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  1. Today
  2. Short Bus

    Located! Lost Samsung Galaxy phone

    Yep, we found ours. We used gmail to track it within about 10 feet and then used the app to ring it. Easy peasy. Best part, its wasnt even damaged!
  3. Sandwichmaker

    Just came across this video

    My friend made a video about it using that blog and retraced their final steps. She makes all sorts of videos showing the valleys, hot springs, and hidden cabins around here. I've been trying to get her out to Dumont.

    Found Wheel Tire & Hub

    Found it leaving on Tuesday morning right off the dirt access road that leads into Dumont. Yea its the Wheel Tire & Hub that came off someones trailer. Bearing failure. Tire and wheel are in good shape.
  5. Sandwichmaker

    Trip report 2/9 weekend

    Nice Apple watch!
  6. Sandwichmaker

    Found blue LG Stylo phone

    I thought it was a Samsung but it powered up and said Stylo. It uses the different Android charger. It was cracked but functional! Found it on Sunset hill on Monday evening. Couldn't get into anything to find any owner's info so I charged it up and left it at the Ranger's station.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Crusty

    Presidents Weekend 2019 Pics & Trip Reports

    I ALWAYS enjoy reading trip reports after a weekend of Dunes....thanks guys for sharing your stories.
  9. Crusty

    Lost iphone 8 plus w/white marble case.

    Good luck, lots of good people here...hope somebody has your phone
  10. 2276 Turbo charged all aluminum aftermarket block Porsche still crank Carrillo rods extra deep oil pan stage 4 heads Stage for clutch lightinged fly wheel Pipes are powder coated inside and out every part on it and it it is brand new never had oil or gas in it built by fish at Doug’s bugs and bunnies in Mesa Arizona.. I have over $13,000 in parts alone! Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  11. Last week
  12. Dumont Dune Riders

    Friday Morning Update

    Friday morning update: chilly and cloudy. There's some W with high gusts. Here it comes. It's supposed to calm down later after about 6pm. Friday morning views from @goon_rider_69 Camp area from @bstecki
  13. mtrsportdan

    Looking for a group to camp with.

    Thank you Gentleman! Im getting a late start on loading up. Waiting for a break in the weather.
  14. Dumont Dune Riders

    Thursday Weather And Dune Conditions

    President's weekend is starting out a bit wet, but the weekend should be nice. Current weather update and forecast: Thursday: Dumont received some overnight rainfall & "W" last night and drizzle much into Thursday. There are flash flood warnings in effect so expect more rain and W. Friday: There is no rain predicted but there will definitely be some W most of the day 10-30 mph. High of 62°! Saturday and Sunday: no rain and no W. Highs in the 50's and overnight lows in the upper 30's. The weekend is looking sunny and beautiful. Thursday afternoon entrance road & river crossing (submitted by Scott Mazick) Sand conditions submitted by @bs247365 via IG "Had rain last night. Sand is wet and hard. Going to make for some fast riding this weekend. .....that’s what she said. I know it was coming from someone. "
  15. $$$FOR SALE$$$ ASKING $16,900 Located in Tucson, AZ 2006 Nichols Fabrication snake eyes four-seat sand car Chromoly frame King coil overs in front King 2.5 coil overs and bypass in rear Turbo Nissan 3.0 275 wheel hp Built 091 Nissan computer Front and rear brakes The car has just Been gone through, clean and ready to dune Contact Jorge (520)820-6659
  16. bp-guy

    Mis-fire / dead cylinder

    You don't need new parts to diagnose this. you have 1 bad cylinder- so move a plug wire from another cylinder to the #3 position and put #3 where you took that wire from. If the problem moves away from #3 to another hole- BINGO! Remember this- Keep it simple, Start in one direction and and work forward/backwards. Don't jump around or you might miss the problem. Sounds like the Fuel system is ok, work on the electric side. Check the cap/rotor, if thats good, move to the wires. If they are good, go to the plugs. Throw in a new set just for added cheap security. VW's are such a simple motor, I have rebuilt them in my bedroom when I lived at home. Picked the damn thing up out of my 63 and walked it into the house. LOL And as Stormin189 said- #3 is a culprit for less air flow. My sand rail had major overkill for my oil system. Deep Sump + stock oil cooler and a 96 plate cooler with oil filter inline. I had over 6 quarts of oil in my motor.
  17. Earlier
  18. LOL, Guess I forgot that!! $50,000 OBO. Hope to see ya Presidents Pete.
  19. dunefreak

    February Dune Pic of the Month

    I guess we should probably vote now.
  20. Caliper bolt spacing 3 1/4 inches 310-984-nine8nine8
  21. Larryk36

    2014 BFD Sand Rail

    Interested, can you please contact me 801-971–1332
  22. Dive Bar Casanova

    2020 DMax Takes by Mr. Banks:

    Brother do Duramax trucks ever hold their resale value. Astonishing. Dmax Trucks are judged more by condition than mileage. We were shocked how much we were offered on a trade in, then the huge discount on the new truck. No brainer IMHO. We like the 2020's increased power, the feature that more net power is delivered to the rear wheels/4wd with the more efficient driveline, the towing mirrors and a dozen other items. Strong talk in the truck rags EGR will be gone in a few years. Supposed to be gone in this years Ram Cummins goes the tale.
  23. Sandwichmaker

    MLK weekend 2019 Trip Report

    That was night time at Comp right? I'd love to see the video from when they were coming back in to park and your man said "keep goin!" And they blasted through and went back for more. That was so great!
  24. Dive Bar Casanova

    Bradley O'Neal's base jump at Dumont

    Wow!!!! Love it.
  25. My 3/4 2500HD with 4.10 gears and 6.0 gas could.....but would struggle when fully loaded with all the toys and water. Going up the 15 El Cajon pass really sucks and will be pinned at 45-50 mph up the hill....God Forbid there is any stop and go traffic and I lose my momentum......and then the down grade? ugh. Your truck should not really try to pull this TH around. I'm sorry, just giving first hand advice, I myself would love a TH like this with all that wonderful space. Not trying to derail a for sale topic. This is a Great deal for somebody, really clean and riced right - GLWTS
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