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  2. We lost our dog sat 11/25/23 at barstow outlet center OHV area. He is a small bown shih tzu . Had a red harness on. His name us chewy. If anyone has any info on this please contact us... andy j. 760 577 4926. REWARD!!!!!
  3. It's almost time for Buggy Roundup 11! And even better news, highway 127 is set to open Dec 4th with one-way pilot car operations, so for California peeps this means you don't have to take the long way around! There will be more duning than ever before. Plus on Saturday we are planning on the same good times we always have with cars & coffee, some raffle prizes, TACOS for lunch and more duning. So if you have a buggy or just want to be part of the fun, come out and join us. Please RSVP in the link below so we know to expect you. Also post up in the comments here that you are going and we'll add you to the Buggy Roundup chat group as well for more updates. RSVP here:
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  5. Heading out Tuesday late around 6pm if anyone needs anything
  6. Thank you for that information, Glenn. Good to hear about the progress.
  7. 2013 Polaris Outlaw - 50cc engine - 4stroke - Great Condition. Price = $2,900 Located in Upland area. If interested, email me at BASEballfan0422@gmail.com
  8. There has been some talk about postponing Buggy Roundup this year because of the highway closure from Baker to Dumont, BUT...(UPDATE) highway 127 is set to open Dec 4th with one-way pilot car escorts each direction! We still plan on having a SECOND Buggy Roundup at the end of the season when the road is fully completed, but for now the original date is still on for Dec 8-10, 2023. We are planning on the same good times we always have with cars & coffee, a small raffle, TACOS for lunch and even more DUNE TIME this year. So if you have a buggy or just want to be part of the fun, come out and join us. Please RSVP so we know to expect you. What is Buggy Roundup? The Buggy Roundup is an annual Dumont trip when all the sandcar people are invited to come out and camp together as a group. We'll be camped together across from bathroom 10, just off the right side of the entrance road. This trip gives the buggy guys and girls of Dumont a chance to meet each other and run the dunes together for a full weekend without the crowds. So don't be a stranger. Every year we have new people join the camp and end up leaving as friends. Schedule-ish There is no set schedule of events, but it will likely go something like this... Arrive as early as you'd like. Some get there as early as Tues or Wed. Just don't go hard and break your car before the weekend! Friday Group rides: Link up and get some group rides going. Saturday 8:00 AM -~9 AM: Sandcars and Coffee: Pull your car into the center of camp. (Or park it there the night before) Feel free to bring out some donuts or breakfast treats to contribute if you'd like. Just don't go nuts. Grab a coffee, say good morning to everyone, and check out all the buggies. This gives everyone a chance to wake up and get the day started. We'll also have raffle tickets for some prizes that we'll be giving away later in the day so come to the tent in the middle of camp to grab yours. 10 AM Group Ride: Join the group as we form the biggest train of buggies you've ever seen. We'll do a full dune run (slow to medium paced cruise) from the south end all the way through the dunes to the north pole. Saturday Afternoon: The rest of the day will include giveaways and more group dune runs! The raffle prizes will be given out around lunch time. Camp Location Buggy Roundup/ Camp Rules Those that wish to camp with the group for Buggy Roundup must agree to the rules set by us, Dumont Dune Riders. 1) Don't be a d*ck! We've never had an issue with anyone at buggy roundup, but we will not tolerate any BS. We are there to have a fun weekend of duning and hanging out with each other. You will be asked to leave camp if you cause problems. 2) No loud music. We all love to have a good time and party, but please be respectful of others in camp. We cram alot of RVs into one place and all have different tastes in music. 3) Unsafe driving or behavior will not be tolerated. This includes no passing on group rides unless you can do it extremely safe while giving that person plenty of room (ie: cut an entire dune to do it. Don't catch them by surprise.) 4) No side x sides in the group rides, photos or Sandcars and Coffee. We get asked this every year so I feel I need to say it. If you have a side x side, you are not UNinvited. If you love buggies, you can absolutely come out and camp with us. Please just understand and respect that this is a annual event for buggies. Want in? Here's what you need to do. 1) Log into DDR and click GOING here... 2) Bring your buggy to Dumont and join in on the fun. Don't be a stranger. Park with the group. If you don't know anyone, just ask for PETE That's it! Bring your buggy and a fun attitude and it'll be an awesome weekend in the sand. Join the Conversation here or on our Facebook group and page. Video from last year
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    Kick off the new year at Dumont. New Years Eve is on Sunday night this year and New Year's Day is in Monday. Bring plenty of firewood as this is one of the colder weekends of the year.
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    Thanksgiving is on Thursday the 23rd and duners will be out enjoying the long weekend, some making it a week long dune trip. This is less of a party weekend and a more chill, holiday weekend where families spend time together. The Dune Masters and Sand Pipers Club will once again be meeting Thanksgiving Week for their 53rd year. They will have their drags on Friday the 24th (on the back sand highway) and the hill climbs on Saturday the 25th (at Comp Hill). Events start at 10AM each day. The races & events are only open to members of the club, but you are welcome to watch!
  11. 300M, 27" total length 33 spline, 934 matched pair of solid axles in excellent condition Contact Gary (702) 498-3110
  12. Fresh 2D no oil put in it since rebuild by Ron at sand car services new parts breakdown in photo 8,000 obo
  13. GEARONE Stuff Brand new one pair (left & right) 3 bolt 934 stub axles. 3 used 4 piston rear brake calipers. 2 used rear 3 bolt hub assemblies with 934 stub axles. 2 used partial rear 3 bolt hub assemblies. Timken Bearing & Seals for GEARONE rear hub assemblies. Cleaning out shop, $1000 takes all. Contact Gary (702) 498-3110
  14. I just got word that season passes got sent out to vendors today. Well, at least overnight to Johnny Walker RV in Vegas. I would guess most other vendors will have theirs soon too. I'm not messing around with that online pass this year. The dates were wrong last year and they never fixed it. Nobody ever even looked at my paper pass anyways but still. I'd rather have an actual pass in hand this year.
  15. Hello I’m in search of a Happijac bed system for my momentum toy hauler. Let me know if you know of anyone selling a system. I don’t care for the folding couches on the bottom as I’m going to add a second bed to the bottom anyways.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/286988427517281/ Sand Tires Unlimited 28-14 mounted on Hiper carbon Fiber Wheels used one time at Dumont Dunes, never in dirt or rocks, Must See. Todd
  17. The 127 opened up today on the Tecopa side. SAN BERNARDINO, CA – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) continues $9M emergency work on State Route 127 (SR-127) to repair roadbed, pavement, backfill shoulders, armor erosion embankments, repair drainage, remove debris and address other structural damage sustained by recent monsoon storms. Contractor crews are in the area clearing debris, performing roadbed repair, drainage repair and various other recovery efforts. At this time, the north-side only of the route from County Line to Dumont Dunes Rd. has reopened. The route remains fully closed in both directions, just south of Dumont Dunes Rd. due to severe undermined roadways and to allow for environmental mitigation operations to continue. The timeframe of a full route reopening remains to be determined. Emergency repair work is expected to continue through spring 2024. Please adhere to road closure signage to allow for safe transport of equipment and crews. Together with partner agencies, Caltrans continues working to determine a full route re-opening as soon as possible, with safety in mind.
  18. I'm looking for ONE (or two) Douglas Beadlock Wheels 15" x 12", 5 1/2" offset. Please let me know if you have any for sale as well as price & location. Thanks guys.
  19. These forums used to be buzzing like mad back in the day sure is quiet now ...................
  20. I am really nobody in all of this, but sidewinder that was kind of a sh*tty thing to say . Yes there closed for public safety. but as long as it isn't during actual construction times when he could be a threat or hindrance or impacting environment i/e protected wildlife/or plants. It is hurting no one. I agree it is " at risk" and yes some folks can get a ticket, but he seems, IMO to be investigating and reporting. It doesn't appear he is tearing up any construction work efforts. or driving through the desert plants. We see it all the time. I frequently have to go through closures for ECO's for power ( and yes, we are authorized to do so). And if they are out there and busy usually Cal Trans is nearby and they will let you know what's up. it looks like a right time to take a peak and let us know what's up. Just sayin .........................
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    Has anyone have an update on Halloween weekend??
  22. I drove north out of Baker on Hwy 127 to access my private property 10 miles south of Dumont. Hwy 127 is now closed at the power lines about 10 miles north of Baker and they are working on clearing the dirt, sand and fixing the erosion along the side of the road just beyond that currently. Bad news though, there will be NO ACCESS to Dumont from the south for a long time to come. I spoke with the Cal Trans supervisor on site and he said it will be a long time before the road is rebuilt near Little Dumont/Salt Creek. The good news is that they are going to be focusing on getting the road fully open from the north via Shoshone/Tecopa for the Halloween weekend, that is their goal. For anyone wanting to access Dumont from the south via 127, don't. They said on Halloween weekend they would have CHP assisting with the closure. Take the long way around through Pahrump or Tecopa Rd if you are coming from the south. It sucks but at least they are trying to get you access to Dumont. This information is current as of Sept 25th, things may change but the guy from Cal Trans on site was really nice and gave me the reality of the situation which is much better than what I got from calling Cal Trans and CHP, they just say "road is closed" with no additional info AT ALL!!! Also, thank you Sandblower for posting the great pics from your photo recon mission. Those pics and your info was very helpful in accessing the area near my property.
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