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  1. Today
  2. That means sat night comp hill shenanigans will be awesome!
  3. Just got off the phone with the buddy in Baker. They went to 4 different stores asking about the 7 day pass including the East Valero Gas Station, and all said they are not selling passes due to covid. The only way to get the 7 day pass was the kiosk at the entrance if you don't have an annual pass. Hope this helps some people to save some time.
  4. Jsluder! So I’m the one with the other event on Facebook if we can meet at vendor row on the far end away from the dunes at 1030 leaving at 11:00 slow parade to comp and then hot lap parade to wherever you wanna go next for those that wish to continue. That’s the most simple way I figure we can combine these two events.
  5. Yesterday
  6. The calm, before the stampede. I should be there around noon tomorrow.
  7. You'll have to ask the BLM about that. I, personally, wouldn't show up to vend if I did not have a permit to do so.
  8. Oh yes it has. Good to see some things dont change around here though. Oh and excuse my sig, it needs updating
  9. Last week
  10. If anyone brings one of the new Yamaha RMAX UTVs to Dumont I would really like to hear a ride report especially if it is the RMAX4 (the 4 seater). Any info on tire choice, modifications, number of passengers, where you took it, where you didn't feel comfortable going with it, I would love to give you a virtual high-five. I know this may be a shot in the dark or may just take some time before someone does this and sees this post but anything would be super appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Oops! Bad punctuation. Should be " Verizons' "
  12. Yes, Verizon kicks ass. Still no other carriers though. Those guys are slacking.
  13. I bring welding equipment with me 220 TIG machine and mig and gas hydraulic press and some tubing I camp by bathroom 10 look for the orange flag on the trailer
  14. Finally had some time to make some flags they seem to be working pretty good
  15. I ordered 33 x 15 #1 STU tires, but they only cut Pro #2. My car just won't handle the taller and more aggressive Pro #2 paddle. I am not going to take a loss on these tires, but right now there are no STU tires available to buy. No shipping, either pick them up at Dumont on the 29th or after, ar in Las Vegas. $1,100.00. I paid 1,102.07 from Kartek on the 10/19/2020.
  16. We have a new sponsor that will be of great service to the duners. Rich in Baker has plenty of firewood for sale that you can pick up on your way to Dumont. Call or stop in. His place is on the left side of HWY 127 just as you leave Baker heading towards Dumont. 760-613-4600 57376 HWY 127 Baker, CA 92309 https://goo.gl/maps/EPHzwkfeYCuuUouz9
  17. Skat-Trak Extreme Paddles on DWT Sector 3 rims with RZR bolt pattern (Rear Paddles/Rims Only) 26x12.5x14 10 paddle Extremes with a roll out of 87" which is equal to a 28" tire, used a few times with no issues and are just like new. I ran these on my 2015 XP 1000. I am open to separating the rims from the tires $600 OBO I will have them at Dumont for Halloween weekend
  18. Earlier
  19. Polaris RZR 1000 tires and wheels-- 26 x 11 -14--for 10mm stud on 1000 etc--4 x 156 bolt pattern-- basically a 900 tire on a 1000 rim ITP tires--SS rims great for spare Was asking $100 each OBO--now ***$75*** each
  20. Looking for wheels with paddles for the rear if not then some stock wheels will work with no tires ??????? Text/ Call 775-209-4660
  21. Tom Pro Turbo Sandrail Car is clean! It has been in storage for the last 5 years. Whoever gets this thing is going to score. It shows so nicely, and drives even better. Shifting to reverse and back to forward is smooth as butter. No clutching while running simply push or pull just like a sequential transmission. Car has been gone through and is ready to hit the dunes! $15,000.00 obo 661-201-2246 Scott Hayabusa 1300cc originally began naturally aspirated. Tom Pro turbo kit with ceramic coated ball bearing turbo and blow off valve was added in 06-07 Tom
  22. hey ya'll, we are searching for the obd2 port on this 2013 desert dynamic sandrail. LS 6.0 If anyone knows where they hide this dam port at!? Lol appreciatte ya
  23. hey guys, have a 2013 desert dynamic LS RAIL. been trying to find where the heck the OBD2 port could be located. Any help would be thankful.
  24. I'm planning on changing oil this afternoon on my motorhome. Below is my check list, I'd like to know if I'm missing anything here. Some information I find out here. 1. Worm engine by driving it around first 2. Drain oil in large capacity pan 3. Remove filter 4. Replace drain plug 5. Fill new filter with oil and install 6. Fill with new oil This is the way I do it on my car and lawn mower, I just second guessing myself I'm hoping. What is the best filters to run and oil? My first oil change is due and need to go the best route. I was wondering about the Bosch distance plus,
  25. Motorcycle trailer--3 rail trailer better than good shape--tires good--has spare-- lock for spare and tongue--has loading ramp included-- lights all work--- wood in between rails to stand on for loading hard to find these any longer--new or used Have Title and is Clean--- Was asking $700 OBO--now dropped to ***$650***OBO
  26. 04toy


    None near Dumont, but if you are in Vegas stop by the Rebel depot on by Sahara and the 15. Has almost always tests at E85 or higher. If you are willing to go with E65 to E70 the Murphys stations in the NorthWest part of Vegas have it.
  27. Reasonable offers considered. Will be at Dumont Thanksgiving week. Mid Engine LS1. 21 hours on hour meter since Mendeola 2D rebuild by Mark SandTrans with 4.88 ring and pinion, all new Heims with hardware and shock rebuild, and new STU Sandblaster 33's number 2. King Coil overs with bypass on all four corners, power steering, leather seats with mesh sand drain, nitrogen tank, King shock charging harness. Battery minder for Optima battery. Recent powder coat. Nice clean well maintained machine. 2nd owner, all receipts since 2010. Lots of chrome and shiny stuff! $31,500 26' Uni
  28. Thanks for the input guys!! yeah it’s running rich! Gonna stay in the power band all weekend
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