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  1. I had dual flags on my RZR, and lost one of them. It was a TRUPM 2020 flag.
  2. Your trike sounds like fun Dune Pro. I used to run 8" diameter rear wheels on my 250R, but I kept having issues with my paddles getting out of sync with one another. Basically, the rear wheels were slipping, or spinning, inside the tires, causing the paddles to get out of sync. Once they're out of sync, the bike tends to pull to one side or another, depending on which side hooks up first. Then, it was suggested that I switch to a 10" diameter rear wheel because the larger diameter gives more surface area for the tire to grip the wheel, thus preventing slippage. Once I did that, no more issues.
  3. I've run 7-10 paddle Haulers on my ATC 250R. The 8 paddle Haulers worked pretty good, and the 10 paddle Haulers threw lots of sand, but didn't let the 2-stroke rev, and bogged it down too much. I think 7 paddles are perfect for a 250cc. They let it rev, and a quick stab at the clutch will break the rear end loose. Since you're dealing with a 500cc beast, I would think you could easily get away with 10 paddles. I assume you're running an extended swingarm? If you're interested, I have a set of 10 paddle Haulers for sale: http://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=20588#entry253684
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