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  1. Hey Randy, I don't know the weight of the trailer off hand, sorry. I will tell you though that it is fairly heavy. I'll take a look at it when I'm at home and post it for you later. We towed it with a Country Coach and it handled it just fine, and the owner before us had a Monaco that he towed it with. Dune13
  2. LOL.....that's great that your having so much fun in that car!! It was a tough decision to sell it, but I'm glad it went to someone who really appreciates it. I'll look for you guys the next time we go out to Dumont. I'm thinking about maybe making a trip out there around Halloween, so I'll stop by and say if we are out there. Dune13
  3. Hey sorry to get back to you so late. I don't get on here too often, spend most of my time on Glamisdunes.com. We're not really looking for any trades right now. We're trying to consolidate our stuff. Thanks for the offer. Yes the price has been lowered, and we're willing to negotiate. :freakin_nuts: Thanks, Dune13
  4. Yep, that's me. Gotta sell some more sand stuff. Just seems like we don't get out as much as we used to, so we're selling this trailer now. We're keeping our toy hauler and quads and that's good enough for us to have fun. Less stuff to haul out too. How's Capt doing and how is the rail running? He was pretty stoked when he bought it. I hope he's still enjoying it. Take care. Dune13
  5. :freakin_nuts: That's the best kind of friend to have! If he needs any measurements, just let me know.
  6. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, my father in law had it painted to match his Country Coach at the time. Sure made going out to the dunes easy!
  7. 2003 Ultra Hauler Stacker Box length: 26' Overall length: 31' Generator Fuel Station W/50 gal tank Electric tongue jack Load leveling hitch A/C, Heater Toilet, shower, and sink 3-100 gal fresh water tanks (300 gallons total) 5 exterior flood lights Warn winch Diamond Plate Floor & Ramp Electric Brakes Workbench & cabinets Storage Loft (or sleeping area for 1 bed) This trailer will haul a sandrail and up to 4 quads no problem. (At least that's what we used it for) We don't really have a need for it anymore since we sold our sandrail. I can get inside measurements if needed. The trailer is located in Apple Valley(High Desert). 25k obo Leonard (909) 664-3340-cell lhudson@arcfasteners.com
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