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  1. dunefreak

    February 2019 Dune Pic of the Month

    submitted by @joblo
  2. Let's see everyone's pics and hear about your weekend at Dumont. We had a short, but fun and relaxing weekend out there for President's weekend. The weather was crazy. I've never seen it so cool this time of year. It's always been close to 80°, but this weekend was in the 50's. It was a bit windy at times, but Saturday was gorgeous. We only got two whole buggy runs in the whole weekend. One slow and one fast! We were having too much fun in camp.We never even went over to comp hill. The overall turnout seemed less than normal, but it there were still quite a few people out there. I didn't see one Jeep race. All I saw was a bunch of spectators when we went by. Then I went back with my good camera to get some shots and they already had the hill torn down. Oh well. I'll get some more pics up later, but here are a few from our weekend.
  3. dunefreak

    President's Day weekend 2019

    I don't think it's gonna be too bad after 6PM
  4. dunefreak

    President's Day weekend 2019

    Thanks for the updates. Keep em coming.
  5. dunefreak

    Looking for a group to camp with.

    Dan, you are still welcome to join us as well. Lou will be out Friday morning.
  6. dunefreak

    February Dune Pic of the Month

    I guess we should probably vote now.
  7. dunefreak

    President's Day weekend 2019

    Wednesday and Thursday look crappy. Friday will have a little W to hopefully dry or smooth things out, and it looks like the weekend may be fairly nice.
  8. dunefreak

    Trip report 2/9 weekend

    Awesome, Rod. Thanks for sharing your weekend! The Apple watch
  9. dunefreak

    Mis-fire / dead cylinder

    I've seen many new caps be bad, usually cheap Auto Zone stuff. You'll need to figure out why that spark is weak. Swap wires with another cylinder just to rule that out. Are we talking VW here? I'm not very familiar with that ignition, but yes it usually works or doesn't.
  10. dunefreak

    Mis-fire / dead cylinder

    Look into that weak spark issue first. Compare the spark to a known good cylinder. Possibly a bad distributor cap or wire.
  11. dunefreak

    2020 DMax Takes by Mr. Banks:

    I just read about the new HD yesterday when I was doing some GM web based training. 35,500 lb towing capacity is insane. It'll be mated to a 10 speed Allison. I'm not looking forward to working on this thing though.
  12. dunefreak

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Here's an update on the cell tower construction. NOTHING has happened. All they did was put up that gate in the boundary fence and grade an access road to the top of the mountain as seen in those selfies. I took a little hike up there on our last dune trip just to see for myself. There isn't anything built up there yet. Not even a concrete slab. There's obviously some big holdup or delay in this. Just thought I'd share the latest. There is still no new tower. I have my doubts if it will be completed by April/May like they say.
  13. dunefreak

    February Dune Pic of the Month

    Post up a pic for February Dune Pic of the Month Dune Pic of the Month Rules 1. The picture must be YOURS. You cannot post any photos you did not take. 2. The picture must not have any watermarks or logos on it. 3. The picture must be at least 600 x 600 pixels. 4. The picture must abide by the rules of this board and be dune related. 5. By posting a photo, you allow DDR to use it on our web pages & social media.
  14. dunefreak

    Portable generators

    update! Thanks to a heads up from @raspadoo, Chad and I picked up a couple of these around Christmas time on a 4 day only sale for under $300 with a 3 year warranty and tax. Score! I ran it last trip and it worked great. It is just as quiet as the Honda.