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  1. $10,000 firm $15,000 Trade value (See bottom of ad) Hey all. I have a 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa sand car for sale. I do have the title on me. If you're in the market for a mini sand car come on by and have a look she runs fast and strong. I just replaced the manual water pump with an electric one. It has a set of rear paddle tires, but they are worn so I bought brand new ones. The front tires are 8.80 side ribbed and it steers on the dime. I have an extra starter and a pair of fox air shocks to go with it. It has an aluminum clutch housing holder to prevent the stock clutch housing from breaking. The gauges are lifetime warranted Intellilect digital. The radio and intercom are from Rugged and moved more to the passengers side. The channel can be locked to prevent it from moving. There are 2 push to talks, one on the passengers grab bar and 1 on the sequential 6 speed shifter. If you know Comp hill at Dumont, this rail shifts UP gears. It's a lot of fun and I have a desert for a front yard if you would like to check it out. I also replaced the aluminum sprocket with a steel one that will last a lot longer. I still have the aluminum one for a spare. I'll post whatever pictures that are on my phone. Contact name is Paul area code 702-274-4719 Due to the many robo calls I will only answer by text first then you can call. I will definitely get back with you thank you and have a great day. It does have radios and intercoms you have to get headsets OR helmet coms. I can get more detailed pictures of anything you would like I just didn't have many on my phone. I'm also open to trades. Off road race car/truck...hit me up:) 15k trade value unless you have something I like then it depends. Going to run it at Dumont 1/17-1/19/20. MLK weekend. Good opportunity to find out how good it runs. Bathroom #9 area.
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