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Found 2 results

  1. 18,000 obo I have the parts list from Larry Short and MSO. I need to rebuild or replace the front air shocks. I had a local garage send them to Fox a while back, turns out that the tech who did the repair was quit/was terminated but only after he sabotaged several work orders, I'm fairly confident mine was one. I do not use this much, never did, you will be able to see that quickly. No turbo. Hayabusa 1300 cc. Jeffco Transmission with reverse and cutter breaks. 930 CV Axle with Outboard Disc Brakes PRP Competition High Back Seat with Crow seat belt with pads. Passenger is a 5 point harness, driver is 4 point. Steering wheel has a Gear One clamp on Billet steering housing with Quick Connect. Jamar Pedals 5 foot lighted whip - incandescent bulb type currently. Sandviper 675 front tires on Solid spindle mount wheels. Rear 1300 Paddle tire. Wing Trunk - storage for tow ropes/water etc. Steel braided lines in the engine compartment. Fox 2.0 air shocks - Front 8.5 and Rear 14.0 I'm having it cleaned up now - it has been sitting in the garage/warehouses for the last several years. I have been busy with school and starting a new business over the last several years. Now I have a young family and am looking to do something that fits more of the small children.
  2. This car was built by Yoshi and Sinister Sand sports in 2009 - this car built new today would most likely top $70k It has every option offered by sinister, all the upgrades listed, and more. They do not list the SR2 as a kit option anymore, but the upgrades list is the same for the sxr. http://www.sinistersandsports.com/sxr.html - you can google sinister sand sports sr2 and see many photos - Immaculate condition, motor was built up in 2012, Generation 1 Hayabusa, made to 1400cc TurboCharged This sand rail runs perfect, idles smooth, full power across the range. It has been a reliable car from day one. All lights, gauges radios, GPS work perfect. weight: 1500 lbs We were told on dyno 400+ HP Listed below is a partial build list. Im sure we are missing many things, but know that EVERTHING works flawlessly on this car. It is ready for the sand now. Corbeau Racing Seats Crow Industries 5pt harness PCI car to car radio, Headsets with iPhone hookUP FireFox Fire Suppression System DynoJet Power Commander 1400cc Hayabusa 6 speed LED gear selector on dash Turbo with TurboXS.com control Electric Power Steering (4) Dual res double bypass Fox Shocks Jeffco Reverse Diff - just rebuilt with mendeola gears Front and Rear Wildwood Disc Brakes Single Handle cutting brake 4 sand wheels all with beadlock Rear lights in wing Baja Industries lights - 4 on light bar, 2 spot up front Lowrance GPS LED lighted whip Storage compartment under front hood This is a quote from the builder Yoshi regarding price - Very informative, and again this car has all the options he references, then some - "It's all about the options, if you take the typical busa rail that sales for 30k, add 9k for a turbo and a reverse diff, your at 39k. *2k for double bypass and your at 41k. *power steering package is 2k, alternator package (if bought with the power steering package) is another $500. *That's $43,500 right there. *LED light bar? *$1,800, HID lights, $900.00, that puts you at $46,200.00. *Front brakes and hubs are a grand, $47,200.00 *Full aluminum body work with wing, intergrated LED lights, $5,000.00. *Your at $52,200.00, and we still haven't added gps, intellidash, headset communication, upgrade cost for coils and any other misc stuff. *The parts they want cost more, i'm not making all the additional price increase, cost of those parts are extremely expensive" video link - Price $35,000
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