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  1. Sold the 500. Love this New Bike. Fuel injected wheelies for ever.
  2. 2007 KX 250 Frame with a 1991 CR500 Motor Stuffed in it. After years of testing....The Ultimate Dune Bike!!
  3. My son wanted to go back to 2-Stroke but he's not quite ready for a 500 so I built him this older ktm 300. Bike will pull most 450's and has tons of torque for a 2-stroke. Very impressed with this bike, runs like a detuned 500. The cool thing is you can find these for $1000 or less. Got this one owner for $900 with fresh motor and suspension.
  4. Bike is fresh and in showroom condition. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/mcy/4696716304.html
  5. Just finished my new ride. Hitting the dunes next week see how she hooks and handles. My graphics guy hit a homer on the retro look.
  6. sold it last year. Worked great in the flat stuff, little sketchy in the woops.
  7. No sh*t, never had anything myself growing up He is a lukcy boy.
  8. Son decided his 426 was not enough wanted a 500 2-stroke dune bike like dad, not happining. Built him a 525 ktm, bike has brutal torque, should be more than enough for him.
  9. Latest build. Dune house bound next weekend, oh yeah!!
  10. $2,700 Absolutely immaculate 99 YZ 400F Duner. Low hour, 1 owner bike. Valves checked, Runs Strong, Pulls Hard, Awesome Handling. **Brand New 16" Rear Fat Paddle and 18" Front Fatty Set-Ups. **All New Plastics **New Custom Graphics ** Bykas Shock Bars ** Spoke Wraps. If you want to ride dirt just throw on a rear wheel. Front Fatty works great in the woods or desert.
  11. $2995 Absolutely Immaculate 1996 CR500. Only 2 Rides Since Finished. New Top-End, Port N Polished Cylinder, Shaved Head, V-Force Reed Cage, JD Jet Kit, 16" Rear Fat Paddle, 18" Front Fatty, New FMF Pipe, New Custom Graphics, Rim Rings, Spoke Wraps. Bike Is Very Fast, Has Brutal Traction And Awesome Handling.
  12. Like I always say, when that crazy lookin bike blows by you on a wheelie, you remember!!!
  13. Just finished it up. 3 days and counting till our Dune Trip.....Oh Yeah!!
  14. Ya, this bike is extremely nice, if it was a 500 I'd keep it.
  15. 99 KX250 Complete Frame Up Build, New Everything. Its for sale. We'll have some Demo Sets Of Rim Rings Available Shortly. For Anyone Who's Interested let me know. [/url]
  16. No, Jeff at brmoffroad does them for us. Give him an idea of what you want and he'll send you a layout so you can see what it will look like before you buy. Really nice guy and the best quality graphics I've ever used.
  17. My new ride, 96 CR500. Built up the motor nicely on this one. Just got back from the dunes, favorite 500 so far.
  18. Got it of ebay, but after looking at lots of pics I believe your right. Very well made arm!
  19. Modified a +6 yfz450 swingarm and linkage knuckle. Pretty easy actually.
  20. Just finished my CR500 Trike conversion. Ripped it around my field today, works awesome. Suspension is so plush compared to my old atc 250r. Its an atc on steriods with long travel suspension. Cant wait to get it out on the dunes. It can go back to a bike in about 45 min.
  21. For Sale http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/mcy/3536072802.html
  22. Let me know when your ready, I'll hook you up!
  23. 10 PADDLE on a 16" wheel is the same as 12 on a stock rim. I know all about hooking and booking.
  24. Just finished complete rebuild on my 94 500. Got sick and tired of 4-stoke maintence and rebuild costs. Back to the Bulit Proof 500 that wheelies past 450's.
  25. When the 18" wheel isn't floating on the sand it is up in the air.
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