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  1. Today
  2. Just read they are shutting down glamis on gecko and Osborne. How is dumont looking?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Last week
  5. Will be self isolating this weekend. Hope to see people there.
  6. illuman


    As I type this, there's only myself and one other person logged in... LOL.
  7. looks like Caltrans with all the guys watching and the supervisor aka Billy in his onesie
  8. It's been great! Nice and cool.
  9. Earlier
  10. Amanda sent me these from her hike up to "Amanda Mountain" today.
  11. Update from @sandmandan this morning
  12. 60 degrees but rained all night. Still sprinkling.
  13. Looks like a bad ass trip! thanks for sharing
  14. $16,000. Great car! 4 seater - Subaru 2.0 Turbo, HD Mendeola, Tatum steering, Suspensions Unlimited front end, new Beard suspension front seats, newly powder coated trunk. Runs great. 702/280-9837
  15. Will sell car less engine also 65k
  16. I've never had a Poles & Holders brand flag pole fail. They have always been the go-to. https://www.polesandholders.com/
  17. Low miles 2841 1/2 windshield Roof Light bar 5 Point Harness. Fluids and air filter serviced recently garage kept. In excellent condition! would like to sell ASAP. Will work with price !
  18. I see him at the swing set the week after Presidents’ Day
  19. 2018 RZR XP Turbo, with 2019 front end conversion for fang lights Fully built RZR with madigan everything, Cage, Uper and Lower A arms, Trailing arms, steering wheel. https://www.madiganmotorsports.com Shock Therapy Gold shocks, https://shocktherapyst.com S&B partical separator with helmet pumper system, https://www.sbfilters.com/particle-separator PRP full racing seats with 5point harness, https://shocktherapyst.com Super ATV wench on a switch on dashboard, https://www.superatv.com Dynojet Power Vision, https://www.dynojet.com/power-vision Rugged radio with bluetooth, Car to car and intercom 4 Baja Design Lights replacing the stock headlights 2 Pod Lights on lower cage mounts All Lights on switches on dash 30" Tires on 2 piece beadloc wheels 2 ½ hours on a fully rebuilt motor. Car runs great! Selling to buy a new Can-Am, and my wife wants something different. Cel-phone number in pictures. Text or call for info 25,000
  20. whats the trailer length? any pics? Thanks
  21. Looking for a nice “rider” atc 70. 619-361-6340. I would love to have one with the blue seat.
  22. Ended up deciding to stay home and get stuff done around the house Thank you for responding Have a great time out there :-)
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