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  1. Likewise, would have been a cool shot from the dunes. Thank you for all you did. Alpers car needed some color! I had a great time.
  2. I have more to go through so sorry if I left anyone out. These are some downsized pics I setup for social media. More soon.
  3. I'll Be there. Camping with you all this year. Looking forward to it!
  4. Photos from the DDR 5th Annual Buggy Get Together on my website. http://www.nealrideoutphotography.com/ddrbuggy5
  5. Yea I got it. Still working on all the pics I took.
  6. FE135

    Buggy Roundup 5


    Looks like I'm going to make a day trip of it Saturday. My rail is broke right now and there is no way to get her fixed in time. Soooo, I guess its the Rhino and a camera for me.
  7. I'm heading out there Thursday.
  8. Probably the simplest setup is like the trucks use. A J-arm with solid axle. I've seen some rails in this config. Obviously, you would have to fab a frame for this from the start as it's not a normal sandrail setup. Robert Jones at Emery Sandcars in Fresno builds these type rails. He is a member of the Dune Masters old school club. Don't have a number but google should help. His personal car has this setup and it rocks the dunes pretty good.
  9. It is that steep. Right at the beginning of the video on the right side of the hill about half way is my rail. I was the finish line. I had to bury the paddles in reverse to keep from rolling. I was sitting next to the rail for shade and eventually slid against the front tire. Soft and steep but a fun hill.
  10. FE135

    Berts old SCU

    You can post them. No secret.
  11. FE135

    Berts old SCU

    I got a chance to see Berts old car stored in Idaho so I took a few cell phone shots of it. It looks amazing! The new owner really made it his own but I know that car will always have an emotional attachment to many on this site. Hopefully later this summer I can get good shots of the car in action.
  12. Looks nice from the front also. The a arms should be a nice upgrade from the beam car. Your current car looks nice too. Guess I have a soft spot for the older rails. Mine was built in the early 90's so it's getting into the old school club I guess.
  13. I don't know what you are driving now or before this but as long as you understand the limitations of the basic VW style suspension, you will have fun. It's a light car and as long as the engine is larger than 1600, you should get anywhere in the dunes. It looks like it has a small a-arm setup up front. A-arms are usually smoother but a beam is much stronger. Most have the beam in stock configuration which makes it a stiff ride. In my experience, those air shocks are usually setup stiff to control the bottoming out and is usually a stiff ride. Coilovers give you back control since you can set compression and rebound. When you only have 8 to 10 inches of travel, ya gotta make the best of it. My guess is if this car is in your price range and you like it, budget a little more for upgrades or personal tweeks. I had an old 2 seater vw style years ago and had a blast. Wasn't this nice either. Plus, you can take it out in the desert too. But to answer your question, the rear on this one looks like it would function better than a stock IRS with spring plates. The front is hard to see but beam fronts are strong but usually stiff and limited in travel (in stock form). A-arms are lighter and a smoother ride for the most part. Sounds like a test ride is in order. And, Thank you, glad you like my photos!
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