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  1. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. We hope everyone enjoyed it. We had around 200 people come through this year!!!
  2. Hey we are doing our 2nd Annual Haunted house this year. We invite all, Last year was awesome for our 1st year but this year we wants hundreds of visiters so please stop by. We will be camped along the finger in front of bathroom 6. We will have a sign and a 12ft blow up ghost on top of our trailer. See you guys out there!
  3. Any yes Mikey the welder. His boy made an honest apoligy and handed me abunch of cash he had saved up months later. Thats a good kid even though he f*cked up at first. The 2 old men who are thieves though, they are clearly pieces of sh*t.
  4. Just trying to warn fellow duners who are not thieves. I guess these losers have nothing better to do than talk sh*t on me to every random stranger they meet. Gary and Grant is who I am reffering to. Ive had 3 people come into my shop and tell me they talk all kinds of crap about me and my business and bla bla bla. Grow up you 50 year thieves!!!! lol I just have to laugh at the losers. They will never have anything. sh*t they both still live with thier parents at nearly 50 years old. If that doesnt tell you something........lol
  5. I wish it was mine. I did loose a silver ipod at comp 2 years ago. If you dont find the ownder and you want to give it to me ill be happy to take it Mine wasnt a 120g
  6. I dont believe so. I havent had a single problem since i moved to the new shop until this. This post sure is sturring the pot. I been getting blown up all day by the thieves brother. He wants me to remove the post. Maybe if you remove your thief brother from your life you wouldnt have to deal with posts like this that spread the truth and worn people about people like your brother! I have a sister thats a thief and I havent talked to her in years. You choose your path buddy. Im glad so many people are reading the post. I hope it drives more business to dog house. Ive never known him as a thief. Hes always been a straight up guy from my experiences with him. They did work out of Mike's booth but Mike had nothing to do with this. Thats the guys though just to make it clear if anyone isnt sure who Im talking about.
  7. Dont worry I filed a police report that night. They were stealing alot of honda 50 hop up parts. I recovered over 2000 worth of parts so far. The kids dad searched the house and gave me abunch of parts the next day that they had previously stolen.
  8. I just caught this guy Gary Smole robbing my warehouse this past thursday. He was with a kid named Cody who also hangs in vendor row every big weekend. Gary has a brother names Grant Smole, there are identical twins that sell VW parts at vendor row. BEWARE OF THESE 2. YOU MAY BE BUYING STOLEN MERCHANDISE!!! Not sure of the business name they use out there but it will be posted as soon as I figure it out. DONT BUY FROM THIEVES. They had 1100 worth of parts when I caught them and I recovered another 1100 worth of parts from codys Father. I have approximately 7k worth of parts still missing. Cody worked for me and he was stashing sh!t and coming back after work to collect. Gary swears he was innocent but he was the look out guy when I rolled up on them. Cody was trying to break in the front door and gary was in the middle of the parking lot looking out for him. While cody was trying to break in Gary's story was he thought cody was comming back to the shop to get his sunglasses. Apparently in this retards mind employees come back to work well after they know they are closed then they try and break into the buiilding and this is normal. WHATEVER YOU fU(K^%$ THIEF, JUST MAN UP AND ADMIT YOUR A fU(K^%$ PIECE OF sh!t THIEF.
  9. I just got 2 rebel flags for my rail and it has nothing to do with anti black. I just think its a cool a$$ looking flag and my new car is orange!!! Dukes of Hazard rocks!!
  10. This is just too damn funny. b*tch and moan about all we talk about is bowling on my site and here she is tryin to start up her own bowling night., lol We still bowl every thursdaY if you ever want to grow up and appoligize for all the bullshit you started. Until then peace out. And If I never see ya again, SO WHAT!!! LOL
  11. What what what!!!!! I dont talk smack. What the hell!!! lol
  12. If you are still on the hunt use US. Not to toat my own boat but we rock. Our price rocks, quality rocks, and timeframe is unbeatable. It takes us 2 days max to build you a cage. We can build it how ever you want it to look. Heres some that we have done. http://www.dumontdunes.com/index.php?autoc...=show&id=12 We have stuff here you can look at also. 3395 w. lake mead blvd just east of rancho. 702-889-1741.
  13. The season never ends, Just did little sahara, st anthony in a few weeks, then coral, then glamis n back to dumont. Long as I can get a sitter I'll be there tonight!!
  14. All rideable and very fun. I was gonna post some pics but holy sh*t Petes got it covered Great time, looking foward to the next trip. Grannypunch.com , lol man that sh*t was funny. Heres few Pics
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