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  1.              $$ REWARD $$

    Dumont Dunes OHV 
    Mojave Desert 
    Last seen 12-28-19
    9:00 p.m.

    Has anybody seen my baby ??! He has been missing for few days now please help me find my little one you can call or text me to (626) 626-3629 He is a terrier mix he is white with a black path on his left eye. He was last seen in Baker, CA at  Dumont Dunes OHV. Between restroom 10 and 11. He is wearing his black collar no tag and dragging his black leash. He is super friendly but scared.
    please if you have seen him please call or message me. Please share everywhere please help him get back home safe.

     I'm sorry but it's not allowing me to make it shareable. Can you please screenshot or copy and paste. It would be really appreciate. Thanks so much.


                $$ REWARD $$inbound8774380274617890426.thumb.jpg.781e018741f480b0c4fe3bf40b819f55.jpg




  2. I did I was there 3 days 2 night. I will not give up.
  3. Last night my dog run off. He is missing he has his black leach and collar on. His name is Baylee. We are camping between bathroom 10 and 11. Dumont dunes. He is white with a black spot on his left eye.
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