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  1. no one knows the guy that sells these at vendor row?
  2. my uncle doesnt want that........ he wants the cooler inserts.....
  3. my uncle doesnt want that........ he wants the cooler inserts.....
  4. ive searched google and i cant find anything on the certain one my uncle is looking for. we bought it from a vendor in dumont that was 2 pieces, top and bottom, and they were colored on top and bottom but the foam was still white
  5. im looking for a foam insert for a cooler to hold drinks still. I bought one in dumont from a vendor but a soda exploded and mold grew. Im looking to buy a new one. If anyone knows who sells them please let me know so i can get another one
  6. ok just let me know but the weekend of the 12th im going to a wedding in california. but ill hold it for you i dont have any others willing to take it.
  7. to be honest with you no. but ill ask my uncle. but yeah i could hold on to it but like i described it, it has a dent on the back part but if u come to vegas just let me know
  8. there is no title for the frame. and i am located in Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. i have 1985 atc 70 frame for sale. There is a dent in the back part of the frame. Don't know how to get it out. No set price, Looking for offers to see if anyone wants to deal with the hassle of the dent. just taking best offer
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