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  1. We still need the generator, but only for high power consumers like the microwave, AC, etc. We don't watch TV anymore at the dunes or even have an inverter, but you could definitely watch TV throughout the day with solar alone. Newer TVs don't draw too much power. I would upgrade to at least 4 six volt batteries and 400 watts of solar to keep everything charged throughout the night. Those furnace heaters draw a ton when it's cold.
  2. Buggy Roundup thread...
  3. There are actually a few things that would help us with this year's buggy roundup so if anyone can bring an of these items out, please let me know. One or two EZ UPs 2 or 3 folding tables and/ or picnic tables Possibly a large propane flat top griddle so we can have two large grills this year expedite the cooking speakers with a microphone (DJ setup?) Raffle prize donations: If you have a company or know someone who would like to help us with some items to be raffled off, please get in contact with me. We'll be hosting a raffle this year to help cover website costs and expenses associated with the buggy roundup (tacos, coffee, etc).
  4. ok! LOL But it has never been much of a sausage fest.
  5. Awesome. We may be in on that, Dan. I'll be in touch.
  6. dunefreak

    RV Dump

    It's along the main drag near the brewery place.
  7. What's up Tim. Nope, just bring your buggy. Most people show up Thursday and Friday. I am hoping to be there Wed night this year.
  8. Ok here it is, guys and girls! Buggy Roundup 7 is officially happening Dec 13-15th weekend, 2019. Details on the event page and even more to come. Please RSVP on the link below so we have a head count of who's coming.
  9. Heck no, that's the easiest place for me to dump. lol Besides, the town of Tecopa doesn't benefit from my $10, the business owner does and he's super cool. I would only be hurting him.
  10. Super easy. They make solar cable connectors to plug them into the one set of solar wires that feed to the controller. https://amzn.to/33z1jvD
  11. Right on. My memory was correct. Tell him "Dumont Pete" said whatup. lol He always called me that. Haha Does he still go out?
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