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My Second Endover Roll Over at Dumont Dunes 2005


My Second Endover Roll Over at Dumont Dunes 2005
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Thanksgiving 2005, Found some of my old pic's. Saw one on DDR years ago that someone else took. Thought I'd add memories of the Wilder Days. Opps' less then 300 Miles on it 2005 Duramax. Preloaded rear shocks on dune before the crest and shot it straight up in the air then nose planted. Stood on its nose for about a minute then dropped on its top. NOTE: OnStar didn't work on Airbag deployment or when upside down. Antenna buried. BUT next morning when rolled upright OnStar was right there to help with "we see your airbag has deployed, do you need assistance"

WHAT? Thank GOD for Stupidity Clause in Insurance. $60K replace parked in front on time for Presidents Weekend in February

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Wow! Just saw these pics you added. I was the one who took the pics you saw posted a while back. haha 

I always wondered if insurance covered it for you. Thank God they did!

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