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  1. Hi all ! Today, I was organizing our road-trip and I've been stuck by a problem. For calculate the road-trip, I use Google Maps. We begin our travel from Los Angeles and Dumont Dunes is our first stop. I've made a check with Google Maps who tell me than the time needed to go is 3h52 but when I check with an other website (ViaMichelin), this one tell me the time needed is 5h36 ! Almost a difference of 2 hours ! However, the distance is the same for these two websites (214 miles) If there are somes guys here, who live in L.A and who ride in Dumont Dunes could you confirm who is right ? 3h52 or 5h36 ? Thanks for your help guys ! Loïc
  2. Really ? Cool ! I wasn't sure about the temperature in this period Thanks for the inquiries ! I've a specialized Youtube channel about paramotor in France. If you want take a look : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoN88ch_kLndzfc5jw6epw?view_as=subscriber I wish to meet a lot of local people and OHV pilots too ! I think to take-off and fly-over to the North Pole if it's possible !
  3. Between the end of September and the beginning of October. I think we will stayed 24 hours maybe a little bit more and then, we leave for visit Flagstaff and fly over Meteor Crater.
  4. Hi ! Thanks for your answers ! You're great guys ! Can't wait to discover this ! Loïc
  5. Hello all ! I'm Loïc from France and soon, I will realise a kid dream...I'll visit USA ! With 5 buddies, we're all motorized paraglider pilots and we prepare a road trip. We looking for a lot of fun and nice places for fly and off course, Dumont Dunes and you are a perfect way to found a lot of fun ! We are happy to come but for us, it's very important to respect the rules, that's why I'd like to ask you some questions : - Is that possible to fly with a motorized paraglider in Dumont Dunes ? I've seen a lot of vidéos but I want to be sure. - We will come with rv's, I've seen there is a fee for camping for the OHV pilots but if we're not OHV pilots, should we paid too ? Thanks for your future answers ! We are very happy to come for discover Dumont Dunes and we wish you will accept us in your World. Best regards from France ! Loïc
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