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  1. SU 4-Seater, Mendeola, Turbo-Subaru, Motec READY FOR THE DUNES. 2005 Suspension Unlimited A-Arm Car, Fox shocks, Mendeola 4S, 4 Cam Subaru, STI block, STI Crank, Manley Rods, JE pistons, Fresh two seasons ago. Gearbox rebuilt at Rancho. Three trips since. Motec M4, Low hours, stored indoors. Custom Loading tires for a narrow toyhauler. Tuned for Race Gas, 400hp. Serviced and reliable. $25,995 Contact Ray @ 775-771-2722
  2. This is the Dune Ripper. Gobbles up all the sideXside's. Built to be a lightweight dune car. Chenowth Explorer A-arm Chassis. HPC hot-rod Subaru 2.5L DOHC. Darton Sleeved Block, Scat Crankshaft, VERY Manley rods and Pistons, Ported heads, polished on the outside with chrome valve covers, BIG oil pump, Aftermarket camshafts, Ferrea Valve spring kit with custom valves. Sway WAY back intake manifold, MOTEC M84 ECU with Race-Spec harness loomed in real snakeskin. New Turbonetics ball bearing turbo, new Outfront header, oil pan, and intercooler with fan. Mendeola MD4E 4 speed, 930's, Car completely
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