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  1. until
    Can you believe this will be the 10th Annual Buggy Roundup? If you have a sandcar, you have to be there. This weekend is all about the buggies. Everyone is welcome to come out for the fun. More details to come so save the dates! Dec 9-11, 2022.
  2. until
    Get those toys and turkeys ready. It's Thanksgiving weekend. Lately Thanksgiving weekend has been a popular one but not too crazy or crowded. It's a fairly chill weekend to spend with friends and family.
  3. until
    The season officially kicks off Halloween weekend, October 29-31st. Decorate your rides and camps. Sometimes there's a trunk or treat at vendor row, but if you want to do it the old fashioned way, really get in the Halloween spirit and trick or treat from camp to camp! It's a ton of fun and a great way to chat with other duners!
  4. I am selling a set of used Fox 2.0 coil overs that came off my sandcar. (no springs, shocks only) Exact sizes and descriptions with product inks below. (TWO) Fox Racing Shocks 2" Coil Over Body 14" Stroke 7/8" Diameter Shaft With Piggy Back Reservoir https://www.kartek.com/parts/fox-racing-shocks-2-coil-over-body-14-stroke-78-diameter-shaft-with-piggy-back-reservoir.html (TWO) Fox Racing Shocks 2" Coil Over Body 10" Stroke 5/8" Diameter Shaft With Piggy Back Reservoir https://www.kartek.com/parts/fox-racing-shocks-2-coil-over-body-10-stroke-58-diameter-shaft-with-piggy-back-reservoir.html One of the rear shock bodies was worn trough and I replaced the shock body. Then I decided to just replace them all with some new shocks with compression clickers. The other rear shock body is showing signs of wear and the rest have normal wear from years of use. They are still fully functional though. $650 for all 4 Will ship at your expense. PM me or email petegreep@gmail.com
  5. Easter isn't crowded at all out there. Most people are scared of a little warmer weather and have hung it up for the season already. I'd guess only a couple vendors will show up. I, personally, love the warmer weekends out there in the springtime.
  6. Dude, there are so many "mods" and things on side x sides these days that buggies don't have. That could have meant anything. lol Trust me, my sense of humor is not lacking at all these days. MAFAKA!
  7. They shouldn't. This project is funded by the Federal Lands Transportation Program. It's got nothing to do with user fees. At least that's what I was told.
  8. This topic seems to raise some concerns for some people, me included. Paving the road has always been a dream but also a nightmare. While our cabinets and suspension will last longer, will the better road bring more trash to Dumont? Hopefully not. I'm remaining positive and optimistic. It will definitely be weird cruising into Dumont after it's done. That 4 mile, washboard gravel road has been part of the Dumont experience for decades.
  9. The Federal Highway Administration recently announced a project that will put a smile on many duners faces. After many years, the entrance road to Dumont Dunes is finally getting paved. If you are a regular of Dumont, chances are you have experienced the 4 miles of teeth chattering, washboard road that has done damage to many trailers and RVs. The condition of the gravel road is always changing and requires much maintenance. We even have an entrance road update post here on the forum where users rate the road in using a A-F grade. It's not too bad when it gets bladed, but that is usually before holiday weekends and sometimes it doesn't even get done. While this brings relief to 99% of Dumont users, some worry the entrance road will bring even more of the crowd that abuses Dumont Dunes. There's an old saying, "good roads bring bad people". Let's just hope that doesn't happen and everyone respects the dunes and the rules/ laws are followed and enforced. Dumont entrance road with an "F rating" photo: sand chick The Project The paving project will begin summer of 2022 and hopefully we'll see it finished by fall 2022. photo: Federal Highway Administration Funding The first thing that comes to mind anytime there are improvements made to Dumont is "who's paying for this?" Well the good news is the roughly $3,000,000 project is funded by the Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP) for the Bureau of Land Management and it is not coming from the users of Dumont Dunes. Thoughts? Do you love it? Hate it? What are your thoughts? Please comment below or visit the topic on the forum and let us know.
  10. MAFAKA! You jackass. I'll give you a call.
  11. That is not in Sperry Wash. I think it's on the other side of 127.
  12. Friends of Dumont Dunes and Barstow BLM present the 20th annual Dumont Dunes cleanup. All duners are encouraged to come out and show up at 8AM to sign up. Volunteers will get a wristband will will get you lunch and free entry to Dumont March 19, 2022. Help the dunes clean and show your support!
  13. ahh I get it. I never know with SXS's. I'm completely out of that loop.
  14. Start a new topic because this post is from 2013. I guessing it sold by now and they can't take and post the pic you want. lol
  15. I would say you technically need a sticker. What are hybrid badges?
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