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  1. I moved my camp back further then usual ... got stuck next to a Rave last year What a great Trunk or Treat followed by a epic crowd at Comp. The Monday morning ride was epic after the wind storm. Perfect weekend !
  2. So I built the pink monster the weekend before Halloween and one for my sister the day of Trunk to treat .... I have next years theme, and a lot of time to make it happen ... Game On Kia,Flintstone,Star wars and soon Scooby doo !
  3. 10/25/18 to 10/29/18 I’ll put in my request after the New Year
  4. Wife, Son and Myself will be there, 3rd time for us ... MAKING DUNES GREAT AGAIN !
  5. Thanks, found someone pretty easy to ride shotgun for the first attempt. Hope theres no BS from the Race to deal with ... just want to ride
  6. So i have a New RZR to break in this weekend and need a place to log some miles close to INSPIRADA / M casino ... Can you drive to Pioneer Saloon from Jean ... is that a thing people do ?
  7. snapped my exhaust pipe over halloween weekend ... anyone have a stock pipe they want to sell ?
  8. I talked to BLM they had not even received them from printer yet !
  9. Thanks ... i thought so, but the lady in Barstow was feeding me BS ! 575 Lake mead has the 2016 pass's if anyone needs em !
  10. Can anyone confirm that the pass's are for 2 years and not the year there dated ?
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