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  1. OK makes sense. Thanks buddy. Maybe see you out there. I'm considering restoring this thing. I saw an old one out at the mine by the baby dunes. It looked like new and from the late 70's. Kinda useless by today's standards but super cool. Memories came flooding back like looking at an old muscle car. It was an older guy and he said his son restored it for him for his birthday. How cool is that?? Thanks again.
  2. I recently purchased a mid engine VW sand rail and the guy said it was a Mazzone. I had no idea what that meant but have read up on it. In looking at a lot of pictures on the internet many sand rails look the same with a few bar bend differences. I have a pink slip title from CA and off road tags from CA also. The title has no "make" just says SPCNS. . How do I tell what it is or what year it was made ??
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