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  1. Hi all ! Today, I was organizing our road-trip and I've been stuck by a problem. For calculate the road-trip, I use Google Maps. We begin our travel from Los Angeles and Dumont Dunes is our first stop. I've made a check with Google Maps who tell me than the time needed to go is 3h52 but when I check with an other website (ViaMichelin), this one tell me the time needed is 5h36 ! Almost a difference of 2 hours ! However, the distance is the same for these two websites (214 miles) If there are somes guys here, who live in L.A and who ride in Dumont
  2. Really ? Cool ! I wasn't sure about the temperature in this period Thanks for the inquiries ! I've a specialized Youtube channel about paramotor in France. If you want take a look : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoN88ch_kLndzfc5jw6epw?view_as=subscriber I wish to meet a lot of local people and OHV pilots too ! I think to take-off and fly-over to the North Pole if it's possible !
  3. Between the end of September and the beginning of October. I think we will stayed 24 hours maybe a little bit more and then, we leave for visit Flagstaff and fly over Meteor Crater.
  4. Hi ! Thanks for your answers ! You're great guys ! Can't wait to discover this ! Loïc
  5. Hello all ! I'm Loïc from France and soon, I will realise a kid dream...I'll visit USA ! With 5 buddies, we're all motorized paraglider pilots and we prepare a road trip. We looking for a lot of fun and nice places for fly and off course, Dumont Dunes and you are a perfect way to found a lot of fun ! We are happy to come but for us, it's very important to respect the rules, that's why I'd like to ask you some questions : - Is that possible to fly with a motorized paraglider in Dumont Dunes ? I've seen a lot of vidéos but I want to be sure.
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