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  1. Yeah I missed that. It was late at night (AM), not during the day. We were also wondering about the details and how this happened. They could have just been hanging out on the dune. ? It was close to camp.
  2. Late Friday night (around midnight/ 1 am) I saw lights on the face hill which looked like some sort of accident. Then not long after that two girls pulled up to our camp with a truck and empty flatbed trailer pretty distressed and crying. They were lost & looking for the dirt road to go meet the ambulance at the highway. They said someone was run over. I'm assuming in their group. We guided them out and they met up with the ambulance. Then the helicopter landed but left very quickly after touching down. The ambulance left fairly quickly too. I posted it on our Facebook page and some people
  3. Sandcar: absolute best dune experience, plush ride, fastest dune experience, will do just about everything you want it to do if setup properly SXS: fun for most people, will give you plenty of fun duning experience and will go just about everywhere you need it to go, plush ride, not the fastest, but fast enough for most, also more versatile- can go on desert or offroad adventures Jeep: Not the best vehicle to enjoy the dunes. Comfortable yes, but heavy and dangerous in some situations in the dunes. A sandcar or SXS will ride much better. Good for exploring & playin
  4. It's a spammer in Russia. They've already been banned. Unfortunately they sent out numerous PMs to members so I'll be getting messages from many more to come that haven't opened it yet. Normally you hit the report button so admins can look into it asap. Just delete it though.
  5. Looks like we'll have some warm weather finally. https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA1133:1:US
  6. Alot of the area around Dumont is not open to OHV travel, but there are some trails that are open. You just have to stay on trail. Nothing really that great for a dirt bike, but it's still fun to go out and explore. Like raspadoo said, Sperry Wash- you'll see it when you pull in. Also, there's trails on the other side of 127 but they're mostly wide dirt roads. Somewhere out there, there's a cabin. I have yet to find it yet.
  7. Who's planning on heading out? Last trip I blew my motor but I just got it fixed (new motor) so Easter will be my shakedown and test trip. Hoping she runs strong with no problems. Vendors! If you are going to be there please post up as well.
  8. It wasn't too far for many of them on Halloween weekend. Either way. I don't doubt the duning there sucks. That's not really what I'm getting at here. I just hope it doesn't get shut down. 1) because it'll possibly cause more people to come to Dumont. and 2) I don't ever like to see any place get closed for OHV use. Once they take some, they always try to take more.
  9. The 20/21 season is slowly coming to a close. Easter Weekend is the last official holiday of the season. It's never a super busy one, but it's a tradition for duners that haven't hung it up yet. Usually the temperatures are tipping into the 90's by this weekend, but the weather has been unseasonably cool this year. It's looking like we'll see low 80's for a daytime high. Daylight savings time has already kicked in so that means an extra hour of daylight to rip around those dunes! Easter Weekend no holiday pass is required, but you need at least a non-holiday season or week
  10. It's a sad day for Pismo and OHV. California just keeps getting worse and worse! From Friends of Oceano Dunes... This raises some concerns for me. How will this affect Dumont? Remember Halloween weekend and how insanely crowded it was? Yes, part of the reason was because of COVID and everyone was finally allowed to do something fun plus it was the season opener, but much of the crowd were first timers from Pismo. At the time, Pismo was still shut down because of the pandemic. This drew a large gathering of duners to Dumont. I wonder if th
  11. until
    Easter weekend is the first weekend in April. April 2-4, 2021 It isn't a busy holiday weekend, nor do you need a holiday pass, but some people still make it a tradition.
  12. Thanks Jack. We miss ya buddy.
  13. That's very disappointing to see. And many people think dumpsters solve trash problems at Dumont on holiday weekends. This is a prime example of what would happen. They get overfilled and cause an a bigger trash problem. Just haul out what you brought in.
  14. Welcome to the site, Emi. Easter is never super busy. There will likely be plenty of people there, but nothing like the bigger holiday weekends.
  15. Awesome turnout! Looks like you all did a great job. It's good to see how many people still care about Dumont. Thank you guys and thanks for posting this up Jodi. I wish I didn't have to miss it but work and other commitments didn't allow for it this year.
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