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  1. That car is sweeeeeet! I got a soft spot for those.
  2. That 73 Mustang in the background, nice!!
  3. Just got back from D and it was an awesome weekend. On my way out a Ranger was there checking passes. Kinda funny as hardly anyone was there today. We spoke for awhile and he is concerned about how much the dunes changed this year. I told him I would do my part to get the word out. He was a real nice guy and seemed genuinely concerned about us. The dunes have changed! There are many more witches eyes and in bad spots. On one run we were on a common dune run and ran up on a 4 foot wide 3 foot tall dune in the middle of a spot many of us traverse. Rolling through I heard a comment about how that ones gonna hurt people. It's true, bad spot. What I'm trying to say is basically please do a good familiarization run before you hammer down. that's all. The sand is so soft and dry that on occasion, I would get a static shock grabbing my shifter. I noticed more than usual static buildup in my trailer too. One more thing, the Ranger also told me that they are fed up with the out of control fireworks. This Halloween they are bringing in Cal Fire to help search them out. Here's the rub, If a Ranger gives you a ticket, it about $150. If Cal Fire gives you one, it's about $1300. At work we coordinate airspace for Cal Fire and their partnership with The Guard Predator drones at March AFB. They use them to find forest fires and trapped firefighters. I was thinking if they use one at Dumont, you would never know they were there and they can pass pinpoint coordinates. Not saying they would do that, just my thoughts. Stay safe and see you all in a couple of weeks!!
  4. I don't know if this number is still good but over 10 years ago I had a similar situation and I was handed this number. She does everything for you and you get a title and sticker. Lisa's mobile registration, 619 571-8333. She might have answers if still in business.
  5. Likewise, would have been a cool shot from the dunes. Thank you for all you did. Alpers car needed some color! I had a great time.
  6. I have more to go through so sorry if I left anyone out. These are some downsized pics I setup for social media. More soon.
  7. I'll Be there. Camping with you all this year. Looking forward to it!
  8. Photos from the DDR 5th Annual Buggy Get Together on my website. http://www.nealrideoutphotography.com/ddrbuggy5
  9. Yea I got it. Still working on all the pics I took.
  10. FE135

    Buggy Roundup 5


    Looks like I'm going to make a day trip of it Saturday. My rail is broke right now and there is no way to get her fixed in time. Soooo, I guess its the Rhino and a camera for me.
  11. I'm heading out there Thursday.
  12. Probably the simplest setup is like the trucks use. A J-arm with solid axle. I've seen some rails in this config. Obviously, you would have to fab a frame for this from the start as it's not a normal sandrail setup. Robert Jones at Emery Sandcars in Fresno builds these type rails. He is a member of the Dune Masters old school club. Don't have a number but google should help. His personal car has this setup and it rocks the dunes pretty good.
  13. It is that steep. Right at the beginning of the video on the right side of the hill about half way is my rail. I was the finish line. I had to bury the paddles in reverse to keep from rolling. I was sitting next to the rail for shade and eventually slid against the front tire. Soft and steep but a fun hill.
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