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    Tarek Qazzaz
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    Wrangler Sahara JL, 2.5" Rubicon Express Lift kit, Stage 4 king shocks, skid plate, method rims with beadlocks, front differential reinforcement, Mopar 5" & 7" off road lights
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  1. @IrnBear Thank you buddy for you reply. I guess I will look this up again when I am back here in November. And if you are up for it, let me show you what your JL can do on the sand.. it's an absolute beast.. the minimum upgrades though are tires beadlock rims, 2.5" lift, and good Shocks. Good luck bro
  2. Guys. I was never going to go alone, especially with my family. So, no one goes out in August . Just 10 days ago, in Dubai we had a 75 car convoy in 120 degrees weather, just sayin . Just kidding, I know the tolerance for heat out there is different; it is above 90 for most of the year. Anyway, my question is, when the season is here, do you guys arrange regular convoys for some extreme riding. And again, is all the extreme riding here with wheelers/buggies, or do you do that with Wranglers, FJ's, and similar as well. Thanks
  3. Hi All, I am an extreme desert off-roader living in Dubai. Over there its Jeeps, Toyotas, Nissans, and V8 trucks; but very rarely buggies or wheelers. I just got a Wrangler Sahara JL in California and I wanted to visit to the Dumont Dunes and play a little. Off roading basics says that I shouldn't go there alone, so I wanted to see who arranges regular trips there, and if there is any trips planned specifically on August 23-24th. The wrangler I have is still stock, and I have my wife and kids with me so I wanted to join a simple junior trip if that is a 'thing' here too. If someone would educate me on the culture here for convoy trips in 4x4's, and what's the activity like in summer time. Thanks everyone Tarek
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