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  1. condition: new make / manufacturer: SS4 condition: new make / manufacturer: SS4 CB Performance Gen 4 fuel management, FAT performance 2316cc- turbo intercooled 12lbs boost. New Wright Gearbox/ weddle gears close ratio with 10hrs break- in period fresh oil. PRP seats, CNC disk brakes, Sandtires unlimited 1300plus all steel braided lines & AN fittings FOX shocks This car is solid, reliable and bullet proof. All new coatings $ assembled with all grade 8 hardware.
  2. CB Performance Fuel injected turbo intercooled 2316cc FAT performance by Ron Flemming - dyno 289ft lbs torque at 3,000rpm. Beam front end all new spindles seals bearings. All new grade 8 hardware all fresh powder/ceramic coatings Full floor pan new Wright gearbox weddle gears new fox shocks rebuild new STU 1300 plus 20 gal fuel tank This car was originally built in 2006 and shook out. Complete tear down rebuild 2019 with 1 week shake down idaho trip. This car rips handles great and very reliable. $14,500. OBO
  3. Looking at an 08 attitude 5th wheel 33AKS any pros / cons out there?
  4. Thanks VegasSparky, I appreciate the feedback. This will make an easy In-N-Out without more stress from the 8 hr drive.
  5. I haven't been to Dumont in a couple years and I always used to fill up with water at the ultra Gas mart, can you still fill up with water their? where is the best place fill and dump services. please advise. going April 7-13
  6. Thanks 19th_AT and raspadoo, I currently have an 88 pace arrow that pulls a 28ft racer enclosed and it works awsome love the ability to pre-load and it's done. Or hook up and make a quick day run. However with two new little ones and grand parents we are thinking the hauler may work best. Looking at the attitude 39tsg with the 14th garage however not sure how my 05 f250 6.0 diesel with bullet proof kit will pull it. Whatever decision I make definitely keeping the racer trailer.
  7. Thanks dune freak and p-rot, that was my same thought. If you guys have any pros and cons on type of hauller all opinions are appreciated.
  8. Thanks dune freak and p-rot, that was my same thought. If you guys have any pros and cons on type of hauller all opinions are appreciated.
  9. For all the fifth wheelers out there, my wife and I are considering changing over to a toy hauler with 2 new little ones and she wants one with the garage separated by a slider or a door cause she doesn't want fuel smell. I don't think I want the the separation due to minimizing garage space. For all the haulers out there do you really get the fuel stench.
  10. I agree Very well said Brian, Could not have said it better myself. I think the RESPONSIBLE offroader/duner that has any vested interest in the sport does not put themselves in that position let alone there family. Look at Glamis drags I would have to say the separation between vehicle and croud is substantial however still sketchy "it all boils down to personal responsibility" I heard this quote the other day and it kind of ties together "pray as if everything depends on God but act as if everything depends on you"
  11. to make a long story short I was not able to make the tripp to dumont this last weekend that I had planned for my friends to come out from Colorado due to a new fat paying job, any ways to go from bad to worse they showed up Thursday morning and from what I understand from what the wife said they woke up Saturday morning and some frickin frakin walked off with two CRF 450's from there camp I can tell you if i was there there would be some involved so If anybody was there this weekend and seen some Colorado license plates and some dirtbags pushing some bikes off in the middle of the night please let me know Thanks. when I get more info I will post an update
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