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  1. Whoever said the dunes were smooth two weekends ago were on crack. I was out there saturday for a day trip and they were torn up and bumpy as sh*t because dunes super wet. Need people off the dunes for two weeks and the wind to blow like hell.

    Not 2weeks ago but the Saturday of the 24th . 1 week ago The dunes were awesome it must have blown during the week. But then again i dont ride much north of banchee hill... I rather ride south of comp hill. Where not much people ride. Its smoother and steeper. . Thats how I like it....

  2. Holy cr@#$ap. I just took a glance at my calender and noticed between day trip and weekend trip to Dumont. From early September with ddr shake down ride. Ive gone to Dumont 14 trips.... damn.. im glad I bought a season pass. Lol. If weather permitting I might be going til April of this year.

  3. It was very nice. Barely any tracks. Smooth dunes. Then the wind hit around 12 noon . I was home by 1; 30pm I guess when the wind blows out at Dumont it covers all the tracks quick. This weekend im working but the weekend before and during president ill be out there. I'll be near #10. Riding with some old school sandrail. I won't be chasing subie, hondas and ls7 buggys. I've been very lucky not to break anything while following these fast buggys.

  4. Cool. Let me know .im goin the weekend before president for the day (in 2weeks) and president weekend for the weekend. . Ill be in #10 with sandcrab and 8 other buggys. Either way hit me up when your goin.

  5. desert riders 71 Sorry to hear what happened man I think is your throw out bearing or your pressure plate according to some sand rail mechanics it was good seeing you and your wife today we definitely gotta do another trip to Dumont

  6. Where you driving from ? I can't find anyone to go with me. Im thinkin of goin for the day on Saturday. But im coming back early. Around 2pm. To vegas . Im doing some testing on my buggy. New shifter and new axle. I wanna make sure all works perfectly before president weekend. You can reach me on my cell if you like. 702-439-9097. Fastony.

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