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  2. I'm not sure why that is posted on this topic, but I have no idea. Try starting a separate thread asking for help.
  3. Yes, fires have been allowed. This post is from 2020 when there was a statewide fireban because the fires.
  4. 2020 Honda 250 for sale. Like new, less than 2 hours on it. Paid$5,209.00 selling for $4000.00 cash only, have title in hand. Contact me via email at 19sam6@gmail.com
  5. Oh, I get it. I just think Facebook is a toxic cesspool. haha I wish more people hung out here on the forum.
  6. Hey there. Any one going or gone to the KOH race out at Johnson Valley? Camped? Looking for some advice on best camping areas and best spectator areas. First time goin. Help me out! Thanks
  7. Earlier
  8. Universal automotive off charleston and main,
  9. It's definitely happening. Friends of Dumont Dunes is just still in the process of finalizing the date with BLM. Once it is set, I'll get it posted on the events page and calendar. You can count on it being either on St Patty's weekend or before (19th or the 12th).
  10. Thank you guys so much for picking up trash!!
  11. That's why I never open my manual awning out there. I watched one get torn off with about 4 seconds warning.
  12. I make short, silly videos on YouTube about my dogs and I traveling around to pick up litter. This video is from the clean up last year. Can't wait for the next one! Video - Dumont Dunes Annual Cleanup Event
  13. Glendale, Logandale, Mesquite, Hurricane, Alamp, Caliente, Beatty, Jean, Stateline, Baker, Barstow, Spangler, CalCity, etc, etc, etc. We do a lot of riding around SoNV this time of year. Be happy to show you some spots if you want to go ride.
  14. How bout next weekend from now(MLK)? Weather looks to be perfect.
  15. Hi, it's my hose that got lost. Could you shop it to So Cal if I send you the cost of shipping? Thanks
  16. We went out there at 3 because someone posted that as a start time. Me and my friend took first in SXS and the rail classes because we were the only ones there.
  17. I can't believe he kept it... I know he had offers from race shops back east that wanted to get a look at that thing. At least they sent messages to me and I pointed them his direction.
  18. Tom Pro made the cars with same make up he is in Pasa Robles.
  19. We got it shook out today. It was listed as 5700cc. All insured now, through Foremost. Thank you.
  20. I have a used utility/car hauler flat bed trailer for sale. 16' x 83" wide, bull nose hitch, E-Track and 6 other heavy duty tie down rings. It does have a small dent in the drivers side front round top rail. I might consider a Trade? What do you have? Look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions.. Call Tim 775-513-0521 I'm asking $3,700
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