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  1. thinking about gong solar, has anyone used solarcity before and what they think of it...thanks...
  2. is this the one of of sahara and boulder..and do i tell him you told me to call..thanks again terry or your help
  3. Need to get an OE fan clutch for the truck..anyone know someone at a local ram/dodge dealer in parts...thanks andre
  4. I just rebuilt the carb..all new parts..but just needs to be adjusted and tuned...should not need any parts..just runs like crap and hard to start..
  5. can you work on an 84 honda 3 wheeler..dont have time, just need the carb tuned up...
  6. thanks steve...good tip..they look nice
  7. I was thinking of getting a go pro unit...Do they all cost the same no matter where you buy, and which unit would be a good choice? thanks andre
  8. that sounds good...thought you could not get it cooler than 205....sounds like a good set up...have fun
  9. they run like that for emisson stuff...but im sure he is not running that...so he can cool it down a bit...
  10. if you need help with radiator issues, let me know....you can get it cooler than 205 for sure...they dont have you set up right....just have to know what you are doing, and not just put a radiator and fan set up on it and hope for the best...andre
  11. I guess same size as what you posted...would like to mount on top of my dodge front bumper 2006 mega cab
  12. looks like a death trap....
  13. what brand are these lights, and are they any good from others...I would like a radius one for the front of my 06 dodge
  14. want to change the tranny fluid on my truck, but have never been to the dealer to do this...do they have a machine that will extract all the fluid, so then fresh fluid and a new filter can be put in....the other issue is I have a mag hytech pan not the factory and a mopar filter for it already, i would guess that it would not be a problem for them to still do it....anyone have any input on this...thanks Andre...I have always done the service myself, but im only able to get so much of the fluid out....
  15. beatrice has the corrrect aftermarket one...just wanted an opinion if it was a good carb....cant be worse than the factory...just have too clean it again.....thanks for the input
  16. pete I think it was, guess i will take apart again and double check....maybe some crap got into it...I run fuel filter also....are the aftermarket ones any good for the stock 70??? thanks
  17. I have rebuilt it twice, the factory carb...and still don't run correct....should i get the aftermarket one or spend the money for the original Honda carb.....are the factory carbs a pain in the azz to keep tuned...it just never seems to run right.....any input would be great....kids just want to ride the damn thing...thanks andre
  18. at least she wont get hot slag get stuck in her clothing.....
  19. I think a new tank is what is going to be the best...everything else is just temporary....and will eventually just fail....
  20. chest pain is no joke, as a paramedic....you dont save a lot of people who go down and found later on.....just go straight to ER and have them work ya up....going to Dr office is a waist of time...plus they will call the ambulance and send ya to the ER anyways.....glad you are ok....
  21. Friday is cheap too go out there
  22. maybe so, but anything is possible.....thieves have lots of time on there hands
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