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  1. We have some awesome giveaway prizes this year. If anyone would like to donate/ pre-purchase raffle tickets, you can do so online by Paypal or Venmo then grab your raffle tickets from Anna whenever you arrive. Or you can wait and do it in person on Saturday morning as usual. Tickets are the same as previous years: 1 ticket per $5 donation or 5 for $20. Venmo Paypal Again, if anyone has donations you'd like to contribute towards buggy roundup I would greatly appreciate the help. Just contact me or bring them out and get them to me by Saturday morning.
  2. Awesome. See you there! Better luck this time. That's always a worry for me getting those early dune runs in. Been there before!
  3. Awesome. Looks like we have 30 RSVPs this year which means about 50. Can't wait!
  4. You would have to just go to the ranger station. Otherwise you can contact the BLM 760-252-6000
  5. This year I've decided to skip the buggy weighing. Most everyone who has been to a buggy roundup knows what their car weighs by now plus that takes up a bunch of time that we can use for duning. We'll still have dune trivia and the raffle though! I just wanna have more time in the dunes with everyone. I think ~2-3PM will be a good time for trivia and raffle. It'll still allow time for a sunset run and sunset hill. Let's just hope the W cooperates this year!
  6. I always like to give our vendors a chance to chime in and let everyone know that they'll be out there and what they'll have available for duners. If you are a vendor on vendor row this week or weekend, please post up! I know one of the site sponsors, Desert Bling, is already out there. They have Thanksgiving shirts and hoodies. I believe they are available for pre-order and pickup at Dumont if you want to snatch one up. https://www.desertbling.com/dune-crew-dumont.html
  7. We'll be doing another raffle on Saturday so if anyone has any donations, giveaways or swag they'd like to include, please get them to me when you get out there. Thanks!
  8. Dumont isn't in Death Valley. If it was, we couldn't ride the dunes. But yeah, it's very remote. lol Just rent a motorhome. Camping at Dumont is a big part of the fun and the whole experience.
  9. Great report and pics. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Don't touch it until buggy roundup then! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  11. Thanks for sharing your weekend. It's weird how warm it still is right now. It might be hot for buggy roundup at this rate! lol
  12. until
    President's Day Weekend 2022: Feb 18-22, 2022
  13. until
    MLK Weekend 2022: Jan 14-17, 2022
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