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  1. how late you gonna be out there on friday? i got a thing i gotta go to on thurs pm in la proper. but could rally out there in the am on fri and we could shoot 2-6pm ish? if you are game? you out solo or you got a few guys? im rolling out with a buddy to help. let me know if you wanna connect via phone too, 7189165510 sorry new to forum if i put that on the public thing
  2. Hey guys! Im a professional photographer headed out to the dunes this weekend looking to shoot some images of some guys riding the ridge and a few other ideas i had for a motorsports edit. anyone interested? in return will give you guys great pics for social media, websites etc. Im not looking for money, just some connections of good people looking to collaborate and have fun! if anyone is out there this weekend love to connect for a hour or so with as many people as i can. link to my website is here: christiankozowyk.com thanks! if your into it send me a email or message! hoping for some sun across the dune with some shadows too, my first time out to the dune, think the weather will be ok for some cool shots at sunset? thanks guys! link to my website is here: christiankozowyk.com looking to make some images like these:
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