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  1. prep work is key, just get a DA and some red scuff pads, 3 coats of color and a few coats of clear. under 100 bucks and a half day of your time
  2. nice truck ill take one in black
  3. its funny how the raptor sounds like a banshee when you mount the go pro to the peg
  4. They probably didn't see the impact coming...
  5. Yeah the fan works fine, compressor kicks on and stays on: it worked until I tried to add freon
  6. So my little civics AC took a crap the other day. First it only worked at freeway speeds so I thought It was low on freon, turns out I had 120psi on the low side now it has no AC. Who has had good luck with ac repair places in Vegas? Im hoping its just a evac and recharge. what do you guys think?
  7. I posted up picts of the jeep if your still interested..

  8. stock shocks suck, do yourself a favor and hit up ebay and pick up some used works shocks for like 100. they are cheep but 10 times better then the stock fronts. nothing beats long travel though
  9. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/home.do F ride now
  10. So i picked up this trailer from a friend of a friend. its not stolen. but i didn't get a title because it was lost by the first friend. anyways there is no way to get a hold of him and i need to get a plate for it. The trailer has the vin tag on it from Zieman Chassis out of Whittier California. What are the chances of getting a title from them or is there a way to get this done at the DMV (nevada or cali) with a bill of sale or something?
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