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  1. Thanks for looking out. No luck yet, been checking craigslist every day. Henderson PD said that sometimes they run down kids riding stolen quads in the desert but haven't heard anything yet.
  2. Thursday (10/24) between the hours of 1am and 5am my 2006 white Yamaha YFZ450 was stolen from my toy hauler in front of my Henderson home. The bike is white with silver designs and a black seat. It has black nerf bars with an orange maxxis sticker. The plate on the heal guard was cut off. It has a bling star gold star pattern break rotor. It has blue billet whip mount, a blue extended air fuel mixture screw in the bottom of the carb. It has an aluminum temperature gauge and heat sink connected to the radiator and a hole drilled into the front right fender above the radiator cap. It has a trail trek helmet light pigtail under the seat. It still had the 2012 California OHV tag. The paddles weren't on it and the dirt tires were bald.They didn't get the key so they may have drilled out the key hole. I have attached pictures below. The bike has been reported as stolen with Henderson PD. If anyone sees a quad matching this description or someone selling any of the aftermarket parts mentioned above, please contact either myself (DJ- 702-807-4404) or my wife (Amber- 702-275-5850). We can make it to Dumont in 2 hours! Any help would be greatly appreciated. With dune season here, if they got away with it once they will try it again!!! Thanks for keeping an eye out!
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