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DDR Needs Your Help

We Almost Pulled the Plug on this site!

Please Donate to Dumont Dune Riders


All donations go directly towards the costs associated with recovering our domain name and maintaining the site.


Donate with Paypal


Donate with Venmo


No Paypal or Venmo? Donate here.



We have reached our goal to cover the expenses!

Thank you guys for donating.

Any additional donations will still go towards the site to cover our hosting/ maintenance expenses.


What Happened?

During the month of September, the company that was in charge of registering and renewing our domain name failed at doing that (even after billing us), therefore our domain was let go and picked up by a company that buys & sells domains.  Our domain was long gone and we no longer had control of it. At that time, our only choice was to hire a domain broker. They contacted the new owner and were able to negotiate a price for us to buy it back.  That price, however, wasn't cheap. It cost us thousands to get it back. I (Pete) debated on shutting the site down altogether. Changing the name was an option, but the amount of work involved in re-configuring the site would have been tremendous. I decided to pay the price and continue to keep this site going because so many people use it and enjoy it. It is a job I do without any pay and it often requires much of my time and energy, but I felt it was the right move to keep it alive. So now we have recovered our domain name and have managed to get the site back up after a long and stressful week. If you are a member or use the site, please donate whatever you can to recovering these extremely high and unexpected costs. I will continue to do my part and keep this site going for everyone in the dune community. I never feel right asking for money. In the 14 years the website has been going, we have never asked our members for a single cent, but this time we truly need your help. Even if it's $5, it helps! 


What else can you do besides donate?

Stay active and get involved on the site. The future of this site depends on the people who use it. Social media is great, but it doesn't quite offer what DDR does. Many people lurk on the site every month just to read posts, get information about Dumont, browse the classifieds, etc. We are the central hub of Dumont Dunes. That is why we want to keep it going. So start a conversation on the forum or join in on one. Get to know the awesome people we have here as members. Got something to share? Please share it! 


Sponsors Needed

It costs about $200-250 a month to keep DDR going. We have our own dedicated and reliable server that isn't cheap. Software and plugins constantly need renewing and updating. There are many things required to keep us online. Site sponsors help cover our costs to run this site and we only have a few. If you are interested in becoming a site sponsor, we offer affordable advertising packages to advertise your business on our website. 


If you have any questions at all, please contact Pete via our contact form or PM me.


Thanks for your support, guys!


Pete Greep

Dumont Dune Riders founder/ site owner


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23 minutes ago, Dive Bar Casanova said:

$100.00 to Paypal. we're late sorry, we're been on the road 2 months. 

We hope you keep the site alive Pete.

Thank you very much! It helps and I will. 👍🏻

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