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  2. That would work. I bet people would rock em.
  3. LOL, you can drive through it with road grit, oil, grease, tires but you cant put you feet in it? Actually, sounds about right these days...
  4. Pro Am Front Hubs, Gear box sent to Wright for inboard supprts, Complete clutch from STM ( never throw a belt). Upgraded all gauges and swithes. 2.0 Eco Tech built by CBM. Master Craft 3G seats. Howe Steering upgrad. Only damage is to right side down low, see pic.. Have a set of sand tires. Pretty much have gone through this buggy and upgraded the weak points. AZ. license plate. $25000.00 Located in the High Desert Chris
  5. It's open. Buy a pass at the entrance. It's a machine that takes credit cards. I'll be heading up there from the Riverside area in a couple days.
  6. 33X15 Sand Tires Unlimited Blaster 33's Have a Lot of Life Left. They have been stored in doors and are in good shape. (I moved them outside for pictures) $225 each.
  7. This sandrail looks very similar to mine
  8. There's a company that now comes and installs a cell booster anywhere in USA at a good price in my opinion. The purchase includes cellular amplifier and installation service: https://www.signalbooster.com/products/cell-phone-signal-booster-plus-installation
  9. Long time no post but Pete suggessted I do this. I am currently up dating my Manx (clone) and am at the point of redoing the fuse block/wiring and dashboard. Like an idiot, I neglected to lablel the wires as I took them off the old fuse block. Forgot about my memory deficency (senioritis) and am in a fix now. I need someone with wiring experience to help me button this up. All wiring is now exposed and dash and hood is off. Compensation is offered. I am in Henderson (off college and 95) and have a well equiped shop to work on this in and a lot of wiring and related tools and connections. If your interested contact me by message here or call me at 702-343-9286 for more info. My best guess for a knowledgable person would be a max of 3 or 4 hours of hours with my "lame" assistance. I'm good for up to $25 an hour. Thanks, Pat/sandawg
  10. We must all be so careful out at the dunes!
  11. We are essential and working, was off 2 weeks not feeling well our protocol is to be off, tested and negative, back to work, Doing a complete remodel on our yard trying to get as close to zero maintenance as possible. Hoping they get our dunes opened up soon did a soft open this week end at 2 location's for the local communities only. will have to see how it goes pretty sure the Governor is not going to let them open to everyone for the holiday weekend so 3 days to work on the yard.
  12. Check with Kelly's RV. They sell out quickly, but they bring it out and set it up for you. Great people.
  13. Post an add on the samba, not a lot of VW guys left on the dune sites
  14. Custom built sand car with 550hp ls1 motor from Turn key engine supply and CBM cam, heads and intake. 2D Mendeola transmission with dual King shocks all the way around. Blue transparent powder coat on all aluminum panels. Very reliable car $47,000 Please email me for any questions affordablerepairsbydino@gmail.com
  15. This past Friday or Saturday the medi vac chopper and LE were out at the visitor center. Somebody was brought out of the dunes and we feared the worst. Anybody know what happened?
  16. Yeah.. it was so nice today and right now. It's perfect. If anyone is considering a day trip. DO IT!! The dunes are great and the weather is amazing.
  17. When we were there tues thru Thur very few people here’s a pic of one of our explore rides so fun it was my first time here will definitely come back.we camped around C8 Tom
  18. It was in great condition last night! Best I have seen.
  19. Awesome. It was a great season for us as well. I'll have to post some faves as well.
  20. Thanks! I believe they said they were taking the passenger to urgent care or the doctor because he seemed concussed.
  21. I’m interested in the joe exotic one!!
  22. EBeezy

    Baja Vw

    Baja Vw.Runs great. Lots of new parts. Maintained and rebuilt by reputable mechanics. Located in Rosamond Ca. Contact Erin at 6612213586 text or call for questions. 4300$ negotiable.
  23. Anyone out at Dumont this weekend (4-12-2020) have a spare tie rod for a RZR 1000 2014-2017? Doesn't need to be new or in great condition just need to get loaded in trailer. Call or txt 702-343-9760. John W.
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