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  1. Melissa Smith

    Two Sandrails for sale

    1. Cream (first 4 pictures) -VW 2010cc engine built by Bill Shapely Racing Engines of Las Vegas, Fox rear shocks, Kirkey racing seats, Cable shifter, new front aluminum rims and tires, aluminum rear rims and paddle tires. Great starter buggy and fun in the dunes. I can deliver to a reasonable distance, and a trailer is included.$3,500 No Trades 2. Blue (pictures 5-9) - mid engine, 2276 cc motor built by Bill Shapley Racing engines of Las Vegas, dual Weber 44 carbs, electronic ignition, aluminum rims with front smoothie and rear paddle, gas shocks, 4 point harness. This car is very fast. $9.000 I can deliver. No trades.