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  1. Beard off road set of seats. These are wide body seats with the face/side material have new material back are used with few marks. Seats have bottom and back heater pads (you have to get the switches). Headrest move up and down. Seat belts do not come with the seats. The fronts are 24" wide and rear 52" wide. $1200 760 792 9213
  2. Looking to see what some of you are running your king shock rebound/compression screws at on your ride. I have a big 5 seater with 2.0 coil over and bypass in the front and 2.5 same in the rear. My question is there a good thread count from starting point that is working for people out there? I do know ride height and other factors but just trying to find a good starting point vs spending the whole weekend valve adjusting.
  3. Rear roof wing with working lights. The pictures have the measurements. $250 Brian 760 792 921three
  4. Set of 4 Crow shoulder/lap seat belts plus 1 rear lap beat for a total of 5. All in good shape. 3 " shoulder padding. $250 for the set Brian 760 792 921three
  5. Looking to sell or trade these rear set of wheels. They are 12" with a 2" rear off set. I am looking for same wheel but 5-1/2" rear off set. Must have bead locks. Or sell out right for $450 Brian 760 792 921three
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