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Ian Grist

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    Mazzone Sand Rail, 2005 Honda CRF 450X, 2001 Suzuki LTZ-400, 2003 Suzuki LTZ-400
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  1. Hi, I'm posting my Sand Rail up for trade for a Side by Side UTV. It's a 2 seat, mid engine, Mazzone Frame that was built sometime in the 80's by a guy in Lakeside. It literally had the original pink slip when I got it from him. It has a clean title, currently registered in my name. Specs on the rail: -Original Mazzone frame, built in El Cajon, blue metalflake paint (I matched the original color and have a bunch of new cans of it for touch up) -2 full sets of tires and rims. Sand Tires unlimited rear paddles (VW WIDE 5 bolt pattern) and front razor backs. Additional set of all terrain tires (BFG) and rims. They aren't in great shape, have worked until now and hold air, but I have been keeping an eye out for replacements during the off season. Also a set of stock VW tires on stock VW wide 5 rims for the rear to use as rollers to cut down the width for loading into my toy hauler. -Converted front spindle nuts to allen key tighteners so they are easier to remove the front wheels to switch tires. -Holley 600 carb, rebuilt before last season by San Diego Carburetor on University (have receipt), choke is currently disabled. -Chevy 4.3l Vortec V6. This thing is super fast, will pull the front end up if you aren't careful! -Edelbrock manifold -Edelbrock valve covers -Electronic ignition, new distributor, plugs, wires, etc. -3 speed manual, VW transaxle -Custom header/straight pipe exhaust (had the carb jetted properly for the exhaust on it). -Fox Shocks -Beard racing seats -Deist 4 point harnesses -Electric fan, oversize radiator, doesn't run hot at all -Whip, cooler (with cover) -All oil (motor - synthetic, trans fluid), fluids, coolant, plugs, wires, etc were done by me this last season. -I added 2 x LED light bars on front and roof, all wired into the main switch panel -I've been working on making a roof for it. I have a sheet of aluminum already cut to size and primed, and the mounts set up. Just need to paint it blue to match and fit it when I get some time - hard to do with an infant in the house! I'm looking to trade because I have a new infant son and want to get something easier to grow into with him. My wife also rides dirt bikes and quads, and wants something she can drive easily too. This thing is super powerful, and you have to know how to shift properly with these VW transmissions, and she isn't comfortable taking it out without me. So she's been bugging me to see if we can trade it for a side by side that will be easier for her to use without me, and something that will be easier to grow our son into that we can drive him around in without sandblasting him. I'm interested in trading for a Polaris RZR or similar SxS. Don't need a trailer or anything, I have a flatbed trailer already and a toy hauler. If interested, please email, call or text with details about what you have for trade. You are more than welcome to come check out the rail and take it for a spin. If I were to sell, I would ask $7,500. Located in La Mesa, CA (San Diego). Thanks! Ian 619.727.8744 Here is a video of it starting up cold just now:
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