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    Wicky Wicky
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    2012 Mazzone/250hp 2332 Vdub
    97 Allison Grand Sport/2.5 Mercury
    65 Fairlane 500
    05 DRZ 400
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    Small biz owner
  1. I'm from Boise but, enjoy St Anthony's. I'm a little bit farther than 4 hours away.
  2. more pics Bare Frame weighed just 126#s before reinforcements.
  3. Hi guys, I'm from Idaho and been a lurker here for a long time...registered what seemed to be years ago and was just recently made a member. Thank you Admins! Anyway, I've had a project Mazzone that has finally come to fruition recently after a years worth of work. Anybody going to Dumont this weekend want to help me dial in this sucka...2332 Scat motor. Tuning in the dunes by ear is for someone more experienced than I.
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