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  1. Brand new harnesses, used once on first ride and that's it. Out of a 2018 X3 XRC. $340 or OBO
  2. I see not many post on here but I did try to find the answer and no luck, I have a 2013 Can Am Maverick 1000 XRS and I just bought it from a friend that upgraded to the Turbo. I wanna re valve the shocks and do springs, not sure who to go to about the Can Ams, I see post all over about the RZR. Also I just got the 2016 clutch upgrade installed and gonna go paddles but not sure which ones. My buddy says go Skat Trac with 8 fins in back and soft rounds up front, he said to buy from xtremetireonline guys also. After the first weekend of riding this in the dunes over Presidents weekend I had a blast and glad to have one but I kept bottoming out on some of the drops coming out the big half bowls. I would slap that back down a little but not really hard like it hurt me, just a smack and I hate that already. I rode in my buddies new rzr 4 seater turbo and wow the suspension was amazing on that, I want a smoother ride and not have to lift my foot up coming out of corners or half bowls, anyone help would be awesome.
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