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    Scott Yancey
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    2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo (Dunes, Trails, Desert and Sunday Drives;)
    ID Designs 6100 Class/ Trophy Truck Spec (BITD & NORRA)
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    Malibu/Las Vegas/Park City
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    Going fast & getting dirty

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  1. For Sale: Bed Cage for the Ford 2017 - 2020 F-Series Trucks and Raptor makes getting all of your gear out to the races or weekend on the trail easy, while looking incredible doing it! With multiple mounting options for Fuel Cans and Accessories. The lockable Toolbox allows for safe storage for all of your trail tools and pull out drawers fit quarts just perfectly. Accessory mounts for 5 Gallon Square Fuel Tanks, Powertank 10 lb. CO2 Inflator Tank, and Race Jack. All safely held down in your truck bed. There are 6 mounting locations for Fuel Tanks, Dump Cans and CO2 Bottles. Only 2 Dump Cans mounts can be used per side due to their larger size, but a CO2 Bottle can be fit with 2 Dump Cans on a side. I have over $5,000 invested in this rack and only had it in my Raptor for a few thousand miles. I will let it go for only $1,900 Cash. The Bed Cage is located in Park City, Utah. CALL Scott 702-379-7600 Features: Hammer Black with Satin Black Powdercoating Spare Tire Carriers will fit up to a 37" Tire Spare Tire Carrier measures 13" Wide Laser Cut Panels, Tabs and Plates for a Precise Fit Direct fit – No Cutting or Welding required Stainless Steel Hardware
  2. Hey Guys, Three bars on Verizon at bathroom 3 until Saturday when many RV's rolled in. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi All, Any experience where to camp for the the strongest Verizon wireless coverage at Dumont Dunes? I know on the top of some dunes, but maybe a challenge getting the toy hauler up there... I am trying to use Apple TV off my MiFi device... I got it to play last week with only one bar, but I had to turn EVERY other wifi device off and movie play was not without occasional interruption. I know, get Direct TV satellite, but we only like Apple and Netflix;) Thanks for any sugestions!
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