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  1. We (GTP Off Road) are a DDR Site sponsor, Vend at Dumont, and work on many quads and SxS.

    I believe we are reliable and always work with our customers on time and pricing.

    We can take care of general maintenance for you no problem.

    Hopefully more people will realize we are here, and we are trustworthy. it just takes getting the word out, that's why we support DDR.

    Our shop is located in North Las Vegas. 3660 N 5th. #140.

    can you work on an 84 honda 3 wheeler..dont have time, just need the carb tuned up...

  2. They had it on the dyno at 4000rpm for 45 minutes and 205 was max it would go. As soon as they backed off the throttle it went right back to 185.

    Due to a carrot truck flipping over at the top of Cajon Pass today and a 2 hour drive to get from the junction of the 215 & 15 to Victorville I had to pass on Dumont as it was dark by the time I hit Baker. I just got home. So I am definitely going out to test the car, who wants to go and how soon are we leaving?

    that sounds good...thought you could not get it cooler than 205....sounds like a good set up...have fun

  3. So got as call from CBM today and they had installed a new radiator and to new 16" fans to help with the cooling issue. They discovered that the old radiator had a lot of bent fins and somehow the fans had taken a hit(?) and were actually hitting the radiator at times. They dyno'd it and could only get it to 205 degrees. Anyway i can't resist coming back through Dumont for a test run tomorrow afternoon. So I will let everybody know how it did. If you don't hear from me then maybe someone could organize a search party:)


    if you need help with radiator issues, let me know....you can get it cooler than 205 for sure...they dont have you set up right....just have to know what you are doing, and not just put a radiator and fan set up on it and hope for the best...andre

  4. want to change the tranny fluid on my truck, but have never been to the dealer to do this...do they have a machine that will extract all the fluid, so then fresh fluid and a new filter can be put in....the other issue is I have a mag hytech pan not the factory and a mopar filter for it already, i would guess that it would not be a problem for them to still do it....anyone have any input on this...thanks Andre...I have always done the service myself, but im only able to get so much of the fluid out....

  5. Are you sure you got that pilot jet cleaned out? That orifice is so small you can barely see sunlight through it when it's clear. You have to use a fine strand of wire and poke at it real good. Compressed air, carb spray...none of those work. The factory carbs are just as simple as an aftermarket to tune. Carbs are cheap though if you don't feel like messing with it.

    pete I think it was, guess i will take apart again and double check....maybe some crap got into it...I run fuel filter also....are the aftermarket ones any good for the stock 70??? thanks

  6. I had been feeling a heart burn pain for the past two weeks until last Thursday morning it felt like a load of bricks on my chest. Went straight to the dr and then to the hospital. Ended up having a mild heart attack and having a stint placed in my heart due to clogged artery. Damn I am only 41. Wake up call and time to eat right with proper exercise. What a wake up call. God has given me another chance one of many.

    Now at home relaxing. Can't wait to get out and relax at Dumont.

    chest pain is no joke, as a paramedic....you dont save a lot of people who go down and found later on.....just go straight to ER and have them work ya up....going to Dr office is a waist of time...plus they will call the ambulance and send ya to the ER anyways.....glad you are ok....

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