstate 12v batteries Onan generator with 1283 hours Overall outside length 29’ 6” Rear door 8’ Inside storage length to kitchen cabinet 16’ Inside width between wheels walls 6’ 2” Inside width 8’ Call/Text Tiffany cell #661-208-6818, no low ballers, no brokers! $16,000 obo CASH ONLY / NO TRADES
  27. las vegas duner

    [SOLD] 2017 RZR XP TURBO

    2 seat turbo, with 464 miles and 43 hours. It is in excellent condition and has been well taken care of. It has a bunch of aftermarket parts on it. It has a tuner from aftermarketassassins with 4 tunes on it. It is very fast and is a awesome dune rzr. I put shock therapy springs on it and it rides great. This rzr is setup to run without problems and I am selling it because I bought a 4 seat. Here is a list of extras and aftermarket parts. Roll cage, Front and Rear bumper, Side rock bars, PRP seats and belts, Steering wheel, Full glass windshield, Mirror, Rigid Lightbar, metal roof, Full doors, Shock Therapy springs, Trinity stage 5 exhaust, Aftermarketassassins S3 clutch kit, Aluminum BOV, Aluminum charge tube, Powervision tuner, Full set of Skat Trac sand tires $22000 OBO Pat 702 427 6881
  28. sand chick

    Let's see your Thanksgiving pics

    Great long weekend! Can't wait to get back out there!! Mike had a great 50th birthday spent duning with family and friends!
  29. Dumont Dune Riders

    Four Stroke Wars presented by FSA

    Test n Tune: Friday Jan 18th 4 Stroke Wars: Saturday, Jan 19th, 10 AM at Banshee HIll
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    • Go Beavs!  »  SKINNER

      Hello SKINNER,
      I found this picture of your converted kick start to pull start lever.  I want to do this as well.  Where did you find this handle or did you custom make it yourself?  I'm putting this on an ATC70 with a Lifan 125 motor.
      kick start pull handle.pdf
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    • Valerie Ocean  »  strokedrt

      Anyone find a set of keys with a Dodge key Halloween weekend?
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    • Death Valley Brewing

      Death Valley Brewing in Tecopa now has block ice as well as cubes.  Come and get a growler of craft beer, some ice...and grab a pizza to go!
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    • AbbeyKranz

      Someone called from the missing phone twice over the weekend. We know it’s been found but they aren’t answering our return calls or calling back again! please call back!
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    • dunefreak

      Power steering is done!
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