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FULLY BUILT Z1 Turbo 2014 RZR xp1000 xp4

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I am selling my FULLY BUILT 2014 RZR XP1000. 
Modifications are as follows:
Z1 artic cat fully built engine (1056cc) with forged wiseco pistons & carrillo rods, arp head studs, valve springs, built to handle 40lbs boost, 400hp
Dual ball bearing 50mm turbo
HKS blow off valve
Magnaflow exhaust
Hawk Z1 swap kit
Link Fury standalone ECU w/auto tune capabilities, flex fuel sensor wired in and functional, built in wideband
Upgraded fuel system with boost referenced return style system
STM Rage 8 primary clutch
STM Secondary (helix & weight kit to match the power)
Custom clutch cover w/blower fan
RCV proseries II "tip to tip" axles all around
Fluidyne radiator
Engine oil cooler
Air to water intercooler
KING IBP coil overs all around
HCR Long Travel with high clearance arms all around
Limit strapped
Baja Designs LED light bar
PRP seats
Simpson belts
MSA M21 beadlock wheels
33" BFG KM2s tires
Dragon Force Racing steering wheel w/quick release
Gear grabber shifter
Shock therapy rear sway bar
Transmission bearing upgrade
sandcraft center carrier bearing upgrade
upgraded charging system with external alternator added
upgraded voltage regulator
thunderhawk sway bar brackets
thunderhawk fuel tank guard
thunderhawk voltage regulator guard
2017 style intake & CVT vent covers
2015+ glovebox upgrade
pawltector parking brake
rasorback 3.0 edition belt temp guage
car has a built in heater
windshield w/windshield wiper
Rock guards
upgraded front grill
upgraded front turbo hood
rear view mirrors
Full skid plated from front to back

Car has been ran and is ready for desert or dune riding! It is currently tuned on E85 fuel at 30lbs boost! The car is VERY fast at this level and I turned it down to 20lbs boost as there is no need for the big power, unless you feel the need to whoop that ass! The car is in good condition, flex fuel sensor is wired in and fuctional, so if you go on long rides and have to fuel up with 91 octane, its not an issue. You just pump in the 91 and let the computer do the rest. I dont even want to talk about how much money is into this car, if you have read this far then you know what you are looking at. I have a clean and clear title in hand. Message if interested.  Asking $29,999   702-768-7524



















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