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  1. I just sold my flat bed or I would have been all over it to let you guys use it ! ill let you use my new inclosed if it helps ! let me know
  2. Well as I said before I've been M.I.A for a while and to come back and see everything being shut down kinda brings a tear to the eye ! As far as pissing in the wind and stepping aside , like hell i will lol , my answer that that is ill continue to ride and invite as many people as I can to go that day and not think twice about a permit , they cant prove anything that says it is ! Not trying to piss anyone off but if I need to step aside so you can make it better for us then why isnt any of it getting better ? Last time I checked just cause your on a board of a forum site dosnt mean
  3. Ok let me start off by say what up peeps long time lol ! ok so I've been out of the seen for a while due to work , money , time , blah blah blah I know I know but any way , I log back on to catch up and all i see is "CANCELLED EVENTS EVERYWHERE " ! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ? As I read on in the post I see that is seems to be getting pretty hard to get the permits for the events ! So whats next close DUMONT ? I mean seriously events that have been held years past are all the sudden cancelled because California wont allow a gathering of good friends , times , and spirits
  4. thakx guys glad you like her cant say my wife has the same feelings about it lol ! i hear what your saying though this car is just way to much fun to drive , i get lost in the winding of the supercharger all the time and i come to and realize im over 100 mph and have to slap my self and say calm down lmao
  5. shes stock right now but i did do a dyno run and she put 350.24 hp to the tire ! but ive got some friends with some extra parts off of theres and if all goes as planed by the end of next month i should dyno ruff about 550 hp to the tire
  6. So since these cars were made I have wanted one . Every time I have had the chance to get one something would always come up and push it back . Well it finally happened , I have bought and now own my 2004 Svt Cobra Mustang ! I got lucky and found a bone stock one , that's actually harder than you think , but anyway its a one owner car bought new back in 04 buy a older man who decided to trade it on for more of a family car for the grand kids ! It has 89k miles on it and super clean ! i was able to pick this car up for 19,000.00 wich is a really good deal considering it should have sold for
  7. hope the hauler was empty ! that would suck to loose your toys too ! best wishes to him
  8. lol that would be sweet ! if i walked into a garage like that i would prob nut myself lol
  9. just saying there are some really good deals out there right now for the 2 strokes ! i paid 800 for mine
  10. 88 honda 250 r ! its got a ton of extras in it and a brand new 280 motor just itching to be rode ! lol
  11. deff got the bug , got a new toy im dyeing to ride but work says otherwise ! should try for a weekend !
  12. so how was the ride ride any pics ?
  13. well seeing i was gonna go but my truck just sold dont think im going to be able to anyone wanna car pool ? i got gas money
  14. By the way what time will you be arriving Friday night and possibly where will you be parking ? Like by what bathroom #
  15. I'm down to go either way Friday night or just sat morn , once again I'v got the 18ft flat bed need a ride let me know and I'll work something out with you
  16. lights working ? check , OHV stickers ? check , flags ? check , paddles on in the right direction (lmfao jk) ? check , no drinking till after done riding ? check, Yep playing buy the rules here ! going for a kick a$$ night ? check ! so again who else from vegas is going ?
  17. Just wondering if anyone else from vegas is going sat night ?
  18. fu*kin awsome i will see you all there !
  19. any word ? ive got a pretty good group of guys worked up on going , need answers lol
  20. i would totally be in for this if was sat though and help out with rides on my 18ft trailer ! but my fu*ked up work schedule permits me not to go sorry guys maby i can get in on the next one
  21. can we confirm this ? ive got a new toy that i would like to run dont wanna miss it !
  22. no need to hide it im down just say when !
  23. never really done just dont know when the next trip will be could be this weekend or next month but ill go year around !
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