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Found 3 results

  1. *STOLEN FROM LAS VEGAS, NV NOVEMBER 20, 2018* These two four wheelers were stolen from our locked trailer in the hotel parking lot in the W Sahara/ Durango area. The first is a 2008 Honda TRX 700xx with a Vector monitoring system installed. It also has aftermarket carbon fiber Maier plastics, an HMF pipe, eagle stickers on the front fenders, and HMF stickers on the back fenders and ITP paddle tires. The second four wheeler is a 2008 Honda TRX 250. It is all stock, nothing special about this one. It’s all stock. It’s our 9 year old’s machine and naturally, it has her pretty upset. Both four wheelers may have NM plates and/ or registration stickers. Please keep you eyes our for our four wheelers. If you think you may have spotted them, please contact the LVPD. More pictures in comments. Thanks all! Happy riding!
  2. My parents buggys and trailers were stolen from storage in the Silverado ranch area at midnight last night. Please spread the word and keep a look out for them. One has a Volkswagen engine and one is a Subaru. Any help is appreciated ! Thank you !!
  3. My dog Bobby went missing Friday night, January 28th. He is a 2 year old chihuahua/dachshund mix, 12 lbs, light tan fur (short) and was wearing a tan colored LL Bean canvas coat. He is not known to run off for more than 10 minutes without coming back around to check up on me. Our camp seached for him that night on the flats and told every other camp about him. I called into work and spent an extra day and night out at Dumont along with my dad to keep seaching. We searched up into the mountains headed towards the China Date Ranch, the flats including approximately 5 miles out from the north pole. We covered as much land as we could and notified every camp about him...many twice or three times. I have posted a sign with phone numbers to contact on the message board heading out the main road and have notified BLM. This dog is like my son and part of the family. A $1000 reward will be given. WIth the amount of effort that went into the search and making sure all camps knew about him he may have been stolen. Bobby is in LA Times, Las Vegas Review Journal, PetAmberAlert.com, Craigslist.com and many other lost pet web sites. He is also posted on a sign on the main road to the dunes and on the message board leaving the dunes. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND MENTION THIS TO ALL YOUR DUNER FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Someone has him and hopefully wants to give him back or after seeing my efforts understands how much this dog means to me and gives him back. If you have any information please let me know. I want to get my boy home where he belongs. Thank you for reading! Any efforts made to spread the word are greatly appreciated. -Jared (702) 373-7925 JPeterson889@gmail.com
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