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Huckfest 2014


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My social coordinator had other plans for me, but from what I've heard it wasn't all that great. I also heard a lot of that last year and I had a great time, so moral of the story is I don't listen to others opinions, I prefer to make my own! :whistle::grin:

I saw some video's though, it looked like the guy in the King Shocks SST truck was going for the gold! :dayum: I can't find the video though.

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Yea the King SST truck was pretty badass! I was impressed by it. Got some good shots of him too. I thought this year went smoother once it started. There were a couple of delays at the start but once they started jumping, they continued. Sure, they had to stop for busted trucks and a busted monster truck right in the launch path, but they continued right after. I still had to deal with the media box limits and associated enforcement Nazi but they did make it a little bigger than last year. I enjoyed it. Lots of videos and photos from the crowd are being posted. I only noticed one other photographer on the hill with me. The rest were there for video. Based on all the equipment and locations the video should be pretty sweet.

Downside stuff: Such a lack of communication. So many messages I had went unanswered. It was sheer luck I was able to get in and I was invited media. Instead of an announcer with speakers they changed at the last minute to an FM transmitter. Not sure how many duners have a radio. They changed the rules as they went! I don't know why, but it affected some teams' strategies. Because of this, the sandrail winner, lost to the other guy. There was supposed to be a "Huckoff" at the end, a chance for every class to go for overall distance, didn't happen, sorta. Hard to explain due to lack of communications to us in the media. Next thing we saw was something called a 5 minute freestyle and an occasional run at the hill. Very confusing but it drove the media Nazi crazy and made for a better show, I liked it.

I'm still going through the photos but they are great. Hope to have them done soon.

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