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Manuel Raptor

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    72 K5 CST
    02 Raptor With some upgrades
    02 LE Raptor With just intake and Exhaust
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    Dunning and Offraoding, enjoying the outdoors.
    Dumont, Glamis
  1. Well I met up with Richard tonight. He apologized, and handed me the exhaust and some cash to help pay for the other shop for the work. I really have to hand it to Trinity (Harry).
  2. Update: I have been getting calls from Richard almost everyday now. He has said that he would pay half of my bill at the shop thats fixing my quad. He also said he is getting the full exhaust for me that all he is waiting for is a part or two. This according to Richard will happen this week before I go to Glamis.
  3. I agree That is great that Harry is doing this, But Trinity nor Harry had anything to do with this. Btw I got a call from Richard. Thanks to Harry it seems like Richard is going to try and make things right. Too bad I'm already getting the problem fixed at another shop. Either way Trinity never did me wrong, and Harry went beyond what anyone else would have done. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome. Hopefully everything ends up with me being able to go dunning
  4. I agree!! Too bad. I have already been screwed over. At least I can go dunning soon after two years!!! BTW Thanks for all the back up! I will try to contribute more on the website instead of being a lurker! All of you are awesome! MLK weekend I will be in Glamis stop by and have a cold one with me.
  5. Im getting it done right now. I thought the problem was only on the 01? I have an 02. Either way way it needs to get fixed.
  6. No paper work. Just his word! My dad taught me that a mans word is everything. He obviously isnt one! In regards to emotions they were getting the best of me! Thats why I decided to just let it go, and warn everyone ou there about this guy. All Im really hoping for is at least the full exhaust that he said is waiting for me in his garage. Im sure I'll even get screwed on that. I found a guy that was working for Allan Knowles from CT. He's doing the work now. Should have the raptor back home by Friday. I love how all of you responded! Makes my day go by much better knowing that my fellow dunners at least will spend some time to listen to me!!
  7. Sorry if I put this in the wrong Forum. Moderators can you please move this to its correct place Thank you. M.R.
  8. Thank you!! Thats how I feel! Now Im looking for a local Mechanic to fix my second gear!
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