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California folks: Please help overturn Sacramento's gun grab!


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Hey mods: I posted this in Gen Chat because IMHO it's an issue that has wider appeal than just the gun folks. If you disagree, ok; move it wherever. Thanks for your consideration.

As many of you know, in July Governor Brown signed a group of gun-control bills that collectively represent the biggest single infringement on the Second Amendment in California history. Seven bills over a period of a week that will do nothing to reduce so-called "gun violence" but will make a lot of law-abiding California gun owners into unwitting criminals. Here's the hit list:

  • SB 880/AB 1135: Redefining "Assault Weapons." In a nutshell, these two measures outlaw the workaround for the 1986 California AW ban by redefining the "bullet button"-modified rifles as "assault weapons." This means an outright ban on the sale of such rifles, effective 1/1/2017. By 12/31/2018, all such guns must be registered with the state, which means that you no longer can transfer the gun within the state of California. Ever. To anyone. When you die, the gun must be sold out of state; destroyed; or surrendered to law enforcement -- for destruction.
  • SB 1446: Large-capacity magazine ban. Remember when, in 1986 when the AWB was passed, the government said you could keep your existing 10+ capacity magazines? Yeah, not so much. Effective 7/1/2017, all 10+ magazines -- even those LEGALLY owned from the prior law -- must be sold out of state, destroyed, or surrendered to law enforcement for destruction.
  • SB 1235: Ammo sales background checks. Yep, as of 1/1/2019 you'll have to pass a background check to buy ammo. Oh, and pay a fee for the background check, and another fee for every single transaction you make. Buying online? Mmmm, no. Unless that vendor is willing to ship to a licensed "ammunition vendor," who will then conduct your background check and charge you a fee to receive your ammo from out-of-state. Buy face-to-face? Nuh-uh, unless it's a family member -- then, a 50-round limit applies. Ditto bringing it in yourself from out of state, no more than 50 rounds.
  • AB 857: 80% lowers. Oh, you can still build 'em, provided you apply to the state DOJ for a serial number, then get that number engraved BEFORE you start your build. Building an AR or AK lower? All the AW nonsense applies, which MAY mean that no serial numbers will be issued for AR or AK lowers after 1/1/2017. Got a few you built already? Gotta register those too, by 7/1/2019. Again, all the AW rules apply... so registration may be tantamount to confiscation.
  • AB 1511: Loaning firearms. As the law stands now, you can loan a gun to anyone not known to be a prohibited person for up to 30 days. Effective 1/1/2017, unless the recipient is a direct family member, you have to go through the FFL transfer process (and pay the fees). So, to loan a gun to a buddy who's going camping, here's how it works: Go to local FFL, pass background check, pay $35 PPT fee. Wait 10 days. Friend picks up gun, goes camping, comes back. Go to local FFL, pass background check, pay $35 PPT fee. Wait ten days. Pick up your gun. Lather, rinse, repeat. Oh, did I mention the Firearms Safety Card? Yep, you both gotta have your own.
  • AB 1695: False report. Makes it a misdemeanor to falsely report the loss or theft of a gun. It's already a crime to make a false police report; this just doubles-down on it, by making the false report of a gun theft or loss an additional crime. Why pass this law? Because by making that false report, you are now a prohibited person and cannot own firearms for ten years. That's the only reason.

So I hear you asking yourself, "Self, how can I tell Sacramento that they're full of crap?" Lucky for you, pilgrim, I have the answer.

Please go to www.VetoGunmageddon.org, click on the list of sites that are hosting the petition drive, and go sign. It's really that simple.

I'm volunteering with this organization; I'm one of the Ventura County leads. This is the first time I've ever been involved with anything even vaguely resembling a political movement, which tells you how important this is to me as a California gun owner. Does this piss you off? Then help us out and donate, or volunteer, or both. There's links on the site for whatever you want to do.

Thanks for reading this, gang. If you have any question, comments, or suggestions, post up.

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