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  1. So I was not aware some one one posted one a while back I guess. Yes so the official meeting time will be 10:30 with an 11 departing time
  2. Yeah bro sure we can! I never seen your post so that’s why I started this one on the first of September cause I wanted to give people time for the message! Let’s get together!!
  3. Yes I will start lining up at vender row at about 945
  4. So I will be at the entrance of vendor row starting a line up @950! I will be running 2 of the added flags!
  5. Or maybe meet at vendor row and take the main stretch thru comp then to the North Pole? I’m open for suggestions and can come up with a final route by the week before!
  6. That would be so much to do lol. No big plans for it but I think it would be cool to have all the flag out at once and see how many people support him!!
  7. Halloween in Dumont can’t come quick enough!!! The last couple of years In Dumont I’ve seen a tremendous amount of Trump flags, and in the summer months I’ve seen Trump boat parades, so I’m suggesting an off road version! So I say on Saturday at 10AM everyone bring out whatever you you got , your Trump flags and show our support at the North Pole!! Let’s turn Dumont red!
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